Thursday, August 24, 2006

VSTC New Finance Team: Part 2
How did Edward Ovsenik, and VSTC find the new team members? He knows these new additions not because they come with stellar reputations, objective contacts after an arduous search for just the right candidate. Ed "easy" Ovsenik COMES FROM REICHHOLD TOO.... OF COURSE he knows these guys.

BUT, nowhere are these guys listed within Reichhold... so they were clearly junior woodchucks.

Not all bad news though...At least they fixed the errors in the Press Release... GTX Global to Vision Technology...

compare to...

GTX Global, VSTC.. whatever.. when you're scamming millions, does a name really matter?

Ole Edward Ovsenik is an interesting fellow too... apparently, in between Reichhold and Gatelinx, GTX Global, GTXC, VSTC (and his meteoric rise from Assistant General Counsel to PRESIDENT) he was a consultant

AND, lookie here.. see Ed's linked in profile...

Notice the VSTC listing?

Edward Ovsenik’s Experience:
PresidentVision Technology Corporation (Public Company; 1-10 employees; vstc)
Computer Software Industry
March 2006 – Present (6 months)

OH MY!... 1 (one) - 10 (ten) is correct. IT'S ONE! Public company with ONE employee, 7 attorney's, 2 pending indictments, one convicted felon running and hiding, and others yet to go to jail.

Scroll down to "My company".. click on it and.. VOILA

THE ANSWER TO WHAT HAS BEEN ASKED HERE... what do we think is gonna happen to the various repurposed Gatelinx web sites (under the, TLD's)? Look for coming soon to a jail cell near you!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

VSTC "Strategic Acquisition"

AHHHAHHHAAAA.. oh man, sorry. (can't breathe, laughing too hard)

OK, lets deal first with the obvious parts...

From this PR... ""This acquisition broadens our R&D efforts across various technology platforms and can bring to our customers the assistance needed in their future business operations," stated Edward Ovsenik, President of GTX Global. "This acquisition provides strength to our existing video/voice over internet conferencing software, while establishing a new R&D effort towards a new database management software for Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Vision Technology is looking to the future and seeking to expand its R&D capabilities to further develop new future technologies in various technology sectors."

First, They can't even get the name of the company straight. At least they didn't call it "Yadio" eh? (LOL). And they don't even get it right in the boilerplate for the SEC...

"The press releases contain forward- looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties concerning GTX Global's expected financial performance (as described without limitation in quotations from management in the press release), as well as GTX Global's strategic and operational plans"


Third, WHAT THE HECK DOES SQL database management have to do with multimedia over IP? Answer? NOTHING Unless, what they really bought, was access to the developers at SQL Minds, which is likely cause they don't have any developers at VSTC/GTX Global.. whatever

Last, hmmmm... 2,050,000 shares at $1 and change, plus "interim funding" means these guys got $2M+, likely closer to $3M... or a valuation of over $6M. The continued dearth of information on who these guys are. Interesting that it's a $6M valuation for another company that doesn't appear to exist anywhere.

HEY OVSENIK... if you were really serious about being taken seriously, a little info would be helpful. Another "Govalin" or "Heelstrike" is all this appears to be. My bet is that somehow these guys are part of the scam, hence the 2M in stock. Watch for a little pump and dump with volume going through the roof here shortly.


Monday, August 21, 2006

VSTC New Finance "team"

Do I even need to comment on this? Or, do any research on who Christopher T. McKittrick or Nicholas L. Williams really are? (:::rhetorical question alert:::)

Imagine, a company has to announce a new finance team (given the fact they have no CFO or anyone else in that "department") AND, the new "Team Members" ARE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. They're not even employees. Scary, eh?

AND, the entire "team" responsible for documenting and preparing this POS for "listing" and "fully reporting" These 2 jamoks (anyone from Brooklyn will know that term) and Conrad Lysiak too... ARE ALL CONTRACTORS. Scarier, eh?

No news on a CEO search, no 10Q or 8K filings of material change (departed CFO, CEO, etc) and none of the expected announcements on the "prepared four servers ready to put into commercial use and anticipates the announcement of commercial agreements in the next few weeks..." SCARIEST, eh?


Christopher T. Mckittrick is an INTERESTING fellow.

From the PR... "Mr. McKittrick recently served as Controller of Nomaco, Inc. in Zebulon, NC for three years. Prior to his tenure with Nomaco, Mr. McKittrick had more than 26 years of experience in financial and accounting services. Mr. McKittrick has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA."

BUT, check out this nugget from a PR when he was named CFO of a company called ateb, inc. , where, despite no mention of it above, he worked there for at least some time in 2001, 2002.

"Frank Sheppard, CEO and President of ateb, Inc., announcedChristopher T. McKittrick has joined the firm as Chief Financial Officer.
Raleigh, NC, March 21, 2001 - McKittrick brings 24 years of financial management and information systems experience. Prior to joining ateb, McKittrick was in software development and sales with IVIS International and served in a variety of leadership roles in the financial and information systems functions at Reichhold, Inc. He obtained his BS and MBA from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. McKittrick stated, "ateb is a great company with a solid history of growth and profitability over the last eight years. I look forward to working with a great team to help continue ateb's success."
ateb, Inc. is a privately held software company that develops and integrates IT solutions for retail, the telecommunications industry, and general business segment. ateb is a leading developer of quality IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions. ateb is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. "

HMMMM.. 2006 - 2001.. thats 5 years. And his bio then had 24 years, which would be 29 years. But his PR with VSTC, er.. Gatelinx has 26 years. An accounting error? (LOL)

PLUS, his bio cites Reichhold, but not on the VSTC release. The VSTC release attributes Reichhold to the other guy. A clerical error? (LOL)

AND, he's got sales and software development experience (from the previous and objective PR) but the VSTC release lists only financial experience. Another clerical error? or obvious fraud, again

Nowhere in the public record does it list Nomaco, his supposed last employer.

After his long and distinguished career in finance (:::sarcasm alert:::) apparently he's found himself in a new venture. Maybe "golf" takes 3 years off his bio and experience (LOL)

Nice to see that he's keeping up to speed on hi-tech and finance. Nomaco exists, but McKittrick is nowhere to be found. Check out the roster....

As for the other guy.. he's a ghost. do a search and find nothing. Do a zoominfo search and find nothing

Do a Reichhold search, and voila.. there's the VP of Finance (Ross Bratlee).. who's been there for over 5 years in that role... and who also worked at GE. Think they either got the wrong bio? Or is this another part fo the scam?

And, here's the list of all the Reichhold people.. nowhere is Nicholas L. Williams found...


Thursday, August 17, 2006

KA Parker and Associates

The vaunted consulting agency that is to help VSTC/GXTC "focus on the future" (see the post from July 7 in the blog "focusing on the future") has been found. <-- scroll to the bottom THESE GUYS DO MODEL RAILROADING (LMAO) I guess with no employees, no technology, no programmers or developers, no revenue, no customers, partners or prospects... that pretty much leaves model railroading And this model railroad thing seems to be a pretty siginificant part of ole' Kim Parkers life...

Train BuddyTM Products1200 Jenkins Rd, Bldg BWake Forest, NC 27587-9066
Phone: (919) 562-4378
Owner: K.A Parker & Associates, Inc.
Primary: Mr. Kim A Parker

BUT WAIT... theres more.

Maybe the train thing is only a hobby? )maybe that's how Ed Ovsenik hooked up with them.. isn't he a closet reailroader? or a closet something else?)

Check out their home page... and then, try and figure out how they do anything associated with VVoIP, IP Based multimedia, IP based communications, transports or technologies. At best, they do audit and compliance (that outta come in handy with these guys) and training. Do they do prison design work? Kim Parker, supposedly, has telco experience... but his company, ain't got nothing.

What a scam. No one they ever list or offer as being "associated" is nothing but smoke and mirrors. See various posts here detailing the people involved in the scam and the many many many inconsistencises in the story.

Check out the business profile for ole K A Parker.

Apprently, when the train thing isn't taking too much time... they've been in business since 1998. WOW! 1 employee (hmmm who do you think?) everyone else (all 5 of them) are associates. And annual sales are "rocking" I suggest someone give ole KA Parker and Associates a call and ask how things are going with GTXC/VSTC or whatever it is they're calling themselves now.

Company Name:
K A Parker & Associates, Inc
Address: 1200 Jenkins Rd,Wake Forest, North Carolina 275879066
County: Wake
Country: United States
Phone: 9195624378
Fax: N/A
Year Started: 1998
State of Incorporation: NC
Location type: Single Location
Stock Symbol: N/A
Stock Exchange: N/A
Trade Style Names: N/A
SIC Code: 7371-Computer Programming Services
Business Description: Efficiency Consulting
Annual Sales: $73,000
Employees: 1
Employees at Location: 1
Contact Name: Kim Parker
Contact Title: Chief Executive Officer

Notice that Train Buddy and KA PArker Associates are the same address and phone number! And, I might be wrong... but the address either is a vacant lot, or a residential area. Not quite what you'd want to see from a consultant who is going to help chart the course of the company.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

VSTC moving to be de-listed

You heard it here before, my prediction of the "restructuring" of the company to distance from Gatelinx, GTXC, GTX Global, Yadio.. whatever the name is.... which came true.

AND, my prediction that there will be movement towards a cessation of operations.. due either to financial reasons (lack of any revenue or any hope of any revenue ever being a big one of course)

OR, for market assessment/viability reasons (since they don't have any technology that actually works, nor any developers who might make something work)... but what you're seeing folks is the first move. ...Get the stock under $1 and have it delisted... and then slip quietly into the night.

Last Trade: 1.06
Trade Time: 11:05AM ET
Change: 0.34 (24.29%)
Prev Close: 1.40
Open: 1.35
Volume: 43,751
Avg Vol (3m): 37,208.3

Watch for it folks. The end is near. INVESTORS BEWARE, VSTC (by any name) is a scam. The Fed's are coming.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

VSTC, GTXC/GTX Global, trying to hang on and turn a sows purse into a silk ear

Interesting spate of rumors, sightings and information coming out of the new VSTC homestead...The CEI building in Raleigh. VSTC has an office space, but the sign out front wouldn’t be going up for another couple of weeks. The name (from the reverse split) is Vision Technologies, but we will have to wait and see what final sign says.

The picture of the building (from google earth posted here August 1 "VSTC, oh how the mighty have fallen") is remarkably accurate. Ed Ovsenik is the only one there and everyone else has quit, or run off with whatever money they've taken out of the scam. Ivan Ivanov is still providing the CTO role and Mark Brecher is running the show.

Apparently my posts here about the "source code" to the product that has gone "missing" is confirmed. (see post in this blog on April 17, "GTXC GTX Global Gatelinx") Ovsenik is saying that they are still trying to get the source code from the developers and that Chuck Manning (former head developer and main squeeze of the former Mrs. Hagen) was still indirectly and potentially going to sell/give/whatever a functional multi-party solution.

Apparently, people are still holding out hope for the once vaunted technology potential. I guess taking out millions in a scam, running off to the Bahamas ahead of the law, partners, ex-employees and creditors wasn't enough.

Seems that David Hagen is putting pressure on Annette to tell Chuck to get the stuff done. Apart from the fact that everyone has been waiting for Chuck to get something done (other than Annette getting done that is)... it's interesting to think David Hagen is still involved and actively looking to be involved further. Annette and Chuck are off running around in NY somewhere.

Inside info on what they are selling (and I use that term loosely) the latest toolbar version of the old Gatelinx Communicator. Not VizTalk, or Yadio, or anything called Vision whatever...not anything GTX Global or GTXC.. nor heelstrike, govalin or anything else. What they're trying to "sell" is the old Gen 2 version of the Gatelinx product, the Communicator. (which, note, is a different version than what was shown at their second attempt at VoiceCon in Florida (That "showing" was the old "blue" version, the first version, of the Gatelinx Communicator)

Investors beware.. VSTC IS A SCAM

Monday, August 07, 2006

VSTC, the Pump has officially dried up!

In the June 04, 2006 post in this blog ("GTX Global/GTXC... the pump chronicled") I detailed the "pump and dump" tactics (blatantly illegal tactics) for pumping up GTXC/GTX Global. The claims were amazing... "Penny Stock To Gain 950% ·" "Analysis say $45" "Stock to gain 900%" and more.

With a simple google search of "RapidPennyStocks GTXC" returns an amazing 1530 promtions.

With a google search of "risingpennystocks GTXC" it returns quotes like "Huge Profits. GTXC $5, Analysts Say $26."

MAN, what a promotion. GTXC was FLYING. Analysts (who? I never saw a one) promised/promoted HUGE profits.

Then, on JULY 31, a name change to "better reflect the new direction of the company". AND, they say further in the release "anticipates the announcement of commercial agreements in the next few weeks."

WELL, if that wasn't more fuel for the pump-and-dump engine run by Oemke, Kos, Woltz (in jail) and now (apparently) run by ole Ed Ovsenik... I wouldn't know what would be. If they can promote GTXC as a $26 stock, or a $40 stock, or a $60 stock.. with upside of 900%, 950% or 1000% (all things they have said)... then ole VSTC should be a GOLD MINE..a certified winner.

BUT, look at the facts. Since the reverse split, the stock is now selling for under $2, or a split adjust price of under $1.

Last Trade: 1.85
Trade Time: 12:00PM ET
Change: 0.00 (0.00%)

AND, the promotion engine has done dried up too.

Do a simple google search for "RapidPennyStocks VSTC" and it returns .. (drum roll please....wait for it) ZERO responses. NOTHING, ZIP, NADA.. no promotion of any kind.

Do a simple google search for "vstc risingpennystocks" and it returns.. (drum roll please...wait for it) ZERO responses. NOTHING, ZIP, NADA... no promotions of any kind

IF AFTER EVERYTHING CHRONICLED HERE... and this latest example.. you don't see this for what it is/was and will for ever be.. A SCAM, then there is no help for you.

INVESTORS BEWARE.. VSTC, by any name is a SCAM. And Hagen, Kenan, Ovsenik, Kos, Oemke and the rest of these bastards are going to jail.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

VSTC (GTXC/GTX Global or Gatelinx)

SLIP SLIDING AWAY.... again and again and again. The reverse split to try and save this POS ain't working. Anyone who couldn't find (because of the lack of any marketing or disclosure in failed attempts to slink off to Raleigh and the trailer park they're occupying) ... apparently they found them. Volume up 10fold. And the price?

Last Trade:
Trade Time:
12:54PM ET
1.01 (31.56%)

That means that, adjusted for the reverse split, GTXC/VSTC is now trading for $1.095. Scary. And to think, David Hagen and his cronies have taken out MILLIONS from this scam.

Interesting article in USA Today (McNewspaper) yesterday. Gatelinx started with promise.. it had a technology opportunity that could (emphasize "could") have been something. But, like other businesses, that promise and potential turned into a scam.

I believed in the technology and the opportunity. It "had" (past tense) potential. It does not anymore. INVESTORS BEWARE, VSTC ( by any name) IS A SCAM.... and the feds are coming after everyone. (They've already rolled up 2 players, with more indictments to come)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

VSTC, oh how the mighty have fallen

Remember those halcyon days of Gatelinx? Before the Prime TV debacle in April of 04. Before the GTX Global "acquisition in December of 04 (remember that date, interesting info and documents to come).. and then the GTXC/Vizual/Yadio "who's on first" program. But, back in the good ole days, Gatelinx ruled Moore County. They had the entire complex, cars in the full parking lot, the grill, PerfecTV "offices".. and more. Here's the before picture... from 1930 N. Poplar, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Their new address, 8024 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 205, Raleigh, NC 27612 is nothing better than a non-descript office stripmall type building. Here's the "after" picture... their current location.

Notice the difference? Some you can see... (no cars, no real "facilities.. heck they went from ~1000 employees to ZERO, what do you expect) And, some you can't see. You can't see David, his chippy Keri...or the ex-wife Annette. Cause they've blown town to the bahamas, taking vendors, ex-employees, partners and investors money with them.