Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hagen Family Values

A couple of questions sparked some investigative work on Mark Hagen. Just like David and the Hagen spawn (Andrea and Derek "fat schmoo comedian wannabe") this guy is a real piece of work.

Mark Louis Hagen owned a satellite sales company called Proffesional Satellite. the installation industry knew this guy was as dirty as his thieving brother. 

From a forum on the original Prime TV scam (read back in this blog for details)
"I have a contract with Professional Satellite right now. They are out of San Diego, CA and yes they are hard to get money from. Dont get me wrong they pay me on time, but EVERY receiver has to be activated to get paid, or you dont get paid for any of the job. If there are 4 recvrs and you activate 3, NO pay at all. Doesnt matter why the customer doesnt activate, you dont get paid. We just completed a 6 recvr install, turns out customer is an existing customer- NO PAY for us even though that is not our fault that should have been handled by the sales people before it ever reached us. "

As someone noted in a comment to the post Mark Hagen "sold" Professional Satellite to an Indian company up in Northern California Nayna Networks. Nayna has been a penny stock for a long long time, but apparently they had enough stock and money to buy a non-complementary business.

Is this where David got the idea? Do it better than his brother? Or was it the already convicted felons Howell Woltz, Judge Sam Currin, Mark Brecher? 

Either way, Mark had a pretty good scam going, until he had to file bankruptcy. Maybe Mark learned from David on bankruptcy fraud. Check out the filings below.

How this motherfucker got ProSat back from Nayna, where there is no record or filing (hmmm, sound familiar?) is unclear. But the government is after his ass too.$/SEC/Registrant.asp?CIK=769591

And not only the government, but his ex-wife too. Lynda Hagen (nee London( is evicting him from the house, legally. Mark tried to pull a fast one in July filing personal Chapter 11, but Lynda swooped in and got a stay and was allowed to complete the transfer of the trust deed.

She had to have the house sold at auction to do it, but she got the house and the cash from the house and Mark Louis Hagen is now out on the street.'s%20Sale

And she's got a 3 day notice filed. Mark Hagen might be moving in with Andrea, or back home with Grandpa Roy.

This family is worse than Gypsies. You got Annette playing with her new early 40's boy-toy Jeffrey Wayne  Neubauer. Andrea married off and in hiding. Derek hiding assets, cars, the sword collection and eating his way to fame. And David and his brother Mark leading the way with multiple incidents of fraud, bankruptcy fraud, stock and securities fraud, and more. 

And, just like David who screwed friends, family out of loans and multiple promissory notes, and employees out of their wages, Mark Hagen had a class action lawsuite against him for non-payment of wages too.

Hope this helps and answers the questions posed by posts to this blog. There's more, like Mark's association with family friend Jonathan Schiff and several filings as Mark and "his" gang ducked claim after claim against ProSat. The focus will return to and remain on David Hagen and the VSTC/GTX Global/Gatelinx scam. 

It's just a mater of time now before the rest of the Hagen "clan" get rolled up and put away. And, of course, the rest of the GTXGlobal/VSTC gang, Ed Ovsenik, Ivan Ivanov, Travel Agent Curtis Garth get put away too. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not the first time that the Hagen's have tried to weasel out of a plea agreement

In 1989, 1990 and 1991, when the Hagens were working their way through the federal justice system for mail fraud and bankruptcy fraud, the Hagen's (and their various aliases, DeFusco, Brown) tried the same scam now David (and his crack legal team of Steven T. Meier) are trying. 

"honey, I'll sign it but you don't. That way we can argue it's not a valid plea agreement. No one will catch on"
Don't believe me? Check out the following links

My favorite part of that last link is the final point. David tried to blame his lawyer. Maybe that's why his first attorney for this latest felony indictment bailed and fired David as a client after David negoitated and signed this latest plea agreement, he knew David would eventually claim a "do over" and try to sully the attorney's reputation. 

Well it worked so good that time, Annette served 3 years and David 9.

And just like David's pleas are going to fail, the courts dismissed Annette's attempts with haste

And, just like every attempt last time got summarily dismissed, some even without testimony in front of the appeals court, David Allen Hagen/DeFusco's cases are now being cited as precedent in other cases. What a moron. Tried last time and it didn't work, you think the court is going to use your own past efforts against you?

At the bottom of the above post... "Without such a full record before us, "it is impossible to make a reasoned judgment as to whether or not representation was ineffectual." United States v. DeFusco..."

Some folks never learn. And Annette is not going to learn much from her new boy-toy Jeff Neubauer. Son is in the O'Neil school, ole Jeffrey pays for nothing, left his wife with the family business, broke and bankrupt. Perhaps he learning about life with his toes in the air?

Wonder how much of all that cash Annette is still throwing around is going to be seized by the government. Some documents are still sealed. Notice you haven't seen or read an analysis of the Mark Brecher case. He's plead out GUILTY, just like Judge Currin, Howel and Vernice Woltz and soon David Hagen. 

Wonder what's new in those sealed documents? Do they outline how Annette and Curtis Garth, with the help of Ed Ovsenik and the dope of all Bulgarians Ivan Ivanov and Real Estate mogul/project manager Plamen Slavov were paid, compensated, and what their exact roles were? We all know, and have proven through this blog that whatever they said it was always  bullshit. But bullshit only gets you the audience with the feds. Its the stuff they find out (bank records, transfer dates, false statements to the SEC, etc) that get's time in the big house. 

It's just a matter of time. And the same old tired plays from 18 years ago wont work. Didn't then, won't now. And all the rest of you crooks (Ed Ovsenik, Curtis Garth, Ivan Ivanov and the rest of em) are going to jail. 

Ivan Ivanov. scion of the Ivanov empire in Charlotte. with a couple of homes, SQL MINDS, Data Consulting Group and his Internet squatting business appears to be changing his line of work.

From the Manta post

Name correct, details on DCG correct. Address and phone number correct, but check out the URL for "his company"

I guess all that moving stuff in and out of various data closets and centers as a result of the lawsuits, bankruptcy filings,... maybe even when he helped Keri spirit away most of the SMS facilities stuff to the Bahamas... well that would mean a reasonable change in business, no? But I was going for LEGAL and hi tech (coming from ILLEGAL and hi tech) not just legal. Hand trucks and dolly's? OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Government calls BULLSHIT on Hagen Claims

As was documented here in the post from September 25, 2008 ("Hagen up to his old trickery) David Hagen, former and future ex-felon, was claiming (among other things) that his duly negotiated, signed and executed plea agreement not be admissable because the documents supporting all the eveidence, bank records, wire transfers, wire taps, etc., had not been executed in the native language of the various countries David Hagen/Mark Brecher/Howel Woltz., et al., had used to hide their scam monies.

Next document is the governments submission in support of the documents.

And now, the big one. the government calling BULLSHIT on David's assertion that even though he signed it, even thought he de-briefed and provided real factual testimony and more evidence, even though the government signed it, David believes the plea agreement is invalid.

My favorite is read page 3, line 3 , beginning with "alternatively the defense..." Seems David's crack defense team (one guy) the former divorce attorney can't read precidents. What a moron. Citing a decision from 1980 that was overturned in 2004. PAY ATTENTION STEVEN T. MEIER.

Last, Sources tell me that Annette is alive and living in Pine Bluff with her new boytoy (husband?). Well either way, he doesn't pay for anything. She's lost her recent fat (still has those scary fake boobs though) and a new tat. Plus, look for her opening the nightclub "ENVIE" A perfect name if there ever was one. 

Hagen is going to jail, for a long time. Ed Ovsenik, you're next. Ivan Ivanov, Curtis Garth, Annette Defusco (nee Hagen), Keri Keenan-Hagen and a host of others are too.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Brief Departure

With the "bail-out" bill being passed this week, and "The Daily Kos" targeting our own Liddy Dole and backing do-nothing Kay Hagan (despite the near spelling she is not related to now and future felon David Hagen) in a race much closer than it should be, Spammer Jeremy Jayne's conviction being (apparently) over turned (is David Brady going to use this to get out now too?), the David Hagen saga continuing, worthless fucks like Ivan Ivanov, Ed Ovsenik, Curtis Garth, the Hagen spawn Andrea and Derek getting away with all the shit chronicled in this blog, and more.. it just seems like the world is spinning out of control.

First, look where how we got here.

The current liquidity gridlock and extreme volatility washing across all of our debt and equity markets has caused me to do some reflecting on what I think some of the possible causes may have been. Obviously, mortgage lending took a reckless and unsustainable turn. This is what I believe has been the major catalyst for our current state of affairs.

In order to understand how this happened, a short history lesson is in order. In a word--regulation. Regulation driven by liberals and progressives, not free-market “deregulators” as the aforementioned would have you believe.

Pushed hard by politicians and community activists, the regulators systematically and deliberately altered financially sound lending practices. The mortgage market was humming along just fine when, in the late 1980s, progressives, in their traditional style of fixing things that aren't necessarily broken, decided that it needed to be “fixed.” Their complaint: Some ethnic groups got approved for mortgages at lower rates than others.

The shift began in 1989, when Congress amended the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act to force banks to collect racial data on mortgage applicants. By 1991, critics were using that data to paint lenders as racist by showing that minority applicants were approved at far lower rates. In fact, they found a racial disparity only by ignoring relevant data on applicants’ ability to make mortgage payments - such as their assets and credit history.

But the political pressure was intense - with few in politics or media eager to speak the truth. And then, in 1992, came a study from four researchers at the Boston Fed, which seemed to bear out the critics’ contentions.

That study was, in fact, based on quite flawed data - but the authors’ political, media and academic protectors stifled most serious criticism, smearing the reputation of one whistleblower and allowing the Boston authors to avoid answering serious academic challenges to their work. Other studies with different conclusions were ignored.

The very next year, the Boston Fed announced new requirements for banks - rules that have now turned out to be monumentally catastrophic: Adopt “relaxed lending standards” or risk being labeled as racists, and face serious penalties under the federal Community Reinvestment Act.

And now, Barney Frank apparently has a glaring, public and (so far) unprosecuted conflict of interest. From Fox News...

Lawmaker Accused of Fannie Mae Conflict of Interest,2933,432501,00.html

WASHINGTON Unqualified home buyers were not the only ones whobenefited from Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank's efforts to deregulateFannie Mae throughout the 1990s.

So did Frank's partner, a Fannie Mae executive at the forefront of the agency's push to relax lending restrictions.

Now that Fannie Mae is at the epicenter of a financial meltdown that threatens the U.S. economy, some are raising new questions about Frank's relationship with Herb Moses, who was Fannie's assistant director for product initiatives. Moses worked at the government-sponsored enterprise from 1991 to 1998, while Frank was onthe House Banking Committee, which had jurisdiction over Fannie.

Both Frank and Moses assured the Wall Street Journal in 1992 that they took pains to avoid any conflicts of interest. Critics, however, remain skeptical.

"It's absolutely a conflict," said Dan Gainor, vice president of the Business & Media Institute. "He was voting on Fannie Mae at a time when he was involved with a Fannie Mae executive. How is that not germane?

"If this had been his ex-wife and he was Republican, I would bet every penny I have - or at least what's not in the stock market - that this would be considered germane," added Gainor, a T. Boone Pickens Fellow."But everybody wants to avoid it because he's gay. It's the quintessential double standard."

"C'mon, he writes housing and banking laws and his boyfriend is a top exec at a firm that stands to gain from those laws?" the aide told FOXNews. "No media ever takes note? Imagine what would happen if Frank's political affiliation was R instead of D? Imagine what the media wouldsay if [GOP former] Chairman [Mike] Oxley's wife or [GOP presidentialnominee John] McCain's wife was a top exec at Fannie for a decade while they wrote the nation's housing and banking laws."

Frank's office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Frank met Moses in 1987, the same year he became the first openly gaymember of Congress.

"I am the only member of the congressional gay spouse caucus," Moses wrote in the Washington Post in 1991. "On Capitol Hill, Barney always introduces me as his lover."

The two lived together in a Washington home until they broke up in 1998, a few months after Moses ended his seven-year tenure at FannieMae, where he was the assistant director of product initiatives.According to National Mortgage News, Moses "helped develop many ofFannie Mae's affordable housing and home improvement lending programs."

Critics say such programs led to the mortgage meltdown that prompted last month's government takeover of Fannie Mae and its financial cousin, Freddie Mac. The giant firms are blamed for spreading bad mortgages throughout the private financial sector.

Although Frank now blames Republicans for the failure of Fannie and Freddie, he spent years blocking GOP lawmakers from imposing tougherregulations on the mortgage giants. In 1991, the year Moses was hiredby Fannie, the Boston Globe reported that Frank pushed the agency to loosen regulations on mortgages for two- and three-family homes, eventhough they were defaulting at twice and five times the rate of singlehomes, respectively.

Three years later, President Clinton's Department of Housing and Urban Development tried to impose a new regulation on Fannie, but was thwarted by Frank. Clinton now blames such Democrats for planting theseeds of today's economic crisis.

"I think the responsibility that the Democrats have may rest more inresisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress or by me when Iwas president, to put some standards and tighten up a little on FannieMae and Freddie Mac," Clinton said recently.

Let's hope some sanity and honesty comes to politics soon. And David Hagen gets pled out GUILTY soon so the rest of the Gatelinx/GTX Global/Vision Technology Corp/VSTC co-conspirators can get rung up as well.