Thursday, December 20, 2007


Ivan Ivanov, CTO of VSTC, CEO of SQL Minds and Data Consulting Group is nowhere to be found. His web empire ( and show no activity for months now.

SQL Minds, the "very innovative and aggressive company" that was DEEP into the VSTC scam (see where 2,050,000 shares changed hands is virtually silent. As we look back, what did Ivan do FOR the shares and money in either role with VSTC (as a corporate officer with a publicly trade company) or as CEO of SQL Minds? In all the postings (with direct communication from Ivan himself) we detail the lack of any efforts, synergies or results from thie VSTC/SQL Minds "partnership." (We know what he did WITH the money and shares)


And, SQL Minds has done nothing. Remember Ivan's "we're going to do press and stories" e-mails? Remember the promise of SQL Minds touted by both Ivan and Ed Ovsenik? Well NOTHING.

Look at the web site. their "introductory pricing" from LAST YEAR is still up. "The following introductory rates are offered until April 30th. " Wouldn't you think that they could have tricked someone into buying this stuff? What happened to the beta announcements? What happended to Ivan's own announcements of big sales coming?

But and (Data Consulting Group) are not the only parts of Ivan's world. Apparently, Ivan's empire is growing. Check this out:

Registrant Search:"Ivan Ivanov" owns about 1,153 other domains
Email Search: is associated with about 137 domains

Howell Woltz, GUILTY AND BEHIND BARS. Judge Sam Currin GUILTY AND BEHIND BARS. David Hagen, BEHIND BARS. Who's next? Ivan? Ed Ovsenik? Curtis Garth? Mark Brecher? Annette Hagen-DeFusci? Keri Keenan-Hagen?

Friday, December 07, 2007


Well, despite the wishful thinking and hopeful posts, David Allen Hagen is still behind bars. Moved from Mecklenburg to Charlotte, he has returned to the Mecklenburg county jail.

Although the MCCJIS Inmate search lists David Allen Hagen as now 6'11" (a foot taller... of course, being bent over a prison bunk and made to bark like a dog will "grow" anyone), he's still injail and, if the new mug shot is any indication, he's having a tough time in jail. Good riddance you fat dishonest scamming fuck.


Hagen, David

PID number 0000350610

JID number 07-038286

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

David Hagen Plea Hearing Continued to Feb 5, 2008

The theiving lying scumbag jail house bitch David Hagen has gotten himself a new lawyer. Steve T. Meier, a local Mecklenburg County attorney (and co-chair of the community outreach committe for the Mecklenburg County Bar Association) has signed on to be David's attorney. Steven, hope you got paid up front.

Steven T Meier has succeeded in getting a perfunctory continuance. Just means David has more time in jail to ponder (worry about the showers) and get used to a long long time behind bars.

Merry Christmas David.

Interesting to note that Steven T Meier's self-professed area of expertise is DIVORCE.
Didn't David already dump Annette? Maybe, what the government taking a shot a recovering through forfeiture the $30.9 Million allegedly stolen by David Hagen (and his merry band of scammers Ed Ovsenik, Curtis Garth, Ivan Ivanov, etc).... does this mean that former yoga babe Keri Keenan should be worried about whether David is dumping her ass too?
Keri, call Gretchen and cut a deal. You're in this deep too. David has a track record of selling out his wives, he'll do the same to you too.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Attorney to David Hagen, "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Thats right, in a stunning filing the attorney's for David Hagen have fired their client. Citing "conflicts" they have sought to be removed from his case. "Conflicts" is classic lawyer speak for either a client who is total uncooperative, or, who is about to get on the stand and lie like the stinking dog that David Hagen is. My bet is on the the latter.

David, in a continuing show of chutzpah, most probably wanted a trial and was going to tell "his side" of the story. His attorney's, having reviewed all of the governments evidence knew that whatever David was going to say was another in his long list of bald faced lies. But attorney's are prevented from putting anyone on the stand that they know is going to commit perjury. Hence, "YOU'RE FIRED" to David.

Not too surprising that his attorney's had David on a short leash. This is the same law firm that David racked up over $200K in legal fees (defending himself against Rick Stefanik, among all the other civil suits... all documented here in this blog) that he not only didn't pay, but cost his then lawyer a place in the firm.

Originally a "plea hearing" was scheduled for 12/5. But, with his attorney's now gone like all the investors, partners, employees, friends and family's money, the hearing has been "continued" to a (as yet unannounced) future date. Until then, note that David Hagen is going to be spending a Christmas in jail. Enjoying the festive atmosphere in jail, and celebrating with dance, song, merriment and joy.

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