Tuesday, November 28, 2006

VSTC, previously known as GTX Global named in federal indictment

NEW INFORMATION. One of the first guys indicted, Judge Samuel T. Currin has reached a plea agreement. (see also the post Wednesday, March 29, 2006 "More on who these guys really are" and the post ID'ing several of the players, including Judge Sam Currin and Howell Woltz (wife Vernice too) in the post Thursday, April 20, 2006 "Unsealed Indictment For the GTXC Co-conspirators")

So what you ask? Good riddance, he's going to jail. BUT WAIT, read the unsealed plea agreeement.


READ PARAGRAPH 2... "not prosecute the defendant for additional offenses, if any, arising from the Governments investigation of Absolute Health and Fitness, Inc., Concorde America, Inc., Bio-Heal Laboratories, Inc., GTX GLOBAL CORP., and related individuals and entities.

WOW. What this means is that Ole Samuel T. Currin, disgraced judge, friend to the Hagen's Woltz, Brecher and many others is first, going to jail. And second, looks like he's giving up information on the scams he knew about but may not have been an "active" participant. Why else would he be absolved of and have the government openly acknowledge ongoing criminal investigations that include GTX Global? (since renamed VSTC/Vision TechnologyCorp and a further relationship with SQL Minds)

Read also Section V "Assistance to Government". Not only does he openly agree to testify and give info, but to waive his "work product" exclusion in any dealings where his role was as attorney to these scammers. Hagen, Ovesnik, Brecher, Ivanov, Garth... the whole lot of them are screwed.

Don't think this latest means the fed's are finally closing in or getting closer? Look at what else is in the totality of the info....

  • As documented here, Friday, November 17, 2006 "SMS Prayer OUT OF BUSINESS, is VSTC next?" Ed Ovsenik and Curtis Garth have appeared in front of a grand jury.
  • Plus, I've reprinted articles from the press, Wednesday, April 19, 2006 "GTXC, The end is nearer than we thought" and "GTXC Gatelinx GTX Global, How much longer for the Hagen's?"
  • And, Identifying the "bigger fish" Howell Woltz and his wife Vernice Thursday, May 25, 2006 "GTXC co-conspirator updates" http://www.junkfax.org/fax/profiles/wsp/woltz/WoltzBailObjection.pdf who are still in jail without bail.
  • The clear and convincing link between Woltz and Hagen posted here Tuesday, June 13, 2006 "GTX Global, GTXC.... The Smoking Gun"
  • And more documentation and research into who the players are Tuesday, June 06, 2006 "GTX Global/GTXC Fully Reporting...dig deeper and it still smells like more of the scam" and Sunday, July 02, 2006 "GTXC GTX Global, Digging Deeper gets Interesting"

Plus all the other posts here. How much more do you need? As has been documented here, that which has been questioned and lambasted by comments from inside Vision Technology Corporation, the fed's are closing in.
VSTC is a SCAM. And SQL Minds, Ivan Ivanov and his merry band of Bulgarians is gonna get rolled up in the net too. Ivan, save yourself. Don't trust Ed or Cor Curtis or Brecher. They're only gonna try and save their own hides.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

VSTC down? and SQL lives?

Since the VSTC announcement of SQL Minds' "beta test" (http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/061016/clm509.html?.v=49) and, since that beta test was disclosed to be not of a real "beta customer" but of Data Consulting Group, one of Ivan Ivanov's companies (he is the CEO of SQL Minds, CEO of DCG and CTO of Vision Technology Corp/VSTC) .. which was all documented here (Thursday, November 09, 2006 "SQL Minds is up and running.. sorta") there's been more developments.

First, there have been 2 new versions of the SQL Minds "Companion". Version 1.1 was introduced on 11/12 and on 11/20 Version 1.2 was released. Hmmmm... if 1.1, which implies general availability, was released that means that the "beta" was sucessful no? And, you'd think the PR machine of Edward Ovsenik would have cranked out some kind of announcement. "Hey folks, the scam continues. DCG has completed a beta test of their own product" or something like that. But Nooooooo. Nothing.

Well, the standing of Ivan, VSTC, SQL Minds and the whole gang (Sunday, November 05, 2006 "Vision Technology Corp, The Bulgarian connection grows" and Tuesday, October 10, 2006 "Where in the world is Ivan Ivanov?" and more) prompted some e-mail communications.

from Ex-GTX

iivanov@sqlminds.com, pslavov@sqlminds.com

Can you clear up the relaltionship between SQLMinds and with both Data Consulting Corp (DCG) and Vision Technology Corp? As an investor in VSTC, I'm concerned about the inter-relaltionships between all the entities, none of which seem to be documented anywhere. Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

Ivan quickly responded....

from Ivan Ivanov
to Ex-GTX

Thank you for your inquiry.

I am a partner in Data Consulting Group and have been successfully running this company for over 10 years.

I had a prior relationship with Gatelinx Corporation, supporting their network and data storage requirements for two years. When Gatelinx Global purchased the assets of Gatelinx Corporation they asked me to continue to support these requirements.

When Gatelinx Global Corporation merged in to GTX Global I was brought on as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of GTX Global. GTX Global changed its name to Vision Technology and I continue to serve as CTO overseeing the re-development of their software product and their IT requirements.

SQL Minds is a privately held company that I run as CEO. We have developed a product that is unique and advanced in its capabilities.

SQL MInds negotiated an agreement with Vision Technology to have them finance the product, provide marketing and sales for when we go live, and as a result, we swapped 49% of the SQL Minds stock for stock in Vision Technology.

SQL Minds software is completely unrelated to the software that Vision Tech is developing, but this does not stop us from working together on two products.

Ivan Ivanov
CEO, SQL Minds Corporation

Note the software is, as Ivan states "COMPLETELY UNRELATED" to the VSTC software. So, here's confirmation that VSTC and SQL Minds, despite the press releases of "strategic acquisition" and the implied synergies in the release, there are none.

Well, with Ivan opening the door, I asked the following questions in an e-mail...

Thank you Mr. Ivanov. I'm confused a little bit, though. You hold a CTO position in VSTC, and the CEO position in SQL Minds too? Is there a conflict in the fiduciary responsibilities? Given than the product SQL Minds produces (as you say here) is "unrelated" to the VSTC core technology, and VSTC is financing the product and providing sales/marketing, where does the driver or decision for what get's done when lie? Does DCG receive funds or business from either (or both) VSTC and SQL Minds for the hosting services or consulting work you provide? I saw on the SQL Minds web site that DCG had provided the testimonial for the SQL Minds product. Is DCG the "beta" customer that VSTC announced? Thank you again for your response. Your help in understanding the relaltionship and the opportuntiies for VSTC is appreciated.

And, here's the strange and bizare responses I got from the CEO of SQL Minds, who is listed as the Investor Releations contact, and is the CTO and on the board of a publicly traded company (VSTC, see the "SQL Minds Beta" press release and the blog entry here)

from Ivan Ivanov
to Ex-GTX

I will be happy to continue this discussing with you. Please send me your phone number and I will call you to discuss

Notice the sudden shift in e-mail address from SQL Minds, to "webcluster" (which, as documented here is the DCG domain). Notice the Bulgarian mangled english? He sounds like Borat all of a sudden. But wait, there's more...

Mr. Ivanov. Thank you for the updates and continued info. I know you're a busy man, so, if you could provide me with a time that would be convenient for you, or times, I will call you. Or, in the alternative, some comments on my questions, or any other information you feel would be important. I do appreciate the latest release information. Thank you again

Which, prompted this response from Ivan.. (once again, "Invesor Relations" contact for SQL minds, CTO and Board member of a publicly traded company)

from Ivan Ivanov <ivan@sqlminds.com> wrote:
Please send me your contact information with a phone number, so I can call you. Thank you.

Look, it's back to SQL Minds domain/e-mail again. Hmmmm.. are these 2 companies merged e-mails? Is there something more "merged" here? (I ask rhetorically) I respond...

Mr. Ivanov, I'm a private investor seeking information. I'm not comfirtable giving my contact information. I have offered to call you, at your scheduling convenience, or you could respond in writing to these questions. I understand you're busy and am trying to be sensitive to your time. But, these are very simple questions, and as the investor relations contact (in addition to your CEO and CTO roles) I'm directing my queeries to you. If there is someone else who is better able to address these questions, please direct me to them. Thank you in advance for your response.

Ivan's response.. again, the Investor Relations contact, the CTO and director/officer/member of the board of a publicly traded company responds...

from Ivan Ivanov
to Ex-GTX

I can't even think of a reason that will make you "uncomfortable" to let me know whom am I speaking with. I DO NOT like such communications, and I don't want to invest any more time in discussing any issues with you. If you have any specific questions regarding the software package, please email me back, or contact us through our support lines (email or phone).

The questions were/are valid. The responses weren't. You'd think he'd want to answer these. Cause the next few are tougher...

Questions like... Can you tell me a little bit more about the beta customer(s) you have? If you're releasing version 1.1, and now 1.2 does this mean that the beta has been successful and you're moving to general release and availability? Who are you selling too and who is likely to buy the product? What marketing programs or campaigns do you have planned? What is the size of the SQL "Companion" market? Where is SQL Minds positioned versus the opportunity and the competition? How have you undertaken the market assessment and determined the sizing? What is your go-to-market strategy? VSTC says they are a channels sales company, are you going to be selling through their (VSTC's) distribution? If so, how many partners/resellers do they have? Are you selling directly to end-users? How is your product going to be complementary to VSTC's both in product and in marketin and sales, since we know (from your own words) that they (VSTC's "products" and SQL Minds) are "completely unrelated". What funding will VSTC continue to provide?

I'd love to see some info and answers on these and more questions. Maybe I'll try and get them....

Comeon Ed. Ivan. Anyone. Answer some questions. You've already answered some of them Ed in front of the Grand Jury. Hmmmm.. Ivan wasn't subpoena'd yet. Maybe he's being set up for the fall by David, Ed, Brecher and the gang.

Ivan, do yourself a favor, contact the US Attorney (I can give you the contact info if you want it) before they come for you. You can see what's happening, no? David Hagen took a bunch of cash and runs to the Bahamas. Ed, his lackey, tries to squeeze some more out of the primary scam and throws you a bone to prop up your company(s) while leaving you exposed as a "director and officer" of VSTC. Read up on the US Laws. Make the call to the fed's. Save yourself.

PLUS, look at this.. as SQL Minds tries to go to market... VSTC appears to be down. www.visiontechnologycorp.com the domain created by and hosted by Ivan's DCG/Webcluster group (all well documented here in this blog) is down. Check it out...

Are they re-working the web site to tell a new story? Or, are they down for good? Have they finally gotten their coordinated act together with DCG, SQL Minds and VSTC? How about their reporting responsibilities to the SEC and the Investor community?

VSTC is a SCAM. And, now, proof that SQL Minds is a pawn in and yet still very much part of the scam.

Friday, November 17, 2006


SMS Prayer Service, the brainchild of David Hagen and (as documented here) the efforts of (as listed on the State of NC filings... see previous post):

  • Curtis Garth (ex-car salesman and "CEO" of GTX Global, nee VSTC)
  • Edward "easy" Ovsenik (President of VSTC and former General Counsel to Gatelinx, PrimeTV, DishTV Now, Gatelinx Global, GTX Global)
  • Keri Keena (yoga/Aerobics instructor, girlfriend to David Hagen, VP Marketing to GTX Global)
HAS SHUT IT'S DOORS. Yep, either the business was just not scamming enough poor folks by offering SMS prayers... or the efforts around this blog have started to pay dividends (more on that later in this post).

Seems that Keri, a couple of weeks back, shut the business down, fired everyone, sold off everything in a fire sale and has gone back to the Bahamas. Shows who is really pulling the strings. David Hagen, offshore baron must still be calling the shots. No where, during this whole shut down, was Curtis or Ed to be found. Nowhere that is BUT THE GRAND JURY.

Common knowledge that both Edward C Ovsenik and Curtis Garth answered subpoenas to a recent Grand Jury and testified there. Hmmmm... how much would you pay to be a fly on the wall there?

Either the testimony of 2 of the people left to "run" the scam was canned and further protected the real leaders (Hagen, Woltz, Brecher) and bought those 2 time to figure a way out (my bet is on this option... Ovsenik believes Ivan has something with his SQL front end. He, Ed, is just too stupid to know there is nothing there and is still hoping VSTC will resurrect itself with SQL Minds, Ivan and his merry band of Bulgarians.

OR, option #2... Curtis and Ed really opened up some cans of worms. You gotta figure that with all that is documented here in this blog, and with the resources of the federal government, that the US Attorney had some interesting questions for these 2.

Either way.. while the wheels of justice and the US Government turn slowly, they do turn. It's just a matter of time.

So, Ed, David, Ivan... those of you who keep posting trying to figure out who we are putting this blog together... and trying real hard to convince us, and those that read the blog that this (the blog) is all conjecture and speculation... THE FEDS ARE COMING.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SMS Prayer Corporation and VSTC

OHHHHH the web of continued deceit and mis-representations continues. SMS Prayer service, rumored to be part of David Hagen's empire is NOW CONFIRMED


Key highlights...

Curtis Garth leaves his post as CEO of GTXC amidst a swirl of stuff (documented in lots of posts here) Look closely, I know the link above shows the date of incorporation as 4/2006, but check out this link...


open the PDF filing and voila, the incorporation date is listed as 11/8/2005. How is that possible? Curtis Garth was the CEO of GTXC and dutifully fullfiling his duties (as he was elevated from car salesman to CEO in record time) as David Hagens butt boy, erand boy and publicly facing and publicly quoted face of the scam.

Remember the question as to what Curtis Garth got for his legal exposure as it was only (listed) as 50,000 shares of GTXC? (since reverse split to VSTC and now virtually worthless trading at 51 cents a share, or.. split adjusted, 25.5 cents a share) Apparently, before he leaves GTXC, nee VSTC he starts up SMSPrayer.com (SMS Prayer Corporation). Hmmmm. I don't remember any filings with regards to GTXC on this? do you?

2. Scroll down this filing and who do you see? Keri Keenan, ex yoga instructor and main squeeze of David Hagen, now living in the Bahamas... She was also listed on the GTXC filings.

AND, who else? EDWARD C. OVSENIK... President of Vision Technology Corp, former counsel to Gatelinx, DishTV Now, Gatelinx Global, GTX Global (GTXC), respondent to Rick Stefanik's claims, non-licensed attorney in North Carolina, non-respondent to the queeries from the junkfax.org folks, friend to many "new members" of the VSTC management team...model train enthusiast and clearly, key to this part of the overall Hagen scam too.

AND, not only is there a filing in North Carolina, BUT THIS IS A NEVADA CORPORATION TOO!. Now folks, if you don't know.. one of the reasons why you do a Nevada Corp., is to hide information. In fact, most investors (real investors) and anybody with sense knows to stay away from any mergers, acquisitions, investment, alliances or partnerships with folks who are a Nevada Corp. (not all are shady, but clearly these morons and Hagen minions are)

A side note...Notice no filing for Vision Technology Corporation on the NC secretary of State web site...


But, wait.. there's more.. He's the CEO of SQL Minds, CEO of Data Consulting Group, CTO of VSTC... there's more to the Ivan Ivanov empire. Who is "Building Castles, LLC"?


started in August of this year... 2006, hmmm... a place to stash his ill-gotten gains? (we've already documented in the "where in the world is Ivan Ivanov" his 2 large houses)


Is there no end to this scam? GTXC, SCAM.. VSTC, SCAM, SQL MINDS, apparent scam. SMS PRAYER run by people who were or are part of the scam. And now, Building Castles LLC... hmmm, wonder if they get a deal on remodeling the prison cells.

VSTC, and all who are associated with it, IS A SCAM.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

SQL Minds is up and running.. sorta

SQL Minds, the "Stratgeic Acquisition" by VSTC (documented here Tuesday, August 22, 2006 VSTC "Strategic Acquisition"), finally has a public face.


First, some obvious stuff...

Nowhere does VSTC acknowledge or document the relationship with SQLMinds, (http://www.visiontechnologycorp.com/about.htm) YET. SQLminds.com documented it (earlier today, but has since been removed) as SQL Minds, a subsidiary of Vision Technology Inc.

Notwithstanding that (apparently) no one wants to acknowledge any relaltionship (but it's plain to see), look who's who in the company. Plamen Slavov, realtor to the stars, is the product manager. And Ivan Ivanov is not only the CTO of VSTC, CEO/owner of Data Consulting Group, but he's also the Investor Relations contact for SQLMinds. WOW, that is a man of many talents.

The "Testimonials" page (plural, but they only have one testimonial) http://www.sqlminds.com/ProductInfo/Testimonials/tabid/58/Default.aspx does not attribute the testimonial to a company. Kinda hard to judge the veracity of it, when you can't tell who or what they are. AND, the testimonial (such as it is) begins with the line... "Data Consulting Group is a mid-sized company that provides dedicated managed server solutions as well as shared server hosting services. The company has a dedicated SQL Cluster for a large number of web site hosting accounts."

So, either the testimonial is about DCC, not SQLMinds.... OR, it's a "testimonial" FROM DCC to SQLMinds.

Data Consulting Group is the "beta" customer" ? DCC is owned by the CTO of VSTC, founder of SQLMinds (and still major shareholder) and the IR contact for SQLMinds? (documented here Tuesday, October 10, 2006 Where in the world is Ivan Ivanov?)

How can they be both the owner and beta customer, and write a testimonial? How many conflicts of interest are there? It's so many it's like looking at a "Where's Waldo" game. "Where's Ivan?"... he's there, and here, and there and there and ooops, over there too.

Dive deeper into select sections.. like.. hmm.. "support forums" and you'll find the stirring Q/A/board discussion of "how to .....? (which received one star) and includes responses like "I don't know" and "yeah right" (http://www.sqlminds.com/Support/SupportForums/tabid/92/view/topic/postid/7/forumid/3/tpage/1/Default.aspx#13)

Or the support forum for "I found bug..." (http://www.sqlminds.com/Support/SupportForums/tabid/92/forumid/2/postid/2/view/topic/Default.aspx) with the obviously bulgarian response of "marry cristmas"

Or, my favorite.. support forum for "warning" started by Plamen himself (http://www.sqlminds.com/Support/SupportForums/tabid/92/forumid/2/postid/15/view/topic/Default.aspx) with the posting of VISIT www.spamagain.com/lol Now that's appropriate use of a support forum by the product manager. Oh wait, they don't have a customer yet so there is really no support needed now, right?

And the contact info for the "team" (Ivan and Plamen) is strangely (I say this sarcastically) unavilable for info.

Plamen's phone number comes back with this info... "(704) 719-9460 is a land line based in Charlotte, NCThe registered service provider is Time Warner Communications**.Detailed listing information is not available. " (http://www.whitepages.com/9901/search/ReversePhone?phone=%28704%29+719-9460&localtime=survey)

BUT WAIT, didn't Plamen respond via e-mail with a phone number based in sarasota florida? Yes, thats right. As detailed here (Sunday, November 05, 2006 Vision Technology Corp, The Bulgarian connection grows ) SQLMinds is run out of the Charlotte "home office" of Ivan, has a Carson City "mail drop" address, has the "product manager" (who is a realtor) with a Sarasota Florida phone number, but their web site lists a Charlotte, NC land-line of dubious and unverifiable identity.

Ivan's phone number (704) 737-5633) comes back with no info. (http://www.whitepages.com/9901/search/ReversePhone?phone=%28704%29+737-5633&localtime=survey)

There's more... but theses are the obvious issues. VSTC IS A SCAM... and so is SQL Minds.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vision Technology Corp, The Bulgarian connection grows

A recent comment about who is SQL Minds (the Ivan Ivanov company that was the "Strategic Acquisition of VSTC... http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/060822/cltu016.html?.v=54) prompted some digging.

First, remember that SQL Minds is the company owned by the CTO Ivan Ivanov (documented here in this blog (Tuesday, October 10, 2006 "Where in the world is Ivan Ivanov?"). Which then purports to have a technology worthy of a beta test, documented here in this blog (Monday, October 16, 2006 "Vision Technology Announces a Beta test...").

Well, a new name surfaces, "Plamen Slavov" who is listed (or lists himself) as "Product Manager" of SQL Minds, responds to a simple queery about who and what is SQL Minds. His e-mail response was...

From: "Plamen Slavov" pslavov@webcluster.com

To: <>

Date: 12:55:56 -0500Subject: RE: More Info On SQL Minds

Thank you for your response
I will be glad to help you if you have any other questions.
Do not hastate to contact me

Plamen Slavov
Product Director
SQL Minds Corporation
941-587-9240 Direct

I have blocked out sender and date info as to protect sources, contributors and methods. But, lest anyone doubt this is a legit e-mail, here is a partial header info (without date info of course)

Return-Path: Received: from rly-xm03.mx.aol.com (rly-xm03.mail.aol.com []) by air-xm01.mail.aol.com (v113.6) with ESMTP id MAILINXM13-5fd454b70f1e2; 11:40:53 -0500Received: from mail.webcluster.com (mail.webcluster.com []) by rly-xm03.mx.aol.com (v113.6) with ESMTP id MAILRELAYINXM33-5fd454b70f1e2; 11:40:17 -0500Received: from dev1 [] by mail.webcluster.com with ESMTP (SMTPD-8.21) id A1B7058C; : "Plamen Slavov"

A couple of things "pop out" at you. First, he responds as if he's from SQL Minds, but the e-mail address is from webcluster.com? hmmmmm, isn't that the domain (webcluster.com)of Ivan's company, Data Consulting Group, LLC.. who is the registrar of "Visiontechnologycorp.com" (http://whois.domaintools.com/visiontechnologycorp.com).

And, SQLMinds.com is also registered by Ivan's Data Consulting Group. (http://whois.domaintools.com/sqlminds.com) Interesting to note that the domain gets registered in early July, and by August 22nd 2,050,000 shares of VSTC (plus operating funds never disclosed) change hands. MAN, that was fast work.
And, the phone number, "941-587-9240 Direct" which is supposed to go to the Carson City Nevada Address is a Sarasota Florida exchange. Not Carson City, the purported office of SQL Minds, nor of the DCC office in Charlotte North Carolina, nor of the VSTC "Home office" in Raleigh, NC either.

But, be that as it may, we ping him further and ask for the web site to get more info on SQL Minds, the company that is the "future" of VSTC. His response is...

From: "Plamen Slavov" pslavov@webcluster.com
To: <>
Date: 11:40:33 -0500Subject: RE: More Info On SQL Minds

Thank you for requesting information about our company.
The SQL Minds web site will be up and running in 10 business day’s. It will be located at
www.sqlminds.com. Currently the web site is password protected.
If you are an investor or would like to become a beta tester, we can setup a temporary username and password for you to access the web site.

Hire is the address of the company:
711 SOUTH CARSON STREET Carson City, Nevada,

Please send me your contact information, web site and business email address. Looking forward to working with you.
Thank you

Plamen Slavov
Product Director
SQL Minds Corporation
941-587-9240 Direct

Now, I won't question his use of the english language (as evidenced in his first response... "Do not hastate to contact me ") Heck, anyone can mispell "hesitate" especially if English isn't your first language, but the inconsistencies about the SQLMINDS.com website, the contact info being all over the place and a new name surfacing prompts some digging.

First, Plamen is no product manager or IT guy, HE'S A REALTOR IN SARASOTA FLORIDA. It's bad enough that the "consultants" are model train guys, and that anyone else in their cabal have limited histories and relevant experience. but a realtor? Comeon.

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=941-587-9240+&btnG=Google+Search and http://www.linkuagent.com/pages/f-view_real_estate_agents/site-151/content.asp and http://www.sarasotarealestate.ws/default.asp_Q_f_E_cpg_A_pg_E_links (This last link has an interesting e-mail address for contact, sarasota@webcluster.com hmmmm... webcluster again. This Ivan Ivanov has one little empire running.

To prove he is of the Bulgarian connection... http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=%22Plamen+Slavov%22+harvard At least in Sofia he had connections to the US of some standing, Harvard Club no less.

The address of SQL Minds, listed address anyway, is 711 Carson Street, Carson City Nevada (Which is not listed in any of the VSTC press releases, filings, announcements or available information) A non-descript office building in the midst of low budget hotels this SCREAMS technology leadership.

The address, also includes many other businesses, (which show up on a simple google search of the address) including Sierra Land Reality (in Suite 1... does Plamen work here now?) http://yellowpages.superpages.com/profile~SRC_google~LID_jO0WcfbknriewHpONjOSlw==.htm

There's a law firm (Laub and Laub) here too. And, a number of business in Suite 4 and 4A with interesting businesses... Aalpha Nevada-California Incorp & Rsdnt Agnt Srvcs in 4A,
The Cure Our Children Foundation in Suite 4, Life Enthusiast Co-Op, Natural Healing Solutions, also in Suite 4, SpyWorld, also in Suite 4 (http://www.spyworld.com/CompanyInformation.htm)
Net Vista, Inc.... also in Suite 4 which has this web site (http://www.bigdoggie.net/support/advertising.shtml) ... I'll reserve any comment (there are also some UCC filings for porn production companies too with the same Suite 4 address)

But wait, there more... There is also LifeTime Introductions (http://www.lifetimeintroductions.com/contact_us.cfm?cfid=33528&cftoken=553654) and Renny Thomas and Associates (http://www.rennythomas.net/) and The Crab Factory (http://www.thecrabfactory.com/) and more. LOTS of business in Suite 4 and 4A. Either that is one HUGE space (what with all the health food, childrens charities, porn, and crabs) or it's a REALLY busy office.

If there is any doubt that this latest addition to Vision Technology Corp is as much BS as everything else, this should convince you. VSTC IS A SCAM.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vision Technology Corp, another nail in the technology coffin

Or should it be "Vision Technology Corp., left in the dust again"? Or maybe better, "Vision Technology Corp., who cares about SQL front ends? Answer the questions about your vaunted and core technology" Whichever, it's clear that (once again) the market opportunity for what VSTC says is it's core technoogy is past.

Back in the day, when Gatelinx (the predecessor to Gatelinx Global, which begat GTX Global, aka GTXC, which in turn begat VSTC/Vision Technology Corp.) touted it's peer-to-peer based VVoIP (multimedia over IP) technology.. that was firewall and NAT friendly and worked over the open internet (incorporating some basic QoS features) everything was (essentially) server based. Meaning a provider needed to spend big bucks to develop an infrastructure and architecture of servers and network to provide VoIP, Video over IP and any combination of them, and derivitaive uses such as file sharing, file transfer and the like.


A key quote from this article...

"The demand for such services is growing. Every day YouSendIt, for instance, transfers more than 30 terabytes of files among its members - the equivalent of the contents of about 1,000 laptop computers. MediaMax, which is operated by a San Diego company called Streamload, sends 3 million files among its members daily and stores 650 terabytes of their data.
Venture capitalists, meanwhile, are pouring money into personal file-sharing startups. In the past two years, Fabrik has raised $12 million in funding, Pando has scored $11 million, and YouSendIt has pocketed $5 million. "

Someone, I think Carl.. or was it DD? Maybe one of the other "12" here has also pointed out (and which I've documented in numerous posts on this blog) that if this technology was "real" and all that it is cracked up to be, why aren't the money guys at least knocking on the door? Why, instead, do we get the moving target of product, direction, technology, leadership, consultants and information?

The answer is easy. Sometimes, if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck... all you have to realize is, it's probably a duck. There ain't nothing here anymore. VSTC IS A SCAM, and the fed's are coming.