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VSTC down? and SQL lives?

Since the VSTC announcement of SQL Minds' "beta test" ( and, since that beta test was disclosed to be not of a real "beta customer" but of Data Consulting Group, one of Ivan Ivanov's companies (he is the CEO of SQL Minds, CEO of DCG and CTO of Vision Technology Corp/VSTC) .. which was all documented here (Thursday, November 09, 2006 "SQL Minds is up and running.. sorta") there's been more developments.

First, there have been 2 new versions of the SQL Minds "Companion". Version 1.1 was introduced on 11/12 and on 11/20 Version 1.2 was released. Hmmmm... if 1.1, which implies general availability, was released that means that the "beta" was sucessful no? And, you'd think the PR machine of Edward Ovsenik would have cranked out some kind of announcement. "Hey folks, the scam continues. DCG has completed a beta test of their own product" or something like that. But Nooooooo. Nothing.

Well, the standing of Ivan, VSTC, SQL Minds and the whole gang (Sunday, November 05, 2006 "Vision Technology Corp, The Bulgarian connection grows" and Tuesday, October 10, 2006 "Where in the world is Ivan Ivanov?" and more) prompted some e-mail communications.

from Ex-GTX


Can you clear up the relaltionship between SQLMinds and with both Data Consulting Corp (DCG) and Vision Technology Corp? As an investor in VSTC, I'm concerned about the inter-relaltionships between all the entities, none of which seem to be documented anywhere. Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

Ivan quickly responded....

from Ivan Ivanov
to Ex-GTX

Thank you for your inquiry.

I am a partner in Data Consulting Group and have been successfully running this company for over 10 years.

I had a prior relationship with Gatelinx Corporation, supporting their network and data storage requirements for two years. When Gatelinx Global purchased the assets of Gatelinx Corporation they asked me to continue to support these requirements.

When Gatelinx Global Corporation merged in to GTX Global I was brought on as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of GTX Global. GTX Global changed its name to Vision Technology and I continue to serve as CTO overseeing the re-development of their software product and their IT requirements.

SQL Minds is a privately held company that I run as CEO. We have developed a product that is unique and advanced in its capabilities.

SQL MInds negotiated an agreement with Vision Technology to have them finance the product, provide marketing and sales for when we go live, and as a result, we swapped 49% of the SQL Minds stock for stock in Vision Technology.

SQL Minds software is completely unrelated to the software that Vision Tech is developing, but this does not stop us from working together on two products.

Ivan Ivanov
CEO, SQL Minds Corporation

Note the software is, as Ivan states "COMPLETELY UNRELATED" to the VSTC software. So, here's confirmation that VSTC and SQL Minds, despite the press releases of "strategic acquisition" and the implied synergies in the release, there are none.

Well, with Ivan opening the door, I asked the following questions in an e-mail...

Thank you Mr. Ivanov. I'm confused a little bit, though. You hold a CTO position in VSTC, and the CEO position in SQL Minds too? Is there a conflict in the fiduciary responsibilities? Given than the product SQL Minds produces (as you say here) is "unrelated" to the VSTC core technology, and VSTC is financing the product and providing sales/marketing, where does the driver or decision for what get's done when lie? Does DCG receive funds or business from either (or both) VSTC and SQL Minds for the hosting services or consulting work you provide? I saw on the SQL Minds web site that DCG had provided the testimonial for the SQL Minds product. Is DCG the "beta" customer that VSTC announced? Thank you again for your response. Your help in understanding the relaltionship and the opportuntiies for VSTC is appreciated.

And, here's the strange and bizare responses I got from the CEO of SQL Minds, who is listed as the Investor Releations contact, and is the CTO and on the board of a publicly traded company (VSTC, see the "SQL Minds Beta" press release and the blog entry here)

from Ivan Ivanov
to Ex-GTX

I will be happy to continue this discussing with you. Please send me your phone number and I will call you to discuss

Notice the sudden shift in e-mail address from SQL Minds, to "webcluster" (which, as documented here is the DCG domain). Notice the Bulgarian mangled english? He sounds like Borat all of a sudden. But wait, there's more...

Mr. Ivanov. Thank you for the updates and continued info. I know you're a busy man, so, if you could provide me with a time that would be convenient for you, or times, I will call you. Or, in the alternative, some comments on my questions, or any other information you feel would be important. I do appreciate the latest release information. Thank you again

Which, prompted this response from Ivan.. (once again, "Invesor Relations" contact for SQL minds, CTO and Board member of a publicly traded company)

from Ivan Ivanov <> wrote:
Please send me your contact information with a phone number, so I can call you. Thank you.

Look, it's back to SQL Minds domain/e-mail again. Hmmmm.. are these 2 companies merged e-mails? Is there something more "merged" here? (I ask rhetorically) I respond...

Mr. Ivanov, I'm a private investor seeking information. I'm not comfirtable giving my contact information. I have offered to call you, at your scheduling convenience, or you could respond in writing to these questions. I understand you're busy and am trying to be sensitive to your time. But, these are very simple questions, and as the investor relations contact (in addition to your CEO and CTO roles) I'm directing my queeries to you. If there is someone else who is better able to address these questions, please direct me to them. Thank you in advance for your response.

Ivan's response.. again, the Investor Relations contact, the CTO and director/officer/member of the board of a publicly traded company responds...

from Ivan Ivanov
to Ex-GTX

I can't even think of a reason that will make you "uncomfortable" to let me know whom am I speaking with. I DO NOT like such communications, and I don't want to invest any more time in discussing any issues with you. If you have any specific questions regarding the software package, please email me back, or contact us through our support lines (email or phone).

The questions were/are valid. The responses weren't. You'd think he'd want to answer these. Cause the next few are tougher...

Questions like... Can you tell me a little bit more about the beta customer(s) you have? If you're releasing version 1.1, and now 1.2 does this mean that the beta has been successful and you're moving to general release and availability? Who are you selling too and who is likely to buy the product? What marketing programs or campaigns do you have planned? What is the size of the SQL "Companion" market? Where is SQL Minds positioned versus the opportunity and the competition? How have you undertaken the market assessment and determined the sizing? What is your go-to-market strategy? VSTC says they are a channels sales company, are you going to be selling through their (VSTC's) distribution? If so, how many partners/resellers do they have? Are you selling directly to end-users? How is your product going to be complementary to VSTC's both in product and in marketin and sales, since we know (from your own words) that they (VSTC's "products" and SQL Minds) are "completely unrelated". What funding will VSTC continue to provide?

I'd love to see some info and answers on these and more questions. Maybe I'll try and get them....

Comeon Ed. Ivan. Anyone. Answer some questions. You've already answered some of them Ed in front of the Grand Jury. Hmmmm.. Ivan wasn't subpoena'd yet. Maybe he's being set up for the fall by David, Ed, Brecher and the gang.

Ivan, do yourself a favor, contact the US Attorney (I can give you the contact info if you want it) before they come for you. You can see what's happening, no? David Hagen took a bunch of cash and runs to the Bahamas. Ed, his lackey, tries to squeeze some more out of the primary scam and throws you a bone to prop up your company(s) while leaving you exposed as a "director and officer" of VSTC. Read up on the US Laws. Make the call to the fed's. Save yourself.

PLUS, look at this.. as SQL Minds tries to go to market... VSTC appears to be down. the domain created by and hosted by Ivan's DCG/Webcluster group (all well documented here in this blog) is down. Check it out...

Are they re-working the web site to tell a new story? Or, are they down for good? Have they finally gotten their coordinated act together with DCG, SQL Minds and VSTC? How about their reporting responsibilities to the SEC and the Investor community?

VSTC is a SCAM. And, now, proof that SQL Minds is a pawn in and yet still very much part of the scam.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The web site is up. Maybe they didn't pay the bills? Ivan can only, apparently, squeeze so much out of his 2M+ shares. After all, look at the recent VSTC share price

Last Trade: 0.36
Trade Time: 12:53PM ET
Change: 0.12 (25.00%)
Prev Close: 0.48
Open: 0.45
Day's Range: 0.36 - 0.48
52wk Range: 0.43 - 3.50
Volume: 36,061

36,000 shares at 36 cents is $12,960. That oughta keep them up and running for a little while longer.

Beware, so says Poopscoop

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk to me. I have had discussions with ED AND McKendrick-Financial Team-announced previously. I have tracked them(?) to Los Vegas by phone; went to the identity Office and have spoken with Garth and others. Group of us bought in @ $7 plus the day the BS Yadio announced---and died! Got out at $3.10. Promised Beta versions to see AND try by old "ED". BS again. US Attorney would like to talk to me, I'm sure.

Richard Bennett

10:38 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Ed, Ivan, Curtis and the gang (with David and keri "watching" from the Bahamas") there are more than 12 taking stock of all the info presented here. The fed's are coming.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know Ivan, nor anyone else in this scam. Just a thought, since it would appear that quite a bit of money from this stock scam has been going into Ivan's pocket of late (to build his houses, start SQL Minds, run DCG etc.) wouldn't that make those assets exposed for seizure and/or forfeiture? You know, like a drug prosecution where the government seizes the house and car. Given your work here, exgtx, and the way it appears the government is circling around trying to get the real leaders (Koz, Oemke, Hagen and maybe even Ovesnik) you'd think that these other players (Ivan, Curtis, Brecher) would want to make a deal now. It's only a matter of time, and I, and the rest of the spurned and burned investors are sure going to help make this happen.

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone notice that the "search" and "site map" capabilities are down on What a joke.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an ex-employee of Gatelinx and GTX Global. Whether its true or not, none of this blog surprises me. Unfortunately, I am unable to confirm or deny any of it publicly. However, I would like to thank ex-gtx for his or her diligence in reporting on this company so thoroughly.

I have worked with David, Keri, Ed, Curtis, and Ivan. The only one of them I truely believe is a "Stand-up Guy" is Ivan. I don't think he would do anything considered heinous.

Please forgive any vagueness in my comment as I do not wish to get involved with any legal procedings this company is currently undergoing. I will continue checking this blog for new info, so please keep up the good work ex-gtx.

10:23 AM  

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