Monday, September 25, 2006

VSTC/GTX Global... it's up, it's down, it's back up

Looks like GTX Global is back in business. Could it be that some of the contact points for VSTC (as documented in the previous post) pointed to gtxglobal's server?

Or, could it be that (in the continuing pattern of incompetence) PR's pointed VSTC info to GTX Global? (

Or, could it be that since VSTC has no technology or products (or any employees, customers or anything else besides Ed's big ole butt in an office) that they need the "products" section of gtxglobal (nee Gatelinx) to tell the story? (

Or, could it be that even though they bought the "assets" of Vizual Corp. (in, as documented here, a strange twist of the buyer becoming the buyee) and though they list the VizTalk, VizLearn, etc., they haven't yet figured out how to get the flash demo's and product information onto the VSTC web site? (

Admittedly the web site's information is for products that never existed, but that has never stopped Hagen, Ovsenik, Brecher, Woltz (until he and his wife went to jail and are still there today), Schriener, et al., from pumping up this scam.

Look at the viztalk picture on the product page above. Notice anything interesting? Like, maybe, it's the same people and kluged up "images" of a working product from both the old Gatelinx "Communicator" as well as the GTX Global site (which was just a repurposed Gatelinx, with a global search/replace Gatelinx with GTX Global), and the GTXC/VSTC filings and press releases?

Vizual "VizTalk"

No, compare with the GTX Global "communicator" (this is the "enlarge" image, which is different from the image on their web site at

The image on the left (which is different from the image on the web page) is of the "avatar"

Now, compare that with the Gatelinx "Communicator" ... eerily similar, no? (compare the Gatelinx screen shot with the GTX Global one from the web page)

Now, compare these 3 to the screen shot of one of Gatelinx's partners, Promosoft. This was done with the SDK Gatelinx released that was documented in posts here (Wednesday, May 17, 2006 "GTXC GTX Global nee Gatelinx Time for a Re-cap") and released by GTXC as and Gatelinx as



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another person linked to Gatelinx is going to jail (unrelated but it builds a character map for people around this thing).

David Brady busted for selling prescription drugs on the internet.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two Charged In Internet Drug Case


Two Pinehurst men are among 11 people recently indicted and charged with selling prescription drugs over the Internet.
The U.S. Department of Justice also named an Atlanta-based company in the indictment. The company allegedly sold generic versions of prescription steroids, drugs such as Valium and Xanax and sexual performance drugs such as Viagra and Cialis.

The local men indicted are David Dalton Johnson, 37, and David Alan Brady, 40.

Story continues below


They are accused of selling unregulated drugs manufactured in Belize and marketed through "spam" e-mails as low-price Canadian drugs. The e-mails would direct customers to one of several Web sites where they could order the drugs and they would be shipped from Belize.
Moore County sheriff's deputies went with federal investigators to the homes of the two Pinehurst men on Sept. 14.

"The indictment's allegations are disturbing," U.S. Attorney David E. Nahmias said in a press release, "because customers thought they were getting legitimate and safe prescription drugs over the Internet from Canada at cheaper prices, when in reality they received adulterated fakes that were crudely made in an unsanitary house in Belize."

All the defendants stand to lose numerous properties and automobiles and will have to forfeit the money in several bank accounts. The Justice Department is seeking a judgment of no less than $19.8 million.

The government is calling for Brady to forfeit his home on Laurel Road in Pinehurst. It's also seeking three lots off Doubs Chapel Road.

The lead defendant is Jared Robert Wheat, 34, of Alpharetta, Ga., the owner of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, the company that was indicted. The indictment claims that on March 21, 2002, Wheat sent an e-mail "stating that he was making fake Viagra in Belize."

Others charged are Stephen Douglas Smith, 38, of Duluth, Ga.; Thomas Holda, 43, of Duluth, Ga.; Sergio Ronaldo Oliveira, 46, of Hoschton, Ga.; Brad Neal Watkins, 38, of Birmingham, Ala.; David Watkins, 40, of Norcross, Ga.; Steven Blinder, 42, of Aberdeen, S.D.; Michelle Young, 38, of Belize; and Guillermo Pech, 28, of Belize.

All the defendants face charg-es of conspiring to import controlled substances into the United States and conspiring to violate the wire and mail fraud statute and to introduce into interstate commerce adulterated and misbranded prescription drugs.

Johnson and Brady also face other charges including mail fraud, distribution of controlled substances and introducing adulterated and misbranded new drugs.

According to the indictment, they were employed by Hi-Tech. Their tasks included marketing, sales and distribution of drugs and controlled substances, the indictment claims.

The indictment claims that Johnson sent several e-mails in October 2003 to other defendants, teaching them how to encrypt documents prior to exchanging them.

The indictment says that in November 2003, Brady told customer service employees to send an e-mail to customers using a fictitious.

Wheat faces the additional charge of engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted the investigation along with help from several other agencies.

According to the Justice Department release, the defendants helped Wheat open a drug manufacturing facility in Belize in 2002. The release said the defendants are accused of using funds from Hi-Tech and Wheat's personal money to cover the costs and would fly to Belize to manufacture the drugs.

They are accused of making 24 different generic versions of drugs including steroids Oxymethelone and Stanazolol, versions of behavior-regulating drugs Ambien, Valium and Xanax, versions of sexual performance-enhancing drugs Viagra and Cialis, a version of the cholesterol pill Lipitor and the arthritis treatment Vioxx.

The Justice Department believes that the defendants ordered enough ingredients to produce millions of pills.

Internet prescription drug fraud has been an area of concentration for the DEA.

"One of the fastest-growing drug abuse concerns is prescription drugs," DEA Special Agent Sherri Strange said. "The selling and purchasing of drugs have been facilitated by the wide use of the Internet, the anonymity it provides and the ease and relative secrecy of the mail and private delivery companies.

"As our children sit down at the family computer to do their schoolwork, research projects and converse with friends, criminal organizations like the one alleged today, slither into their lives. Every one of us has received spam e-mails directing us to visit Web sites to order supposed generic prescription drugs and controlled substances. Buyers beware."

FDA Special Agent David Bourne of the criminal investigations department said that these types of drugs pose a health risk to the public. "We are committed to investigating and preventing those who use trickery and deceit to illegally and unscrupulously sell medications over the Internet at the expense of the public health," he said.

Matthew Moriarty can be reached at 693-2479 or by e-mail at

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gues is down too... returns the following (and all too strange message in German)

404 Datei nicht gefunden
Die angeforderte Datei oder Seite konnte leider nicht gefunden werden.
Möglicherweise handelt es sich um einen technisch bedingten Fehler. Bitte versuchen Sie es zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt noch einmal.
Wenn dieser Fehler wiederholt auftritt, befindet sich die angeforderte Datei oder Seite nicht mehr am gesuchten Ort.

2:40 PM  
Blogger DD said...

VSTC seems to have present problems, but I still question your motives. VSTC is moving away from the GLOBAL days.

I called today several times and Ed answered the phone. He worked through the questions and he also called me back on one. Ed seems not really a PR talking type of person, though he did speak as unrehearsed. I would guess if STILL a scam, they would all be hiding right now or developing a new type of scam instead of working on a NEW WEB SITE that would have links to an old one.

Something may be in the pipeline. Someone has been Accumulating this stock around $1.00. Otherwise you would be seeing this stock drifting lower.


12:13 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

of course Ed answered the phone DD, HE'S THE ONLY ONE THERE!

Look, motives are not the issue. Just because you may have a different perception of reality, does not change the reality.

One more time...

no employees.. which means, no one to fix the issue of...
no technology... which means they can't fix the issue of...
no products.. which means they can't fix the issue of...
no customers/partners/prospects... which means they can't fix the issue of...
no revenue.. which means they can't fix the issue of...
no chance to hire employees... and we start all over

sure.. they want to move away from GTX Global, which in turn was an attempt to move away from Gatelinx, which was an attempt to move away from PrimeTV...

They hope to move away from the Hagens, which was (in part) looking to move away from David Brady, which was originally looking to move away from the Hagen's again...

But the facts are the facts.. there is nothing here to base anything more than hope upon...

My personal take is Ed is so clueless he really thinks he's got something here. But, a well intentioned dolt is still a dolt. And just because speaks with you, and sounds like a PR "talking person" which means he's not really thinking, just regurgitating that which someone else wrote, and be clear, NOTHING has been written new since the Gatelinx days, just doesn't change the facts.


1:35 PM  
Blogger DD said...

I understand that MR ED is the one answering the phone and it seems like an empty office. I was also saying he does not seem like a PR type of person. But he did answer my questions. I will have more of them for him soon!!!!!!!!

Okay than EX_GTX: Can you explain why the product that was first in the works did not work. Second, with all info infront of MR. ED, why do (you think) ED thinks he really has something? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

The new web site is:

It is up and working! Though no Product info yet.


2:55 PM  
Anonymous carl said...


As I've said before I was on the development team at the old Gatelinx. If you go back and read my posts, you'll find a pretty clear description of a number of technical issues.

When I was laid-off in 2004, the current consensus was that we needed 6 months to a year of development and at least 2-3 more developers and a huge increase in QA workers to get the code production ready. There were issues with conferences not connecting, the application freezing, the installer not working correctly, scalability issues and that is off the top of my head after being away from development for almost 2 years.

By December of 2004 they had lost or laid off a significant portion of their staff. (The exact opposite of the direction that they needed to go.) Including all but one of the "Gang Of Four" that were in charge of designing, developing and documenting the application. Between 2004 and the end of 2005, the number of full time employees working on this project went to zero, without an apparent resolution on the number of technical issues. This last statement comes from the mouth of Chuck Manning who posted to this website not long ago with his side of how things fell apart. Chuck was the primary network developer as well as the last remaining member of the "Gang Of Four" left at the company that was Gatelinx. You should read his comments as he also paints a picture of how the current management operates...and it is not pretty. He even included his email address in the post. Perhaps you should email him and ask him what he thinks is going on.

There is no way the Communicator product will become market viable without a huge infusion of money, people and time. And that is just to get it to the level that was leader of the pack in 2004. Since then, Skype has entered the video conferencing market with an impressive product for Windows & Mac. (Communicator only ever ran on Windows.) While Skype still lacks some low-level features that we had designed into the system, it is not only serviceable but has the market might of EBay behind it.

So, even if they hired the people and had the money there is simply no way that this product could be anything but a minor player in the videoconferencing market.

It simply not going to happen, and it hurts me greatly to say that. In other posts I have talked about the sacrifices that I and others made for this product. All of us really believed that we were making something new and unique that could change the way the world worked.

But I am telling you (again) that the dream is over. All that is left is a bunch of people trying to take your money.

As for Ed: Ed was hired when Hagen was still in control of the company. He has, AFAIK no experience running an operation like this, and no technical background that would allow him to understand the issues with the software.

As I've said before, Ed is either in on the scam or he is unaware of the company's history and the accusations placed before it. Those are really the only two options considering when he was hired. In either case, is that someone you want to trust your money with?

I know you question the motives of the people here, and that is a good thing to do. However, I think you need to take a good hard look at why you have such faith in this company. For example, if this technology is so amazingly revolutionary and ready to ship, why don't they have more sales? Why aren't the major venture capitalists falling all overthemselves to invest in it? As a counter point, before Google even knew how it was going to make money, it had two of the most respected VC firms invest $25 Million. They had a product but no business plan.

Gatelinx claims they have both, but still the big VCs are staying away.... wonder why that is?

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe Ed is the savior of the Gatelinx legacy. (That is assuming that Hagen isn't pulling the strings from overseas.) But to date, I've not seen one iota of evidence to change my mind about the company.

4:16 AM  
Blogger DD said...


Thanks for that much involved answer.

I already have $$$$ in this and still not ready to take the loss. So I'm holding to see how this thing plays out. Untill I started digging for more present info (which was not avaible), I would of been putting more cash into it. "Not at this time" and time will tell.


7:33 AM  
Blogger DD said...


I posted something from your September 30th BLOG, now that whole Sept 30th blog is not showing up? WHAT"S UP?

7:32 AM  
Blogger DD said...


I see this now. This whole blog was part of the scam to force the stock down. Causing me and anyone else to sell for BIG losses. Sold 3/4 of my BIG loss shares to help you cover your short position. THANKS

You take down your September 30th blog that asnwered some questions on the shorting. NOW you do not answer anything else I asked the last 2 weeks. Now keeping quite because you covered your short shares, maybe on the long side now!

SO ex-GTX was part of the SCAM ALL ALONG. I guess your day will come help cheating the regular guys out of there money. Maybe you are "DAVID" doing this from your computer down in the Bahamas!

YEP, someday your day WILL COME!! Enjoy sleeping knowing you part of a SCAMMER!!! NICE

9:27 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...


Is there something wrong with your computer? Because ALL posts are up and ALL comments are up too. I'm neither short or long on this stock. Never have been.

Sadly, Due Diligence is only a name for you, because you bought into the story. My suggestion is you write to (as I have) and tell them your story.

1:29 PM  

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