Friday, September 01, 2006

VSTC founders..a look back

Annette Louise DeFusco, er Hagen... um.. whatever.. and her (now ex) husband David Allen Hagen Defusco... um... and many other names... started Gatelinx in 1998 after they served time in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud.. and probably just for being sleezy slimey scum bags too.

In case the above link doesn't work... David Hagen's federal inmate registry number is 18834-198

How they started Gatelinx has always been a different story. They invested in and worked for his brother, who then stiffed him out of his percentage. They bought a call center company, they started in Virginia. Lots of stories. Some of which might even have some truth in them.

Lookie here.. David and Annette, convicted felons... this is their personal financial statements. Thrown all over Southern Pines all of this info was what was being used to try and secure either (or both) funding with promissory notes to keep the SS Gatelinx afloat and as leverage for some of the pending purchases of both Gatelinx and DishTVNow (Note: some ofthe pending deals were for MILLIONS, but apparently not enough millions when compared to the scam they have ... so far... been able to pull off)

Notice how the empire that was "Gatelinx".. which was built upon PrimeTV, that became the hosue of cards DishTVNow, which became GTX Global, then GTXC, then VSTC... whatever the name, the whole thing was a Hagen/DeFusco/Hauge Family Trust scame... and was leveraged to the hilt. They lived large, bought cars, expensive wine, private planes and more.. then stiffed anyone who ever worked with or for them.

Notice that the projected revenue for DishTV was $35M. Their SEC filings relating to the GTXC (now VSTC) scam said $14M (and change)...and they sold it for $500K. Watch for documents from 2 different time periods that show the same numbers, meaning the whole thing was cooked and just had re-purposed (new dates) for the information that was used.

More info to come. But attention investors, ex-employees, partners, clients, vendors... these are the guys (David and Annette Hagen... and their kids too I suspect) who stole your money and now live in the Bahamas. BUT, their current "partners".. Ovsenik, Woltz, Brecher, Garth, Ivanov.... and others, are going to jail.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I think it's great that you continue to dig for information, I think you'd be wise to block out the Social Security numbers and credit card numbers on these documents. I'm not 100% sure on the legality issue, but I'd imagine if someone used this information for an illegal purpose you could be held liable for making the information so readily available. I know that numerous states have been cracking down on the use and display of Social Security numbers. Just a suggestion.

12:48 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

While I want to see Hagen, Hagen, DeFusco, Ovsenik, Brecher, Woltz, Ivanov, Garth... and anyone else involved go to jail, I would never want to be part of any criminal enterprise. I've blocked out the info.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous carl said...

The Hagen/DeFuscos were quite a pair. They could be very charming when they wanted to be, and very much impressed me the first few times I met them. Then from that point on they kept getting creepier and creepier.

I still remember right as everything was falling apart David out in the parking lot as his new, black SUV got delivered. Unless my memory is playing games, this was maybe a week or two weeks before the massive layoffs at PrimeTV that basically ended that company. He was all puffed up and bragging about it. I can't remember the company, but it was definately one of those cars that if you ask the price then you can't afford it.

What really struck me was his body language at the time, it had some very definate Freudian aspects.... It was so striking that I had to literally bite my tongue to keep from laughing. It looked like he was bragging about his package, not his car.

If they were chosen as the public face of their backers, its chilling to think what they were choosing to keep hidden.

5:33 AM  

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