Tuesday, August 22, 2006

VSTC "Strategic Acquisition"

AHHHAHHHAAAA.. oh man, sorry. (can't breathe, laughing too hard)

OK, lets deal first with the obvious parts...


From this PR... ""This acquisition broadens our R&D efforts across various technology platforms and can bring to our customers the assistance needed in their future business operations," stated Edward Ovsenik, President of GTX Global. "This acquisition provides strength to our existing video/voice over internet conferencing software, while establishing a new R&D effort towards a new database management software for Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Vision Technology is looking to the future and seeking to expand its R&D capabilities to further develop new future technologies in various technology sectors."

First, They can't even get the name of the company straight. At least they didn't call it "Yadio" eh? (LOL). And they don't even get it right in the boilerplate for the SEC...

"The press releases contain forward- looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties concerning GTX Global's expected financial performance (as described without limitation in quotations from management in the press release), as well as GTX Global's strategic and operational plans"


Third, WHAT THE HECK DOES SQL database management have to do with multimedia over IP? Answer? NOTHING Unless, what they really bought, was access to the developers at SQL Minds, which is likely cause they don't have any developers at VSTC/GTX Global.. whatever

Last, hmmmm... 2,050,000 shares at $1 and change, plus "interim funding" means these guys got $2M+, likely closer to $3M... or a valuation of over $6M. The continued dearth of information on who these guys are. Interesting that it's a $6M valuation for another company that doesn't appear to exist anywhere.



HEY OVSENIK... if you were really serious about being taken seriously, a little info would be helpful. Another "Govalin" or "Heelstrike" is all this appears to be. My bet is that somehow these guys are part of the scam, hence the 2M in stock. Watch for a little pump and dump with volume going through the roof here shortly.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

no info through D&B either....


So says Poopscoop

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You probably know. Don't they have to do some filings with the SEC for a block of stock that large? (the 2M+ shares for SQL Minds) I know you keep saying about the 10Q and 8K filings. Figured this is also something that they should be doing as well, no?

8:38 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Yes, you are correct. And Conrad Lysiak (the SEC attorney slated to help them become "fully reporting"... see the blog post on this here) should know better. This is a scam and every moving part of it shows that. they can't get their name, story, company message, strategy or players involved straight.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do you think the volume spikes over the last couple of days could have been some of the SQL Minds stock selling off?

I can't believe these guys (thieving scum) have any cash with which to provide "interim funding."

9:33 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Hadn't thought about that. You might be right.

It's certainly more than possible. The VSTC "machine" hasn't exactly been known for their honesty and timing. It's not above them to manipulate the market for a few days to eek out more cash for another part of the scam.

That said, the volume spikes were only 100K plus or so. Not the 2M shares they transferred over.

What's really interesting now is how much ole Ed is involved. He was tryign real hard to keep himself at arms length (no stock, supposed, as was listed in their filings) and using the "german army defense".. I was just following orders... but now, with this, he's set himself up for SEC probes and FBI questions directly to him.

He's always been, in my mind, a biger part of the scam than would seem possible.. I mean, given his legal "expertise" you'd think if his skills in that are were any indication he'd be like anotehr kid in a helmet on the short bus. Who'd a thunk it?

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you aware of anyone taking any legal action or logging SEC complaints? Brecher will not release any stock certificates so trying to dump "my" stock is impossible.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous poopscoop said...

There's been lots of rumors about legal action (didn't someone else post an "auto-response" from the SEC here?) and a couple of the co-conspirators have gone to jail (Howell Woltz and his wife) on "related" activities. But the big guys (Hagen, Ovsenik, Brecher, etc) are all free, so far. My recomendation to you would be write the SEC. OR, better still, drop in, write or call Ed Ovsenik. He's the "man" now.



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