Thursday, August 17, 2006

KA Parker and Associates

The vaunted consulting agency that is to help VSTC/GXTC "focus on the future" (see the post from July 7 in the blog "focusing on the future") has been found. <-- scroll to the bottom THESE GUYS DO MODEL RAILROADING (LMAO) I guess with no employees, no technology, no programmers or developers, no revenue, no customers, partners or prospects... that pretty much leaves model railroading And this model railroad thing seems to be a pretty siginificant part of ole' Kim Parkers life...

Train BuddyTM Products1200 Jenkins Rd, Bldg BWake Forest, NC 27587-9066
Phone: (919) 562-4378
Owner: K.A Parker & Associates, Inc.
Primary: Mr. Kim A Parker

BUT WAIT... theres more.

Maybe the train thing is only a hobby? )maybe that's how Ed Ovsenik hooked up with them.. isn't he a closet reailroader? or a closet something else?)

Check out their home page... and then, try and figure out how they do anything associated with VVoIP, IP Based multimedia, IP based communications, transports or technologies. At best, they do audit and compliance (that outta come in handy with these guys) and training. Do they do prison design work? Kim Parker, supposedly, has telco experience... but his company, ain't got nothing.

What a scam. No one they ever list or offer as being "associated" is nothing but smoke and mirrors. See various posts here detailing the people involved in the scam and the many many many inconsistencises in the story.

Check out the business profile for ole K A Parker.

Apprently, when the train thing isn't taking too much time... they've been in business since 1998. WOW! 1 employee (hmmm who do you think?) everyone else (all 5 of them) are associates. And annual sales are "rocking" I suggest someone give ole KA Parker and Associates a call and ask how things are going with GTXC/VSTC or whatever it is they're calling themselves now.

Company Name:
K A Parker & Associates, Inc
Address: 1200 Jenkins Rd,Wake Forest, North Carolina 275879066
County: Wake
Country: United States
Phone: 9195624378
Fax: N/A
Year Started: 1998
State of Incorporation: NC
Location type: Single Location
Stock Symbol: N/A
Stock Exchange: N/A
Trade Style Names: N/A
SIC Code: 7371-Computer Programming Services
Business Description: Efficiency Consulting
Annual Sales: $73,000
Employees: 1
Employees at Location: 1
Contact Name: Kim Parker
Contact Title: Chief Executive Officer

Notice that Train Buddy and KA PArker Associates are the same address and phone number! And, I might be wrong... but the address either is a vacant lot, or a residential area. Not quite what you'd want to see from a consultant who is going to help chart the course of the company.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, dude. Did you check out Kim Parker's picture? He kinda looks like Tom Hanks in that movie "ladykiller." Either that or a molester.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous kim parker said...

Thanks for letting me use your blog for my advertisement! You really don't have a clue if you think that today's model railroading is a joke. You probably couldn't afford tody's microprocessor driven engine with 16 bit sound, nano sized ultra bright white LED's and embedded camera. Why don't you come visit? I'd love to give you an education on trains AND business.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you talking to me?Coz you said "dude" before with refrence to me or was that just a general "dude"?You have to be careful how you use the "dude"!!!I will be sure to check out the picture even though kim parker doesn't mean much to me.....HEhehehehehe!Nice research by the way!!!!

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and model trains!!!what the hell????Why?what has it got to do with anything?nothing I guess that's how desperate things must have got.That's quite amusing!I have this image of all the(remaining)staff building tracks under the office tables and sending each other memos via rail....

"the dudester"

1:15 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

hey Kim, unless the embedded camera is running Gatelinx, er VSTC technology, what are you actually doing for them? You're the great consultant helping them look for new applications for technology (that doesn't exist) and helping them shape their "future". Tell us oh great conductor. What is their future? (besides Jail)

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, dudester. Funny visual. Maybe they (Ovsenik, Ivanov, Brecher) along with Hagen, Woltz, and the reat of the gang, can build trains and impress the boys in cell block "C".

Imagine, "Hey bubba, I'll be in the shower later. Right now, can you grab that Alco "C-413" center-cab switcher for this HO guage loop set-up?"

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah,They could have like a raised train track on a waist-high level in the shower for the soap!LMAO!
They could also invest in a jewelery line called "scammers in the slammer" specially designed chokers and neckchains with build in soap holders for the shower...I'm taking this too far...Oh well they all be able to discuss it together soon.Can't wait till they all get busted.Ex gtx and Carl will probably have a field day on here ,aint that right boys....
Later "the dudester"

11:52 AM  

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