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VSTC, GTXC/GTX Global, trying to hang on and turn a sows purse into a silk ear

Interesting spate of rumors, sightings and information coming out of the new VSTC homestead...The CEI building in Raleigh. VSTC has an office space, but the sign out front wouldn’t be going up for another couple of weeks. The name (from the reverse split) is Vision Technologies, but we will have to wait and see what final sign says.

The picture of the building (from google earth posted here August 1 "VSTC, oh how the mighty have fallen") is remarkably accurate. Ed Ovsenik is the only one there and everyone else has quit, or run off with whatever money they've taken out of the scam. Ivan Ivanov is still providing the CTO role and Mark Brecher is running the show.

Apparently my posts here about the "source code" to the product that has gone "missing" is confirmed. (see post in this blog on April 17, "GTXC GTX Global Gatelinx") Ovsenik is saying that they are still trying to get the source code from the developers and that Chuck Manning (former head developer and main squeeze of the former Mrs. Hagen) was still indirectly and potentially going to sell/give/whatever a functional multi-party solution.

Apparently, people are still holding out hope for the once vaunted technology potential. I guess taking out millions in a scam, running off to the Bahamas ahead of the law, partners, ex-employees and creditors wasn't enough.

Seems that David Hagen is putting pressure on Annette to tell Chuck to get the stuff done. Apart from the fact that everyone has been waiting for Chuck to get something done (other than Annette getting done that is)... it's interesting to think David Hagen is still involved and actively looking to be involved further. Annette and Chuck are off running around in NY somewhere.

Inside info on what they are selling (and I use that term loosely) the latest toolbar version of the old Gatelinx Communicator. Not VizTalk, or Yadio, or anything called Vision whatever...not anything GTX Global or GTXC.. nor heelstrike, govalin or anything else. What they're trying to "sell" is the old Gen 2 version of the Gatelinx product, the Communicator. (which, note, is a different version than what was shown at their second attempt at VoiceCon in Florida (That "showing" was the old "blue" version, the first version, of the Gatelinx Communicator)

Investors beware.. VSTC IS A SCAM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude,you need to get your facts straight.Where the hell did you get the idea that Annette is in new york?Chuck is still involved or even cares (Last I heard he's in the middle east working for a tech development company)and David Hagen still having a say over what goes on?He's dumb but I dont think he's THAT dumb!Are you just making this up or is it from a relible source???

4:42 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

My opinion is that David isn't "dumb" in the classic sense, But his hubris does get the best of him, always. And as such, he still sees this as vindication. Think DirecTV took kindly to his tirades? That's why PrimeTV went sideways and the whole thing started to slide apart. He alwasy thinks.. thought, he was right.

As for the rest... take a look at my track record of info, research, perspective and historical facts... and you tell me if I'm "making this up" or not.

Everything I put here is thoroughly vetted.

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Thoroughly vetted?” By who? So how come pretty much ALL of "non business related, general gossip” that is up there regarding the location and latest ventures of at least 3 of your main characters are incorrect. Not trying to make you feel bad kid but I happen to know that these people or at least some of them aren't where you say they are and aren’t doing what you are saying they are doing! I think you need to re-check your spies, sources or whatever in-accurate crap that has been fabricated to keep peoples attention,(You have to admit, this whole thing is getting pretty boring!) Yes Hagen ripped people off, he should be arrested, everyone’s really upset or stupid for investing in the "non existent product” and bla bla etc...
As you KEEP saying,"GTX is a SCAM"!
Tell us something new and something TRUE!

7:39 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

"Dude", if you're owed money or watched the investment in the company both financial and "sweat equity" get stolen, you wouldn't think it was "pretty boring".

And, if you've got real information contrary to what I've been able to gather, document, research and analyze, then put it up for inspection and review.

Right now, you're just annoying. Prove to me, and the rest of us both watching and contributing, that you've got something to add.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doing some additional searching for info and run across this

Posters name is "Just Jack" Think that's Irving? I hope it is and he's doing well. They, Hagen, screwed him out of a ton of money (I heard) and he was a standup guy trying to work, build and then save the company.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Chuck Manning said...

I’m SICK of being mentioned in this fiasco and you’re continued mention of me could (or does) infer potentially some complicity on my part. I’ve checked in off-and-on with this blog and ignored the misinformation regarding where I am and who I’m with and my roll in this until now. So, here’s my side of this joke…

July, 2005: David Hagen was attempting (desperately) to get Annette to sign some sort of agreement relevant to merging/twisting/partnering the company in its current state as of July 2005. For whatever reason, the ‘current state’ at that time found Annette in control of 51% of the company that held the IP. I say ‘for whatever reason’ because no one to this day can answer why David allowed Annette 51% control.

Annette didn’t feel comfortable at all with a business arrangement David was trying to push on her (I don’t know the details of the arrangement) and refused over and over again to go along with it.

August, 2005: David was apparently convinced that this “deal” was the only way to move/save the company, Annette’s refusal to go along resulted in an emotional exchange in her office that ended with an assault (not a legendary assault relative to Hagen history but still drew blood…literally). At this point of course, any respect left for the man I may have had quickly drained to nothing. In fact less than nothing.

Now here’s where I get the most slander; Annette, 51% controller of the IP instructs me to seize the part of the IP that I contributed and asks that I, with IP code in hand, accompany her to Europe and setup shop. That’s exactly what I did; I haven’t stolen anything from anyone at any time. Regardless of the fact that you respect me or not (and if you know me you know I couldn’t give two shits if you do…or not) you’re an absolute fool if you think I’d do something, especially with the Hagen’s, that would jeopardize me legally. Those are the facts and there’s documented proof (company registration showing Annette’s control in a private company at the time. If those were forged somehow it’s still not my crime and I acted with information at hand in good faith and yes I’ve had to consult with lawyer(s) over this bullshit).

September, 2005: France; Of course at this point I’m threatened with industrial espionage, corporate theft, FBI, blah, blah, blah. Preverbal shots are fired from both sides of the pond, continued threats, etc, etc, etc.

Annette and I setup in France. The feature code (AV, file transfer, AI, remote control, etc) was left intact in the US. Only my part was moved to the EU. Again, and I can’t reiterate this enough AT THE INSTRUCTION OF THE CONTROLING OWNER. (As mentioned and fortunately there are documents that David couldn’t forge and are held out of his control by a third party that prove this). And after personally witnessing the aftereffects of the assault (several of us were in her office seconds after in happened) I became convinced that he was indeed “losing it”.

Note regarding state of code during the start of this fiasco: A conference version of the network code was in its first stages of development in July/August 2005. It wasn’t even ready for QA however as usual the capabilities of the code were presented that far outreached the reality. There was no working version of conference code. The moment the EU operation started, the focus shifted completely away from conference and rather was focused toward a true working version of simple two-party communication that still had major issues. So at the end of the day and indeed at the end of this joke… sorry… story the conference code NEVER progressed past July 2005 that I worked on.

October/November, 2005: Deals are made between Annette/EU and David that grant him license to the Annette/EU controlled portion of the IP. If he had just been happy with that, there would have been no issue. However apparently he wanted it all so, and this is where I still have a gray area, some arrangement was settled between Annette and David that essentially assigned everything back (well I didn’t think so, it was just a license but David made it so; ala liquid eraser and “creative printing”). That’s right, another forgery where something like “5,000,000” suddenly turned into “50,000” and “US Regional Non-Exclusive License” turned into “Global Exclusive License” on the US side (well it could have been that damned harsh exchange rate…oh wait…no it WAS David’s eraser/printer).

December, 2005: Obviously completely betrayed by David again and Annette for the first time (and last), the EU investors threw their hands up, ate their losses and quit. Annette leaves for The Bahamas, I stay in France for one more week and try to clear up as much scorched earth as possible. I quit, Annette left with ALL of the code regardless of what any of the GateLIARS have to say and then I attempt to put the whole thing behind me. ANNETTE HAS THE SOURCE CODE THAT WAS AT ISSUE FROM AUGUST 2005 AND EVERYTHING UP UNTIL HER DEPARTURE, AND MY RESIGNATION, DECEMBER 2005. PERIOD.

January/February, 2006: I move on to much bigger and much better things (well relative to the last few years of my life at Gatelinx that wouldn’t take much). Yet I’m still threatened that I didn’t fulfill some shit agreement, that I wasn’t even privy to, regarding a “transition consultation” i.e. helping the current/new developers get a grip on the code. My reply was “It’s not freaking rocket science, hire someone worth their wage and they’ll get a grip”. I mean, damn it, I quit. You got your code back, your documentation (for what there was), etc, piss off.

Threats still rolled my way until finally a lump sum was offered. OK folks, this is where the stupid and obvious trap for me rested; I take a payment and I suddenly somehow legitimize all the accusations made against me. As if I’m somehow holding their IP hostage. It was pure crap. I refused but in order to try to get back to my real job and life I offered to DO IT FOR FREE. One conference call was setup and was completed and I never heard from them again. In fact, my only knowledge of the goings on with this is this blog at this point.

Quick rumor killer: I haven’t seen Annette since December 2005. I have no idea where she is, Bahamas, New York, whatever. And any reference to any personal relationship regarding me or anyone else is juvenile, off-topic and none of your damn business.

If Easy Ed is trying to scapegoat me for all this company’s ills and shortcomings then he’s making serious accusations of course. Anymore mention by Easy Ed or whoever from that camp regarding me being and/or causing a disruption in this scam is going to provoke a lawsuit by me (there are several good-ole-litigious-USA lawyers that would love taking my money to chase these bastards).

So bottom line…

(*) They have all their code.
(*) I’ve been out of this crap since early December 2005.
(*) I haven’t seen any of the EU players since December 2005.
(*) I haven’t seen any of the US players since August 2005.
(*) I’m on with my life at this point.
(*) And you’re damn right; I’m not a team player. Nothing personal.
(*) I love semicolons.
(*) I HATE PEOPLE THAT USE ALL CAPS EXCEPT ME (and that’s debatable sometimes).
(*) Oh yeah, thanks "dude" for the update, haven't checked this in a while.

I respectfully request (whoever you are) that you stop mentioning me in this blog unless it's fact UNLESS one of those bastards (Hagen camp) mentions me at which point I’d be grateful for the info, I may need it someday.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous carl said...

Since so much of this is anonymous, etc. I'd just like to state for anyone wondering that the post above reads like a genuine missive from Chuck Manning. The phrasing, language and attitude of the post all match with my recollection of Chuck's personal and written style.

I'm glad to get his side of the story and am happy he has moved on.

10:06 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

amazing first 3 days in August for the boys from Gatelinx... er.. GTX Global Corp... um.. GTXC.. no.. it's Yadio, no wait.. its GTXC.. um.. Vision Technology (VTSC).. ahh hell, let's just call them what they are, which is crooks

3-Aug-06 Price hit new 52-week low ($1.55)

2-Aug-06 Price hit new 52-week low ($1.95)

1-Aug-06 Price hit new 52-week low ($3.20)

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is this CFO, Robert F. VonBriesen?

6:23 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

There is no CFO. In the post from June 6, 2006 ("GTX Global/GTXC Fully Reporting...dig deeper and it still smells like more of the scam") I detail some of the staffing announcement inconsistencies. Len Green, erstwhile consultant, president, CFO, and scam participant has been listed at various times as CFO. Von Briesen is just another one of the "ghosts" supposedly working with VSTC, er Gatelinx. There is no one by ole Ed "easy" Ovsenik left. And, with the stock now trading for a (split adjusted) 70 cents (SEVENTY CENTS) it's unlikely that he'll have any help turning out the lights as he is taken to jail too.

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I googled the CFO name and came up with a hit on this board, notice that this Robert F. VonBriesen has a pinewild country club email address (as of 08/2003). Found that to be interesting.

2:49 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Yes, On April 18th I posted ("More Smoke and Mirrors from GTXC")that same google info (or lack therof) for Von Briesen. Like most everything else in the scam, it just don't add up. Shockingly transparent scam

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am one of the "lucky" investors that was sucker'd into this mess by the promises of Mark Brecher. "Don't worry you will be out after 3-4 weeks, the stock will be going out around $10-$15 a share". It is now a year and a half later and I have NO access or ability to trade my stock. He is still sitting on the stock certificates which are supposedly in a 2 person "bank" in the Bahamas. Will not return phone calls, can't leave a phone mail, no email, returns certified mail unopened etc... I have repeated attempted to get my stock certificates in order to get out of this soap opera but can not even reach him. You can't make this ***t up!!! I hear about the drama that existed with Hagen but the fact that this "company" keeps on living is beyond belief.

It appears that Mark facilitates these name changes and he controls our access to our own investments. The stock was restricted for a year and that date has long gone. Supposedly, he is program trading our stock in order to prevent a total collapse and has sold off some %. I have not seen a check--have you??? If he has sold stock then I have to believe that he is obligated to send it to the shareholders. I have gone from being confused to laughing in disbelief to plain old piss'd off. I can only hope that the SEC is focused on him as well.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous poopscoop said...

Talk about programmed trading, yesterday down 50+% while today (glory be) it's back up. No news, no product, no employees, no pump (or dump) I guess Brecher is making you some money, illegally, but hey, you bought into it in the first place. Didn't you know what was going on?

Last Trade: 1.40
Trade Time: 1:57PM ET
Change: 0.51 (57.30%)
Prev Close: 0.89
Open: 0.89
Volume: 119,705

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I knew what was going on I would never have put my money in jeopardy. The point is that I invested money in a company that appeared on the surface to be addressing a viable business opportunity, the problem is that it was headed by an ex-con. I have not made a single penny on this "investment" and can only assume that it is sitting in an account in the Bahamas never to be seen in my wallet. You worked for a crook did you see this drama coming? Probably not. I made an investment and I sure didn't see this trainwreck coming.

12:41 PM  

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