Monday, July 24, 2006

GTXC GTX Global Dead Cat Bounce?

Volume up? Volume down? LOTS of activity and sell off last week and the week before...Turns out, the NASD changed the rules regarding mandatory closing out of short positiions on 7/11. (See NASD Rule 3210)
Before, GTXC wasn't reported as a threshold security, but on July 11 the rules changed, so 1) it becamse public that GTXC was heavily shorted and 2) the shorts had to close out their positions under the mandatory close-out provisions of 3210. (Another example of how these guys have been manipulating the stock and their positions)
So, the short squeeze pushed the shares up and may continue to do so until the stock is removed from the threshold list.

NASD Rule 3210
INVESTORS BEWARE: GTXC is a SCAM and the FBI and SEC are closing in!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

always said these guys were good. David benefited, cause, as we all rememeber, his business acumen was suspect. Fiji water only, catered lunches every day so he could feel like the big man with hsi exec's, the private plane, the Cayenne he used to call his "truck". Noth but pretentiousness but backed up with no substance. As a friend in Texas used to say, "All hat and no cattle." I say, a loser by any name is still a loser.

11:39 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Yes, David Hagen is a loser... buit one with $12M (or so) on the beach in the bahamas. Until, that is, the Fed's and the SEC come get him.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of these things is not like the others...

Check out the NASDAQ listing for the stocks placed on threshold status (which sure looks punitive to me).

All of them are oil, gas, mining, exploration, etc. Which you can figure out are HIGHLY speculative.

Wasn't GTXC/GTX Global/Gatelinx the "next big thing?" I guess working the the thieves David and Annette Hagen have just lumped them in with all the other scams.

Hey Ed.. yeah, you... ED OVSENIK. Have the fed's contacted you yet? They will. ANd you can play the german army defense, "I only did what I was told." (LOL)

5:21 AM  

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