Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I know I said that I would only do 5 more posts. Substantive analysis and recaps of various parts of this scam. But recent developments, confirmed this morning, preclude me...

DAVID HAGEN HAS MOVED TO THE BAHAMAS. That's right, the trucks last week, or so, at the ole Gatelinx homestead moving things out, were, in fact, moving out David's "treasures" and belongings. He's run, as the SEC and FBI close in... as the government agencies interview him and anyone associated with GTXC and his new "SMS Prayer Service" as well.. and as his "partners" (Woltz, et al.) are now rumored to be cutting their own deals.

David Hagen's girlfriend.. yoga instructor and former "VP of Marketing" for GTX Global... Keri Keenan is back in the states getting the last of their belongings.... before she heads out tomorrow from Charlotte to the Bahamas.

Apparently she was more than just a plaything and was intimately involved and aware of the scam. Now, she too... runs for the hills.

You heard it here back in March, that David and Annette had established residency in the Bahamas, and despite Howell Woltz's attempt to block David from entering the country (Woltz was connected through his Sterling Group to the prime minister and through the failed Vizual Corp effort and Dr. Giblert Morris to the government as well)... and despite Annette getting the Bahama house in the divorce settlement... David has run to the Bahamas, where there is no extradiction for financial crimes and David has stated, "I'll never return to the states..."

Should be an interesting reunion, someday, when Keri, David and Annette Hagen/DeFusco (David's now ex-wife) run into each other in the Bahamas.


Anonymous carl said...

This was expected, although I did think he'd try to milk a little more out of the scam. There were rumors of Bahamian plans as far back as the failed Brady deal in 2004.

I wonder where this leaves the GTXC "executives." What will they do without Fearless Leader?

I'm looking forward to the last 4 posts, but I also hope there are more developments from this part of the story as well.

4:41 AM  

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