Thursday, June 29, 2006

GTXC a last dump? running for the hills? OR....

finally people are catching on? Look at this classic cart from 6/26. Sell off, test lows.. pump back up.. sell off.. establish new lows.

Volume wasn't much.. a couple of spikes as the manipulators tested and retested. Will the lows hold? Or, can they pump this POS up some more?

Yesterday, the answer came. Volume up as the sell off starts.. and then, today.. look at this early chart. Volume spiking, big sell off.

Now, look at the end of day chart. BIG volume sell off, then.. little or no volume as the rats have all dumped the holdings.

The end is near. Any comments from the CEO? How about the President or CFO? (oh wait, they don't have one) Usually a precipitous drop in share price, with huge spikes in volume mean something is going on and "responsible" companies respond.

Someone should check and see if David is packing his itallian loafers and silk shirts into the Bentley and heading out of town.

Investors beware...GTXC is a SCAM.

Coming soon...Some interesting history... "Consulting" agreements that were part of a negotiated sale of Gatelinx in November of 04. So? you ask... well, they're with a Howell Woltz company that David was using to hide proceeds. More you ask? How about LOI's to sell Gatelinx/DishTV Now, signed after the December 04 "sale" of Gatelinx. How can you enter into agreements when you've already "sold" the comapnies assets?

Run now David.. the Fed's are coming.


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