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GTX Global/GTXC/Gatelinx

There was a time when "Gatelinx" was the 2nd or 3rd largest employer in Moore County. Proudly displayed, "Gatelinx" was the parent entity for Dynacorp (a payrolling service), PrimeTV, PrimeTV Installs (you can't see it in this phot, but it was off to the left) and many other companies in the Hagen empire. The facility, a converted Winn-Dixie grocery store was filled with art on the walls, an executive restroom (David being germ phobic) with a heated toilet seat and $1000 fixtures and more. There were 2 executive conference rooms fully outfitted with A/V. Note: David's office begins at the end of the 3rd dark glass area in the front.
David and Annette had reserved parking spots, she had a wine cellar in her office and 2 birds that would squawk at any male who walked into her office. 2 assistants for Annette, plus they had a project manager for their restaurant property, a chef on staff, had Dom Perignon (all Annette would drink) specially stocked at local restaurants and were the big dogs in the small pond (to mix a metaphor) that was Southern Pines, NC.
The parking lot is now empty, but the name remains. Ahhhhh... good times then, eh David?
The sales floor was humming. 2 and a half shifts, over 500 people working at the height. This truly state-of-the-art (and I'm not BS'ing on this one) produced a cash cow for the Hagens. Private jets, shopping sprees for Annette and her daughter in NY, cars, wine....This is the engine that became DishTVNow, which they sold off for $500K. I guess you have to sell off anything to try and keep the scam and the dream alive.
This is also the facility that lays empty... fallow... waiting for the next scam, or the fed's... which ever comes first.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a "would have been" investor,I have to say that the way this whole venture was handled is a joke!David and Annette were way out of their league.These people are greedy and foolish ,a lethal combination in my view.By the looks of their past failed experiences,it would appear that they could fuck up a ham sandwich and should never have been allowed this degree of responsabilty,let alone power.Let it be a lesson.Stupid,irrisponsible and selfish people should never be allowed money certainly not power.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question is...can the District Attorney indict those ham sandwichees?

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous carl said...

Anonymous #1, clearly you've dealt with the Hagens!

Since I got laid off in late 2004, I've given much thought about "what was wrong with the Hagens." After some research, I've come across a diagnosis called "Borderline Personality Disorder," which I think describes them very well.

Take a look at these resources and tell me what you think.

In particular this symptom:
They show extremes of idealization and devaluation

In English, that means they see people as either perfect or incompetent, angels or devils, etc.

This reminds me very strongly of my time with them. Any time someone left the inner circle, suddenly they were evil, stupid people who had taken the Hagens "for a ride." Off the top of my head I can think of at least a half dozen people they did this too while I was there.

So, I guess my question is how did Hagen react when you told him "No"?

11:12 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

ahhhh yes. Annettes grand vision. ANd David's proud moment of having the original art work of the dog's playing cards and peeing. Remember how it was losign money from day one because they, and their "friends" would come and eat there without paying?

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta tell you that I installed the cabling in their building. It cost well over 200,000.00. Now its being ripped out by the new tenant. What a joke. These guys are definitely crooks. They get all of this stuff from vendors and don't pay it. I got most of mine though.

11:21 AM  

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