Friday, June 02, 2006

GTX Global Communicator/ GTXC

Like the Edsel of the past, or the Tucker... Gatelinx had some interesting new technology, some actual "first mover" advantage, but the market has caught up.

Now, a proliferation of software based apps (IPhone, althought they're in trouble as a company, SKYPE voice and Video with the power of eBay, etc) are around.. devices too. And Gatelinx.. er, GTX Global has lost whatever competitive "advantage" they had long ago. 2 years ago maybe.. now? Long gone.

Compare these systems requirements (from their own web site) to ANY device/application/software and you can see how (from an application penntration perspective) the limited market. AND, since they have no developers, product management, sales/marketing or operations.... well, the "future" is clear. This is a technology that coulda worked... but now has little or no chance at a future. Google blew them out... hear anymore about anyone actually deploying this? Nope.. no future. My guess the only future will be a 10ft x 10ft cell for David Hagen, Curtis Garth, Ed Ovsenik.. the new guys (Green, Isom).. and his gang (Woltz, in jail already...Oemke, soon, Koz, soon.. and others)

I won't make any comments about the screen shots ALL being kluged up versions of "design spec's" and versions of Gatelinx prodct that never made it out of the lab. Those will be for a different day....

One more thing I will comment on is, the engine of GTXC's "pump-and-dump" does not include any attention to detail when it comes to marketing. The "Press" section of their web site is "Under Construction." Ever hear of any company, one moving to "fully reporting" especially that can't even do that right? And, it goes deeper.

We all know that the "Gatelinx" site, press, collateral and marcom materials were all simply repurposed to initiate the stock scam, but isn't it just a little but interesting that there's been no updates? How about their own "at-a-glance" document.

  • Curtis Garth: CEO, ex car salesman.. GONE
  • Ivan Ivanov: CTO, never an employee, maybe he's been deported back to Bulgaria. his brother wasn't here legally, don't know if Ivan was
  • Mike Chisolm, elevated from Product Management to VP, GONE (he lasted longer than anyone)
  • Keri Kenan: VP Marketing, another "ghost" who doesn't exist anywhere but in David Hagen's world, did she ever exist there?
No bio's for any of these folks anywhere... how about listings and bios for any sales? nope... any operations? nope.. New president? (first Len Green then Ed "easy" Ovsenik) Nope. Any listing for the CFO? nope.. how about the new CEO, Bradford "ghost" Isom? Nope.

You can spell SCAM any different number of ways, but they all have the letters H,A,G,E,N in them. Investors beware.


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