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Interesting. ( I guess the paltry 50,000 shares that Curtis Garth got for being the face of the scam finally took its toll. You'd think that a CEO of "the leader in multimedia over IP" would get more than .071% of the stock. Sergey Brin he wasn't gonna become at that rate.
And going back to SMS? You mean going back to being a call center manager? The latest brain storm of David Hagen to sell SMS Prayers? (This follows along with his wanting to sell gas masks after 9/11 so you can see Hagen's sincerity)

Now you get "Bradford W. Isom" who is "a seasoned senior executive with an extensive career including business development, strategic growth initiatives, international experience, and management consulting. " RIGHT. Do a search.. here's what you find... (drum roll please)
Remove the affectation of a middle initial.. and what do you get? (drum roll please) NOTHING AGAIN.. well, except that Bradford Isom died in 1869
Also...look up using zoom info
Don't think he's from the UK or runs a "Bail Enforcement Agency".. although, given the Hagens, er DeFuscos past that actually might come in handy now that I think about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did some research, like you suggested on Vizual and Vid Me. INTERESTING. Vizual filed incporation papers in May of 05.


Didn't one of your posts, or was it one of their (GTXC's) filings say Gatelinx sold assets in December of 04? Who'd they sell to? Clearly Vizual wasn't a company that could suddenly produce the kind of technology touted by GTX Global, could they?

Seems like what you say is real. that Vizual was set up to buy the Gatelinx technology, but that deal went sideways, apparently like every other deal.

Question, who are the guys listed in the NV filing? Isn't Dr. Morris one of the Bahama connections?

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a search for the GTXC new CEO on, I couldn't find him either. This is nteresting as Sitel Corp is a public company. (symbol SWW)and you'd think he would have had some role, listing or cite there.

He probably exists but is his resume 100% accurate to Wall Street?

Maybe he was only in a sales role (non-executive, certainly not "C" level) at Sitel or anywhere else.

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Blogger ex-GTX said...

It's not really that surprising that you can't find the new CEO anywhere. Earlier in this blog I showed where you can't find the CFO, Chief Counsel, or CTO either. In fact, you can't find anyone. (Other than the listings for who's been arrested or indicted and the trail they (and they're associates) have left everywhere they've been)

Any of the companies these guys (Woltz, Oemke, Kos.. and now Hagen) been associated with still around? GTX Global, er.. Gatelinx, or whatever is a company with a market cap of over $150M, and there are no searchable listings for executives and their history anywhere?

Only question I have is (and there is no SEC filing on this either) what did they give Isom to be the "CEO" (everyone knows Hagen is still running the show) and put his personal butt on the line for these guys. 50K shares to Garth apparently was enough for him to risk jail time, did Isom get more?

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Blogger ex-GTX said...

awesome isn't the word that I would use. Perhaps "scary" is better? For those who don't know, Aberdeen, NC (home office of the SMS Prayer "service") is right next door to Southern Pines, NC. Home to the "empire" that was Gatelinx.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are so proud of their new hire the put a news story on their website:

nope...just kidding.

2:41 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

and this is surprising, how? (LOL) they can't even manage their PR page? Last Press release was the (now infamous) "Yadio Merger Terminated" from February 2nd.

A Press page is "Under Construction"? WTF? Kinda like the technology and the cell block for Hagen, Ovsenik, Belcher, Woltz, Kos, Oemke, Garth, et al.

3:33 PM  

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