Tuesday, April 11, 2006

GTXC GTX Global Gatelinx

I'm not one to tout any stock or company. Heck, after buying into David and Annette Hagen's BS (and now Ed Ovsenik acting as a schill as well) I'm loathe to even think about this kind of technology. iPhone is only put here as an example to the people looking to invest in the POS called GTXC, GTX Global, Gatelinx... whatever.
Notice the difference between any of GTXC's web sites and Iphones, not on the positioning or even the product stuff... but on the information that investors care about.
  • Management Team Bio's. They have them, where are GTXC's? (do even a google search on any of the so-called GTXC exec's and find nothing) I know Christine Roget from a past life, she's a stud.
  • Press releases that go beyond "marketing alliances" and "licensing" to actual releae of beta product etc. that show they are (at least appearing to) manage the process
  • Clear strategy AND execution that fits with the strategy. (GTXC has one strategy and a different execution)
  • Real revenue, that although it's small, they document it, file it and talk about it. (GTXC talks about the revenue to come, but folks, there aint nothing there)
  • Legitimate corporate addresses and contact info. (GTXC, etc., has generic e-mails, a foney phone system, a BS Vegas address and false company offices and facilities.

Investors beware. GTXC IS A SCAM


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Looks like even guys who appear to be doing things right are scamming everyone. Let's face it folks. Skype and thier new Video v2.0 is game over for any software players.

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