Thursday, April 06, 2006

GTXC nee Gatelinx

Despite the claims that David Hagen has "resigned his positions as an officer and director of Gatelinx Corporation in contemplation of GTX Global Corporation going public. Mr. Hagen is not an officer or director of GTX Global Corporation."... he still has an office in the only facility they occupy (despite the claims of Bulgaria and the like) still has a direct dial line and still is the only person pulling the day to day strings.

The call center (formerly "DishTV Now" and "Prime TV" satellite sales for Dish Networks and DirecTV) is empty, but he's thinking about starting (and this is ironic to the extreme) a SMS (short message service) PRAYER LINE.

Additionally, and probably more importantly if you want to really know who these guys are....David Hagen personally, and Gatelinx as a corporation, have 2 default judgments against them for non-payment of wages in California. They never responded to any of the subpoenas nor did they show up at the hearings.


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