Thursday, April 06, 2006


There was a time when the technology they tout had promise. It never got past beta-level code and a proof of concept demo. The competitive advantage was a first mover, but because it wasn't based on any "standard" there was a competitive window. Well folks, that darn window just started to slam shut a little more. When a little tiny company, that no one has ever heard of and clearly doesn't have the claims that GTXC is making can actually generate revenue (which GTXC has yet to do despite 2+ years of an "available" product and the "growing demand" they say) then you know that the scam, formerly know as GTXC has jumped the shark big time. Hagen, Ovsenik, Brecher and the cabal, rather than capitalize on the opportunity back in 04, decided that scamming investors was a better play. To quote the great movie "dodgeball"... "interesting strategy, lets see how that plays out"


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