Monday, March 27, 2006


First, how many web sites do these people have?

Are there more?

And, if you want a real blast from the past.. search "Gatelinx" and you'll get the past versions of the site (through archived pages) that bear a starting resemblance to the GTX Global pages

Want some fun? Dial into the "corporate office" (as listed on their many press releases) and try and find (through their own directory) anybody named or listed in any release. You get, interestingly, listings for "Prime TV" (do a google search on that one get a real shock) and Curtis Garth, but no one else.

Look at their recent press.. and try to figure the game out. First, we're going to license the technology to Yadio.. NO.. wait.. we'll merge!.. yeah, thats it.. MERGE..with Yadio.. YAY!!!.. Then, the merger is complete! new board (even though you can't find any of them in any search engine).. but, ring the bells.. THE MERGER IS no.. wait.. ITS TERMINATED... no.. wait.. um.. er.. let's sign a license agreement.. yeah, thats it.. we'll license it. NO WAIT, its a "marketing agreement".. yeah, thats it.. a marketing agreement.

Do a search for "Yadio" and nothing is around. The address is a residential address in Boca Raton. Do a search for anyone associated (that GTXC listed) with Yadio, and find nothing.

want more?

Is anyone buying this?


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your post seeems familar. have you stopped by "the upcoming housing boom blog" lately?

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