Tuesday, April 04, 2006

GTXC dump dump dump

2+ times the normal volume over the last couple of days and a MASSIVE sell off. But no real surprise here.

  • There hasn't been any sales and marketing staff or activity there since (effectively since 11/04) but technically since 2/05.
  • No Customer service/support since 12/04
  • The product management function hung on for a while, but, when Chuck Manning (former lead developer) ran off early in 05 with Annette Hagen (David Hagen's wife... er.. soon-to-be-ex-wife I guess now) to Europe and never delivered anything other than beta level code no one ever produced anything.
  • The demo's they ran at "VoiceCon 06" were less than what was demo'd and showed in March of 04 (at VoiceCon) , and again at N+I in May of 04.
  • The literature touting the "products" have old "product design spec" UI designs and badly kluged up screen shots.


Blogger workerjones said...

Looking at the timing, wouldn't this not so much be a "dump" (after the pump as it were) but simply the sale of shares previously restricted? I'm with you that this smells funny, but the "dump" may actually be a ways off. This might just be GTXC taking out some more cash bigger and more immediate than what they were making by managing the price, float and Pump/dump deal.

7:29 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

You might be right. They, this cabal of (and I quote from Hagen here) "expertise of top Investment Bankers and global brokers have been exerted to build a market for the stock" is managing this stock flawlessly. Maybe now that David is flush with quasi-legitimate proceeds he can pay all the people, former employees, investors and vendors that he's stiffed and owes money to.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Dogcrap Green said...

I posted a google search on my site. A GTXC pumper at one time was placing 80,000 ads. What amazes me is they pluged my site. I clicked the ad, and was paid $1.92 for he click!!!!

Most google ads go for $.10 to $.20

Why are they paying so much for ad space? And who is really pumping this company and why?

1:42 PM  

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