Wednesday, April 26, 2006

GTXC update

David is still at the helm of the SS Gatelinx in Southern Pines. I wonder if his office is still festooned with his collection of swords and armaments? When the vultures started to circle David in Late 04 and early 05, he moved all of his museum quality collection out. He said to move it to the new house in the Bahamas, or was it to his sons condo. If he did, in fact, move the collection all to the Bahamas that might be a problem....
Ya see... in the divorce settlement between David and Annette Hagen, SHE got the house in Southern Pines, the house in the Bahamas, and the house in San Diego (La Jolla) that Andrea has been living in during school.
What's more, is that David promised Annette all kinds of stock and has delivered nothing to her. Now, I believe that Annette is up to her eyeballs in this scam, but if what she say's is true... That she got nothing... I'm guessing that this is not a person (annette) that David is gonna want pissed off at him.
She knows where all the bodies are buried (heck, she helped to put them there) and now that the "marital exclusion" for not being required to testify against her husband is gone, I wonder when the SEC/FBI are going to subpoena her?
Now, new rumors abound as to some new equity investment coming into Southern Pines. Besides the obvious questions as to "where from" and "why?".... Questions remain as to whether or not the code base is recovered which would warrant any investment (interesting if this is "legitimate" investors and if they are, have they read this blog?)... and whether David is going to pay off all the debts, liens, judgments and obligations to his debtors, investors and (mostly) former employees.


Blogger GeeTeeEggs said...

Ex-GTX, with the information you have, why don't you just get hold of the SEC/FBI? Seems a logical conclusion.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm a fellow ex-gtxer. (Not the same person.)

I think I can answer, for Ex-GTX. The Hagens are a very litigious bunch. The minute ex-gtx steps forward he or she will be slammed with lawsuits from six ways to sunday.

In fact, I am simply AMAZED that anyone is out there telling this story. Good job ex-gtx, and keep at it!

3:13 AM  

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