Monday, April 17, 2006

GTXC GTX Global Gatelinx

well folks, it must be getting lonely for David Hagen, er... DeFusco, at the ole Gatelinx homestead. Word is that only 3 folks (not counting David's yoga instructor girlfriend occupying an "office" next door to David's ) are around. David, Ed Ovsenik, and Curtis Garth comes by every now and then. Developers, such as they were, are all gone. They haven't had any sales, marketing, customer service, support or anything else for ages. Product management, the one guy left, is gone too.
So what does all this mean? Well, back in summer of 05, when Chuck Manning ran off to Europe with Annette Hagen, er.. DeFusco, he erased all the source code out of the development server. So, when Annette and David "patched things up" (read: "we're better partners in crime") a couple of the developers got the code back, but it never went back on the development servers.
Now, Hagen, is desparately trying to solidify some kind of deal with Yadio to get a press release and pump some life out of the stock scam. Problem is, that since nothing ever past beta code got delivered by Chuck (well, if you were getting treated to a high life in France and banging the wife of your boss, would you ever produce anything?) and the code they are trying to patch up won't scale past maybe 200 users (and won't stay up long enough for even that number to be useable), well David got a mighty big problem. 'Cept, he don't know what a big problem he has. See, it's a fact that not one of the remaining developers will either turn over the code, or work with him anymore.
And, Ivan, who is nothing more than a co-lo network administrator who was a consultant (now on the masthead as CTO), is going to be able to unravel the old code (from which all the screen shots in their literature are taken) to update and fix the scale and operability issue, and deploying on the old code is just gonna p-o Yadio.
Last, wonder what the "due diligence" is going like with Govalin and Heelstrike. Oh wait, those aren't real companies (Yadio is suspect at best) so it doesn't matter. But, the investment community, as the GTXC press and stock manipulation machine grinds to a halt, will see through this. Wonder when the SEC and/or FBI will?


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