Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Annette isn't driving around Southern Pines in the Carerra GT. David had that shipped to London, with an eye towards shipping it to the Bahamas (remember, they have established residency there).. but the import duties (equal to the price of the car+) and the recent lawsuit by their (the Hagen's) former "partner" (Howell Wolz.. and read more about him in the link in this blog) put a kybosh on that scheme.

http://www.junkfax.org/fax/profiles/wsp/wsp.htm <-- read more about the GTX Global "Team"

The balance sheets, see previous post for the link, also include this dubious statement.... "management believes that a majority of the receivables are doubtful"
SO, the whole thing about $10 MILLION PLUS dollars being receivables, and the only tangible/fungible asset on the balance sheet is bunk.

Last, here's the language on the Howell Wolz lawsuit. "On February 21, 2006 the Company was served with a Summons and Complaint styledSteward Trust Limited and Sterling Trust Limited v. GTX Global Corporation a.k.a. Gatelinx Global Corporation 6CVS00211. The suit seeks resolution of a dispute related to company shares that were to have been issued to Sterling Trust under a subscription agreement." Clearly, there's been a falling out amongst the thieves and this might be but one reason why Annette's car can't get to the Bahamas, and why David can't run there with the ill gotten gains. Howell is VERY connected in the Bahamas (despite being a crook)


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