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GTXC GTX Global Gatelinx

First, technology.
Just got back from Interop in Las Vegas. 2 years ago, Gatelinx was named a finalist for best in show for the Gatelinx Communicator with Multi-party calling. Back then, the word was that Gatelinx had about a 2 year window of competitve advantage. You read here about that window slamming shut (iPhone), but now.. that darned window is boarded shut, bricked over and gone for good. Tandberg showed multiple appliances (video phones) at price points well below what was previously possible, and they all interoperate with other voice/video applications. See Gatelinx's, er.. GTX Globals channels strategy (originally from January of 2004 that hasn't been changed) and any hope of putting the underlying technology on a chip set is gone. (
AND, a new company (Lifesize.. showed unbelievable technology with automatic firewall and NAT traverssal (Gatelinx's orginal claim to fame) and they claim 35 partners in 20 countires. And, oh lookie here... not a "Govalin", "Heelstrike" or "Yadio" among them.
That's not all. the technology opportunity, such as it is given that it never got past beta level code, is GONE. and now, so too it appears the pump and dump scam is about to run it's course as well. The indians (SEC and FBI) are closing in.
The circle of "trusted advisors" is getting picked off one-by-one. Howell and Vernice Woltz, the original partners in crime for the Hagens, are now held in federal custody on "related" charges (see posts on this blog further down, and one comment submitted as well). And, they're being held WITHOUT BAIL. The Bahamas don't have an extradition agreement with the US for these kinds of financial and fraud crimes.
This is also the same island nation David tried to bribe his way into business ventures with the son of the prime minister, was able to establish residency, and used to brag about "bribing the customs officials" to get his (and Annette's) wine collection and household antiques into the country without paying duties.
And, it's the same country of origin for the former head of "Vizual" corp. You remember them, right? They're the group that was originally set up to BUY the technology suite from the Hagens. David turned that deal down too (among at least 4 other offers) but then, in a strange twist, ended up buying back the technology and "intellectual property assets" from Vizual.
Well, like all their deals, it of course had to be restructured (see yadio, and the never ending "due diligencie period" for heelstrike/govalin). But isn't it amazing the ties between the Bahamas, the Woltz'es and Koz, Oemke, et al.? And, isn't it even more amazing that you can turn down a deal to sell technology, but create a deal to buy the technology from a company that a: never existed, b: didn't develop any technology and c: had no assets (intellectual or othewise) to sell? (do a google search for the old "gatelinx" product info, do a vizual search.. you'll see the old Gatelinx images used by Vizual, albeit with different names, i.e viztalk, etc)
Word is also, they're (the FBI and SEC) are looking to speak to the former executives of Vizual. The "president" was a former partner of Gatelinx (do a google search for Gatelinx and Vidme for info.. and notice the striking similarities to Vizual).
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Former Gatelinx here from the west coast (dave e). This is great stuff. I was only in S Pines a few times but I remember my first visit I was blown away that the hq looked like it used to be a grocery store and there were all these strange swords, horrible art, etc. I was at the vegas show. It was actually my first day of employement there. I remember Jack Irving blew something like 3K on dinner for everyone.
They still owe me a pay check. I actually won a settlement against gatelinx but have yet to receive a penny.

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody know what happened to that "AI" project they supposedly had going? They put out some overblown crazy press release a while back saying it was the "World's First Real Artificial Intelligence" or something and had one incomprehensible page on the web site, but I never heard any more about it. Was that just a red herring or what?

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't know how many folks were at the dinner you reference, but this (at only $3K) was not a "Hagen" budgeted dinner. He'd have spent 10 times that much. Fiscal responsibility never lay with the Hagens.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was an AI project with 2 developers assigned to it. One was laid off in Jan 2004 and the other stayed on for a while after that, but I believe has left as well at this point. From what I knew of the project (which was minimal), it couldn't be called "real AI" but rather something more akin to a very sophisticate Microsoft Agent (if you remember those).

The details of the project were a pretty poorly kept secret within the company itself. Largely because the two developers didn't particularly get along so it seemed there were always rumors whirling around. Both of them were nice and friendly enough, but they just didn't see eye to eye very often or IIRC, ever.

So yeah, there was an AI project but it wasn't anything near what they claimed for it. Not surprisingly.

In response to dave e, yeah they owe most of us at least one paycheck. Looking back at their employee relations, I'm surprised anyone stayed there as long as they did. Things were bad, even long before the painful death of Gatelinx and the birth of GTXC.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're right, (whoever posted the "Hagen" budget) When business with DirecTV was good, they were living large. Annette only drank Dom Perignon, wore versace and routinely went to NY with her duaghter on shopping trips.

David spent freely too. (Remember Annette's birthday and the huge, gaudy yellow diamond?)He was big on wine auctions (what exactly is a 1960 Chateau Petrus worth now?) where he would spend THOUSANDS on bottles. Not to mention the private jet, and $1000 bottles of wine at dinners.

At the first public showing (a suite at the Four Seasons) of the Gatelinx product, every day (at the end of the day) David and Annette would have deleivered a cart with bluga caviar, Dom Perignon, etc for their "snacks."

1:01 PM  

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