Thursday, May 25, 2006

GTXC co-conspirator updates
Looks like the Woltz's (Howell and Vernice) are staying in jail and are gonna be there for a loooooong time.
Remember, Howell and Vernice are good buddies of David and Annette Hagen. They helped them secure residency in the Bahamas, hooked them up with Bryan Kos, Don Oemke and others. We can only hope for, and look for, when the Hagen's show up in a similar indictment...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone asked about Kelly Sparks - I thought I heard he was named CTO after Stefanik was fired? Maybe he's still there somewhere?

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelly was named CTO after Stefanik was fired. He, along with Jack Irving to some extent, led the way in both uncovering all the technical issues and then architecting a direction and solution.

After Jack left, and Kelly was the only one there left to try and marshall on, Chuck Manning, however, couldn't deliver on the promised transport layer optimization. The code base, which was (as posted somewhere in this blog I think) was removed from the "sandbox" development servers and was never put back. (That isn't a Kelly issue, that's a Chuck Manning and 2 other developers issue)

Kelly stayed (far longer IMHO than he should have) until earlier this year.

Kelly was also part of the Vizual Corp team that tried to buy the Gatelinx assets. As noted here (again somewhere back earlier)this was the group that Gatelinx then bought the assets of (VizTalk, etc.) which is interesting, no?

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another one of the former developers lists himself, on his resume, as having directed software development for Gatelinx/GTX, during its waning days after most of the other developers were gone:

Eugene Lebedev

Director, Software Development
Gatelinx Global Corporation (Privately Held; 201-500 employees)
Computer Software Industry
January 2005 – August 2005 (8 months)

- Outlined a strategic roadmap for several new complex software projects including next generation platform for online advertising and marketing and VoIP-based video conferencing solution
- Prepared executive-level presentations, specifications and technical guidelines
- Initiated and managed several projects simultaneously through the full software development life cycle (SDLC)
- Managed and synchronized development efforts among in-house developers, contractors and off-shore development team
- Supervised usability analysis and design of system-user interaction components/graphical user interface (GUI)

4:46 PM  

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