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GTX Global/GTXC compare and contrast

A bone of contention on this blog, and around the investor community, is the dearth of info on the "executives" for GTX Global, er.. GTXC.. um.. Gatelinx. Read what they say about their "CEO" (in quotes, because we all know David Hagen is still calling the shots).. but, nonetheless...
Mr. Isom is a seasoned senior executive with an extensive career including business development, strategic growth initiatives, international experience, and management consulting. Mr. Isom has a unique combination of operational and financial expertise. He has directed all phases of operations in start-ups, high growth businesses, and turnarounds. Mr. Isom has broad based experience across diverse industries, including telecommunications, financial services, cable and technology. In his career, Mr. Isom significantly increased revenues at SITEL Corporation while directing start-up to win a large contract from MCI Communications, and had increased revenue at Teleperformance USA by 38% while serving as its Senior VP of Operations.
How many years? What phases? At what role at Sitel? What "start-up" did he win a "large contract from MCI" with? (large being subjective I know) and.. finally? Teleperformance (if it's the same company referenced ) is another call-center company (like Sitel). Interesting mix of skills to lead a technology company worth now $150M. Be that as it may, compare and contrast the former executive team. I've ommited David and Annette's "bio" for obvious reasons....
Notice the specific relevant experience and qualifications for their jobs. Wanna do channels? Have some experience... Product Management? have some relevant experience and qualifications... Operations? specific and relevant experience might help? (this comes from cached Gatelinx web pages)

Jack Irving - Executive Vice President
Jack Irving brings more than 15 years of executive business development experience from leading technology, telecommunications and Internet companies. Previous roles included Vice President of Channel Sales and Partners at Digital Island and Cable & Wireless, and Vice President of Managed Service Solutions for Comsys, an IT consulting firm. Mr. Irving also held senior management positions at Work Exchange and Adecco, where he focused on global alliances, partnership development and sales.
Kelly Sparks - Vice President, Product Marketing
Kelly Sparks is responsible for leading the product marketing and product development initiatives for Gatelinx, including software strategy, directions, requirements, development and support initiatives. Mr. Sparks has 16 years experience in the computer industry with over 11 years at IBM and 4 years as a co-founder of a digital media technology company. Mr. Sparks has a BS in Computer Information Systems from Southern College of Technology and has made major contributions to 26 technology patents in digital media distribution and interactive television.
Knut Svendsen, Ph.D. - Vice President, Product Management
Dr. Svendsen is responsible for evolving the roadmap for Gatelinx technologies and products, and for managing the product life cycle. He has more than nine years of expertise in telecom, broadband and Internet technology. Prior to Gatelinx, he worked for Norwegian-based broadband provider NextGenTel, responsible for product management and marketing. He also held business development and consulting positions with Telcordia Technologies, and research and development roles with Telenor. Dr. Svendsen holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from Pennsylvania State University.

Jessica Flemming - Vice President, Operations
Jessica Flemming has more than 11 years experience in telecom, professional services and business operations. As a business and operations consultant she worked for clients that include a global commercial and investment bank, a top-tier leveraged buyout firm, and a leading bank call center, where she helped to optimize her clients' business processes and operations structures. Prior to consulting, Mrs. Flemming worked at Qualcomm Inc. in human resource management and training development. Mrs. Flemming holds a B.A. from Stanford University.
Notice what's missing from anything Gatelinx, er.. GTX Global puts out? They had a CEO (Curtis Garth) who was a car salesman right before starting his meteoric rise at GTXC. no bio's for president (Green or Ovsenik), nor the CFO (oh wait, they don't have one of those), marketing or sales (don't have those either)... or the new CEO. How about anyone still listed on the "at-a-glance" document? Nope.. no bio's.. of course, none of them are even there anymore, or (in some cases) ever existed.
But they do have bios for all the attorney's they've got retained. And, you can google David Hagen (or go to and get his bio... and with the "anatomy of a stock fraud" page at "" you can get everything about their co-conspirators.
Next up.. THE SMOKING GUN, proof of the collusion between Hagen and Woltz.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More news on this site than on the GTXC site, the stock sites and anywhere else...who are these guys.


5:14 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Thanks Tom.. wait for some bombshells here in the next couple of days. SHould get more interesting around the Gatelinx homestead for GTX Global or GTXC here real soon.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These guys have more holes and inconsistencies in their story than a teenager caught in the back seat of a buick...

From their web site:
Established in 2000, GTX Global is located in Henderson, Nevada (Stock Symbol: GTXC). Visit the GTX Global web site at for more information.

From their SEC filings:
The name of the issuer is: GTX Global Corporation as of 10/12/2005
Formerly known as: Gatelinx Global Corporation 12/10/2004 – 10/12/2005

And in some of their other materials they claim 1997, 1999.

They don't have any new quotes or references from Gartner, Frost and Sullivan or any other analysts since 2004. Lots has changed, the analysts must have said or are saying something different.

10:08 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

and Jeff Kagan, who they still owe money to, probably doesn't like it that the reference him on their site. Someone should tell him....

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The GTX website is a copy-n-paste of the original Gatelinx website with any reference to "Gatelinx" changed to "GTX Global". All of the quotes and references are incorrect due to the changes.

6:55 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

you are correct. Since they (GTX Global or GTXC) don't have any marketing, and haven't since fall of 04 (when the Gatelinx marketing VP was let go... side note, Jennifer Harrell has a default judgement against them for unpaid wages in California)...anyway, without any real marketing, it was unlikely they were going to actually rework and re-tell the story. This is the most overt example that the "story" is both dated, and... as a result, untrue and part of the scam.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can use to get a cached version of the old Gatelinx web site... even with all the links down, you can compare the splash/home page to the GTX Global version and see it's all just cut and paste. scammers, can't wait to see Hagen in jail.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooops.. forgot to leave the link to the page...

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's another "cut and paste" from the old gatelinx site.. the company overview

compare it, word for word with the GTX Global "company overview"

10:57 PM  

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