Thursday, June 22, 2006


With the apologies to Paul Simon.. (sing along, you know the words) The nearer the Fed's detention, the more you're just slip sliding away....
hmmmm... no news from the SS Gatelinx? When was the last "news" release... lets look and see? MARCH 15.. and that was another one of the BS "Yadio" announcements. (×tamp=2006-03-15%2009:52&headline=GTX+GLOBAL+CORPORATION+SIGNS+MARKETING+AGREEMENT+WITH+YADIO%2C+INC.&pno=30&compid=631458)

AFTER March 15... which friends is OVER 2 MONTHS... nothing but, relisted on Pink SHeets (How? I'll never know...) that was April 18... THEN, another new executive "CEO" (May 11) and then.. "Moving to Fully Reporting" (again.. HOW?) that was May 24.... After March 15? There has been NOTHING substantive.

How about some words of wisdom from the New "CEO" (or can't david get his hand up his backside far enough to move the guys lips?) You'd think that someone with Bradford W Isom's "stellar" track record and reputation would be moving to explain the strategy, the status of the "deals" (Heelstrike, Yadio, Govalin, et al).. the status of the technology.. something.. please Bradford, "my man".. tell us something.

How about some material filings (8K material change) for the new CEO, lack of CFO, etc.? Heck they got Lysiak on board as the "expert" on moving them to "fully reporting". Isn't it about time there is some news on this? Or has Lysiak figured out that he needs to get as far away from this sinking POS stock scam as is possible?

What's clear though.. is the "pump and dump" is running out of steam. Well managed to keep the price below $5 so it's just too darn expensive to short this POS... look at the volume since the last dump...

6/22 volume, 57,707
6/21, volume 43,000
6/20, voume 91,000
6/19, volume 57,900
6/16, volume 53,500
6/15, volume, 74,200
6/14, volume 86,400
6/13 volume 71,500
6/12, volume 60,800
6/9.. OH LOOKIE.. the last of the restricted share? VOLUME an asstounding 542,800 shares

Given that David Hagen (and the "Hagen Family Trust"... which anyone on the inside remembers as the "trust" used to puff up his personal financial statements) owns 7.12%.. given the market cap of over $130M ( and a P/E ratio of a completely "rational" 189+) this means ole Herr Hagen.. er.. DeFusco has taken out (at leaste) $10 MILLION DOLLARS, plus, the 1,000,000 preferred shares adds another $3M - $4M dollars. Astounding...

They still have more attorney's than employees... apparently the "executives" are mutes, because no one has heard anything from them.. or heck, about them for that matter. They haven't had any "news" (let alone truthful news)... and the pump (before one last dump I suspect) is losing steam. Watch for some announcements here to take one last stab at this POS... you heard it here.. for months.. GTXC, GTX GLOBAL IS A SCAM.

Investors Beware


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