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GTXC "Focusing on the Future"

Recent announcement from GTXC ( .. or rather, from the remains of GTXC says their moving their offices to Raleigh.

"This move will allow us to be closer to our developers, consultants, and customers as we work to bring new capabilities to our software, new technologies to the company, and establish a broader customer base for the company's products," stated Edward Ovsenik, President of the company.

First, ole Ed "easy" Ovsenik has had quite the run.. VP, General Counsel, Interim President and now President. I guess since he's be intimately involved in the scam, it's only logical that he's now speaking for the company.. ESPECIALLY, since ...

Mr. Brad Isom tendered his resignation, effective June 15, 2006, to attend to family matters back in Utah. The Board has accepted the resignation and is searching for a new CEO who will focus the company on building for the future with new officers and directors. Mr. Ovsenik will continue to manage daily activities of the company.

Got to be shortest, and quietest, tenure ever.. ( Apointed effective May 15, and resigns on June 15. Why? Nothing there to manage? Nothing there technology wise? Nothing left of the proceeds of the scam?

OR... is the move to Raleigh, the resignation of Bradford "ghost" Isom. and Ed running the "daily activities" because David Hagen has taken anything of any value out of the SS Gatelinx, there is no more left in the POS scam and the fed's are closing in? It certianly isn't to get closer to the developers (there aren't any).. or customers.. (there aren't any) or consultants (there aren't any and they can't pay for them anyway) More laywers still than employees.

According to the filings, Ed (supposedly) does not own any of the stock.. working for a paycheck, week to week is good enough for him eh? Will be interesting to see if there are any 8K filings on this one.. Ed's "promotion" and Bradford's departure. They got the hired gun SEC lawyer Lysiak don't they? Should be all on the "up and up" now, right?

Ivan Ivanov now "confirmed" as the CTO.. despite being listed as the CTO from March/April on.. in their own documents and in the filings they have made. Can't they keep who's on first straight these guys?

Meanwhile.. David Hagen, founder, convicted felon, titular head of the company and leader of the off in the Bahamas.. his new house, his new boat (and I mean a BOAT.. we'll get pictures and the name soon).. and his old girlfriend apparently made it out of the states just ahead of the SEC and FBI.

Last.. Since, they now claim some outside help on the technology...

GTX Global has also retained the services of Mr. Kim A Parker, of K A Parker and Associates, to assist the company with future development of its technology by assisting with forward development of the current technology while leading development of new technology. The company is already reviewing the technical aspects of video signal compression technologies to determine more efficient means of delivering video through Internet Protocol (IP) methods.

It's time to review the "real" story behind the technology. WAIT.. I just read.. they're "reviewing the technical aspects".. and trying to "determine more efficient ways of delivering video through IP methods." HMMMM.. wasn't that always the "claims"? They already had the "winning" technology, no? (LOL)

Maybe Chuck is done bopping Annette long enough to finish the work on the MUST transport. We all know nothing is left of whatever promise the technology held. Watch for announcements (as the stock continues to tank and get pounded down) that says they're restructuring, or that the technology is not viable and theya re ceasing operations.

By the way.. no listings on any search engine for Kim A Parker, K.A. Parker, K A Parker and Associates.. not that this is surprising. I mean, if you're looking for technology leadership for "cutting edge" technologies, why would there be any track record, presence, paper trail, cites, papers, published articles, interviews or stories on someone? That's not important, and certainly not important for a viable concern like GTX Global.

More later.. GTXC (whats left of it) is STILL A SCAM.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Press person.. Tanya Shilling has landed pretty well.

She was on th dean's list in '05, don't know if she's still there. Quite the rise, from college at Hagerstown Business College, a for-profit educational institution that's part of the "Kaplan" empire. (think DeVry for business admin, etc and you get the quality of the school)They highlight, among other things...

It's a Two-year junior college

Types of Degree:
• Associate of Applied Science
• Associate of Arts
• Certificates

• No admissions tests (SAT, ACT, etc.) required
• Open admissions policy

Sounds like just the place to lure an unsuspecting new foil into the scam...


2:42 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Actually, Tanya Shilling is from Fayetteville... and is on Linkedin.

Apparently her qualifications to be the marketing/PR person is she's either a secretary or a Q/A tester. Which really means since there are no employees, she get's to wear many hats.

She's fresh out of school studying (and you'll love this) CRIMINAL JUSTICE. THAT should come in handy. Anyway, if you have the ability to search LinkedIn, you can find her, otherwise, here's her profile.

Tanya Shilling
Administrative Legal Assistant/ QA Software Tester

Fayetteville, North Carolina Area | Law Enforcement

Current: Administrative Legal Assistant/ QA Software Tester at GTX Global

Education: Richmond Community College/ Fayetteville Technical Community College

Administrative Legal Assistant/ QA Software Tester
GTX Global
Computer Software Industry
August 2002 – Present (4 years)

Richmond Community College/ Fayetteville Technical Community College
Criminal Justice, 2003 – 2006

Activities and Societies: Richmond Community College Honors Society, Phi Theta Kappa National Honors Society, Criminal Justice Club

You had it right though...Tanya, GET OUT NOW BEFORE THE FED's COME AND GET YOU

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did the "focusing on our future" include the moving sale at 1930 poplar? Word was that whatever was left (after David raided the furniture and fixtures) could be had at a fraction of their original cost. The big round glass conference table (in the executive area) which cost $28,000 could have been had for $2000.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why hasn't the fed's rolled up and "interviewed" some of the isniders? Joella Hardee? Valerie Stratta? (she recently married her long time boyfriend, hence the name change to stratta) These 2 were Annette's assistants. They know where ALL the bodies are buried.

5:53 AM  

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