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VSTC (GTXC/GTX Global or Gatelinx)

SLIP SLIDING AWAY.... again and again and again. The reverse split to try and save this POS ain't working. Anyone who couldn't find (because of the lack of any marketing or disclosure in failed attempts to slink off to Raleigh and the trailer park they're occupying) ... apparently they found them. Volume up 10fold. And the price?

Last Trade:
Trade Time:
12:54PM ET
1.01 (31.56%)

That means that, adjusted for the reverse split, GTXC/VSTC is now trading for $1.095. Scary. And to think, David Hagen and his cronies have taken out MILLIONS from this scam.

Interesting article in USA Today (McNewspaper) yesterday. Gatelinx started with promise.. it had a technology opportunity that could (emphasize "could") have been something. But, like other businesses, that promise and potential turned into a scam.

I believed in the technology and the opportunity. It "had" (past tense) potential. It does not anymore. INVESTORS BEWARE, VSTC ( by any name) IS A SCAM.... and the feds are coming after everyone. (They've already rolled up 2 players, with more indictments to come)


Blogger ex-GTX said...

sorry.. split adjusted Gatelinx.. er VSTC is now trading at $1.05

Last Trade: 2.10
Trade Time: 3:58PM ET
Change: 1.10 (34.38%)

2:25 PM  
Blogger Dogcrap Green said...

Everytime GTX tanks I get people Googling to my site.

Scary how many morons are out there

1:08 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Last Trade: 1.70
Trade Time: 11:08AM ET
Change: 0.40 (19.05%)
Prev Close: 2.10
Open: 1.90

Volume: 75,293 <-- BIG spike

Folks, you heard it here. Watch for an announcement ceasing operations. They reverse split the stock to drive the price up because it's too expensive to short penny stocks. This is not a "restructuring" but another part of the scam squeezing the last bit of blood outta the SS Gatelinx, and getting one more step removed.

How does one step removed help? By changing the company and ticker symbol, they get lost in the mix and don't have the kinds of postings that are on all the GTXC related web sites. Do a simple google search on GTXC and see all the related blogs web sites and boards... now do one on VSTC and see all the un-related crap from Ella Fitzgerald "Verve" recordings to being on a cheerleading squad. All with the acronym VSTC.

These guys aint dumb.. crooks yes.. dumb no.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been watching for a while now. Pretty accurate stuff. As an ex Gatelinx executive, I can tell you there's more to the story. Provide me with an e-mail and I'll send some stuff. You've alluded, several times, to documents and info, but we haven't seen anything.

2:45 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Oh sure, that's a good one.. um.. er.. Ed? or could this be David himself? whoever it is, like I'm gonna give out my e-mail to you litigious bastards.

If you've got something, post it. If I think it's worthy I'll either let it come through as a comment, or I'll copy and paste. I've got lots of contributors feeding me info. Is "tres' fun" no?

And oh, yeah I've got "stuff." You know, old PC's and servers have lots of info if you know where and how to look.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous carl said...

*sigh*, one the one hand I'll be glad to see the end of this. My time at Gatelinx was a real roller coaster.

On the other hand, (unlike ex-gtx), I still believe in the technology. Not in the manner that Gatelinx, GTXC, VSTC, et al, claim to but I think with lots of time and money the system could be saved. The whole system needed about 5-10 more developers and another year (or more) to mature to a marketable product....sadly that didn't happen.

While I was there (on the development team), there was a lot of talk about open source vs closed source. There were 3 developers who were very pro-open source, with the remaining falling into the closed source of "don't care" camp.

After listening to the debates, and looking at the role that open source software played in the product, I have to say I truly hope that if they do cease operations, they at least have the brains to release the source code to the open source community. It could do some really good stuff if integrated into open source projects like Gizmo, Ekiga or OpenWengo.


5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Ex-GTX... you forgot one thing. By changing the name, and then going out of business the trail associated with the GTXC web site and the former Gatelinx web site go away. The trail goes cold. You've done a good job at tracking all the inconsistencies and "repurposing" of the site(s), I hope you (or the SEC and FBI) have more than just "cached" pages. I bet you find a VSTC site goes up "under construction" and the GTXC sites go down, never to be see again.

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last Trade: 1.85
Trade Time: Aug 4
Change: 0.10 (5.13%)

Split adjusted that's what? 92 and a half cents?

bastards, so says poopscoop

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GTCX now VSTC.PK...a Reverse split..the company was bought out, and many times they change their name. does not mean it is a bad thing, because it has all the earmarks as a potential great investment if you could just be patient. Googling does not speak for what is. I think you all have no faith in anything that is great, for the possiblities in business is great. When it comes to Penny stocks is your best bet and it will have a great comeback. You just have to be patient and udnerstand, it takes at least a year to get back on track once you are bought ut. Businesses take time to get going. They dont happen over night and the stocks are slow. For they said the same thing about Microsoft and look at it now. no matter what. It takea s while for a business to grow, and the stocks are not going to go up as fast as you think they are when there is a buy out. It is still in existance and that si what matetrs, have a ltitle faith for this is a very great potential for business. In another year you will be sorry you did not hold onto this stock.This company is a go getter, better than Microsoft becasue it has great potential for Businesses to do oveseas business without even leaving the country. You have to see the potential of this and when it takes off it will be worth more than oil.

7:45 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

OK Sparky, A "real" business would have "real" products and "real" customers that were paying "real" money. You either are one of 3 things.. 1) a shill for the company (Ed? David?).. or, 2) a moron, because you know nothing about either the software business in general, and this software business specifically.. or 3) a sorry ass investor who bought in at $5+ thinking this is a "long" play and have to try and do anything to recoup your investment.

My money is #2

11:39 AM  

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