Wednesday, August 16, 2006

VSTC moving to be de-listed

You heard it here before, my prediction of the "restructuring" of the company to distance from Gatelinx, GTXC, GTX Global, Yadio.. whatever the name is.... which came true.

AND, my prediction that there will be movement towards a cessation of operations.. due either to financial reasons (lack of any revenue or any hope of any revenue ever being a big one of course)

OR, for market assessment/viability reasons (since they don't have any technology that actually works, nor any developers who might make something work)... but what you're seeing folks is the first move. ...Get the stock under $1 and have it delisted... and then slip quietly into the night.

Last Trade: 1.06
Trade Time: 11:05AM ET
Change: 0.34 (24.29%)
Prev Close: 1.40
Open: 1.35
Volume: 43,751
Avg Vol (3m): 37,208.3

Watch for it folks. The end is near. INVESTORS BEWARE, VSTC (by any name) is a scam. The Fed's are coming.


Blogger ex-GTX said...

TOLD YOU SO! Look at the volume.. milking the last blood outta this dead and gone POS.

Last Trade: 0.98
Trade Time: 2:04PM ET
Change: 0.42 (30.00%)
Prev Close: 1.40
Open: 1.35
Volume: 134,800
Avg Vol (3m): 37,208.3

Volume is 3 times normal. And remember that "normal" for VSTC is without the pump activity, and with all the Hagen, Brecher, Kos, Oemke, Ovsenik, Green, Woltz, etc etc shares already being dumped

9:28 AM  
Blogger Dogcrap Green said...

Why the pop today?

Are they starting another round of pump and dump?

I realized just how serious these guys are when I tried to check on GTXC buy doing the following search "GTXC fraud" or try another idea here.

GTXC flooded their press release with their fraud investigation ability of the software. So page after google page you would read the BS they wanted you to see insteadof the truth - BRILLANT - I KNEW THEN IT WAS A FRAUD.

Now do a search under "Vision Technology" and tag it with anything you want.

Brillant I tell you. There must be a billion results for "Vision Technology" You will never find the truth among this pile.

So now we have a company that by all pratical matters appears to be muzzled, can no longer defend themselves against any attacks. YET WHERE ARE THE ATTACKS? You will never find them among the pile of Vision Technology searches.


3:25 PM  

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