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VSTC New Finance "team"

Do I even need to comment on this? Or, do any research on who Christopher T. McKittrick or Nicholas L. Williams really are? (:::rhetorical question alert:::)

Imagine, a company has to announce a new finance team (given the fact they have no CFO or anyone else in that "department") AND, the new "Team Members" ARE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. They're not even employees. Scary, eh?

AND, the entire "team" responsible for documenting and preparing this POS for "listing" and "fully reporting" These 2 jamoks (anyone from Brooklyn will know that term) and Conrad Lysiak too... ARE ALL CONTRACTORS. Scarier, eh?

No news on a CEO search, no 10Q or 8K filings of material change (departed CFO, CEO, etc) and none of the expected announcements on the "prepared four servers ready to put into commercial use and anticipates the announcement of commercial agreements in the next few weeks..." SCARIEST, eh?


Christopher T. Mckittrick is an INTERESTING fellow.

From the PR... "Mr. McKittrick recently served as Controller of Nomaco, Inc. in Zebulon, NC for three years. Prior to his tenure with Nomaco, Mr. McKittrick had more than 26 years of experience in financial and accounting services. Mr. McKittrick has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA."

BUT, check out this nugget from a PR when he was named CFO of a company called ateb, inc. , where, despite no mention of it above, he worked there for at least some time in 2001, 2002.

"Frank Sheppard, CEO and President of ateb, Inc., announcedChristopher T. McKittrick has joined the firm as Chief Financial Officer.
Raleigh, NC, March 21, 2001 - McKittrick brings 24 years of financial management and information systems experience. Prior to joining ateb, McKittrick was in software development and sales with IVIS International and served in a variety of leadership roles in the financial and information systems functions at Reichhold, Inc. He obtained his BS and MBA from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. McKittrick stated, "ateb is a great company with a solid history of growth and profitability over the last eight years. I look forward to working with a great team to help continue ateb's success."
ateb, Inc. is a privately held software company that develops and integrates IT solutions for retail, the telecommunications industry, and general business segment. ateb is a leading developer of quality IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions. ateb is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. "

HMMMM.. 2006 - 2001.. thats 5 years. And his bio then had 24 years, which would be 29 years. But his PR with VSTC, er.. Gatelinx has 26 years. An accounting error? (LOL)

PLUS, his bio cites Reichhold, but not on the VSTC release. The VSTC release attributes Reichhold to the other guy. A clerical error? (LOL)

AND, he's got sales and software development experience (from the previous and objective PR) but the VSTC release lists only financial experience. Another clerical error? or obvious fraud, again

Nowhere in the public record does it list Nomaco, his supposed last employer.

After his long and distinguished career in finance (:::sarcasm alert:::) apparently he's found himself in a new venture. Maybe "golf" takes 3 years off his bio and experience (LOL)

Nice to see that he's keeping up to speed on hi-tech and finance. Nomaco exists, but McKittrick is nowhere to be found. Check out the roster....

As for the other guy.. he's a ghost. do a search and find nothing. Do a zoominfo search and find nothing

Do a Reichhold search, and voila.. there's the VP of Finance (Ross Bratlee).. who's been there for over 5 years in that role... and who also worked at GE. Think they either got the wrong bio? Or is this another part fo the scam?

And, here's the list of all the Reichhold people.. nowhere is Nicholas L. Williams found...



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am curious, how far down the road were you guys on actually producing a product? I was led to believe that beta versions of the sw. were running. I should have asked for references before I put money into this pig. Whatever happened to those committments in Canada and Europe to deploy the technology? I assume they were empty offices as well.

10:09 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Candidly, it was pretty much beta level code.. kinda "proof of concept" stuff. It worked, but wouldn't scale technically and (as a result ) wouldn't scale economically either. The multi-party (more than 1:1) never worked. Chuck Manning, despite his claims on this blog (which is interesting to note he "starts" the timeline of his self-serving rant after the company was essentially belly up) never finished any part of the MUST transport layer. The announcements and information about VSTC or GTXC all date back to Gatelinx circa 2004.

EVERYTHING reagrding the technology that was written about or claimed by the thieves (Hagen, Ovsenik, Brecher, Woltz, Ivanov, etc.) is un-true. Not only were the Canadian and EU deals empty offices, those companies never existed.

You got scammed.. write to the SEC.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Chuck Manning said...

Stay on topic, you’ve got a really good and very important thing going here. However, whenever you post misinformation regarding me I’m obviously compelled to respond. And while I admire your tenacity at digging into these scam artists who have cost many folks a great deal of money and while I agree this is THE personification of a scam, I cannot allow your intermittent incorrect portrayals of the facts regarding “what they have” to go without a response. (people are going to prison over this)

And is this blog not “self serving” for yourself? I’m more than confident that you have no more real equity or financial risk in this fiasco than your own “sweat equity”. It’s all self serving for those of us who have a grudge/vendetta or those of us that have seen a real scam pulled on the public so please get off that high-horse. While your blog posts and comments have real and useful information they’re filled with personal “rants” and digs. Fair enough, it’s your blog.

So, where would you like me to start? From the beginning of GateLIARS (I was one of the first three developers onsite)? Pre-Brady? Post-Brady? Is there information regarding what technology they have or don’t have and at what point that would be helpful here? Just say the word.

Personal email address, I’m not hiding from anyone: null

Regarding the MUST system; if there was never a “finished part” of the transport, how were the demos performed? The Cisco demo, the exposition demos, the usage amongst partners, the usage amongst developers, investor demos, etc, etc, etc. Was it beta? Yes! Was there ever a real deployment, scale, support plan? No! They do have a working transport for 1-to-1 communication. Period. In fact, the MUST was in its 6th version at the time of the implosion. “They” were made aware of the significant scale issues months before the implosion but they did indeed had (and DO indeed have) a transport.

So you’re absolutely correct that there are scale issues however they have what they need to fix it (scale, again, not rocket science). Essentially, they have a working transport that can’t scale to their centralized designed presence/control systems. And this obviously reinforces precisely what your saying I.e. they have never had what they’ve touted; a scalable, VOIP (with conference) solution. That’s the core issue. Your assertion of “no transport” feeds the notion that they somehow never had a chance. Not true, they did and do but they chose to let the state of the technology rot and rather pursue quick, personal financial gains apparently.

The transport had moved from 1-to-1 into conference (briefly as in weeks of beginning development). At that point, as previously stated, it froze due to the beginning of this scam.

This is an extremely serious matter obviously that will, as mentioned, end with people going to prison. After I asked, politely, for you to exclude me from this blog you of course continued. So I’ll have to respond (you seem to have a real issue with me, whatever).

(1) You’re dead wrong; they have a working transport.
(2) You’re absolutely right, it’s in a beta state.
(3) You’re absolutely right, they’ve lied about the capabilities all along. Their marketing always out-ran the reality (and if you‘re truly “ex-gtx“ you know that).

It was the very best development team I’d ever worked with and Gatelinx blew it.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McKittrick is on

If you're a user you should be able to see his whole profile.. it's pretty close to what Ex-GTX found and documented, but is significantly different from what those theives over at Gatelinx/VSTC put forth.

The other guy, Nicholas Williams, is nowhere to be found. He's just another part of the scam

8:16 AM  

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