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VSTC/GTXC, the network of pumpers and dumpers is lessened

lessened by one at least. We have to start somewhere if the government doesn't move fast enough...

On 9/9/06, Ex-GTX wrote:
THIS IS A SCAM, and unless you're part of the scam you should know this.'ve had a number of inclusions in your stockguru postings ( where not only can't you even get the name of the company right, but you just copy and paste info. Before you copy and paste the info on a stock, and tout it as "pick" some real research might be in order.

John Pentony to me

I appreciate the information. We cover about 400 symbols per day. this one will be on our do not cover list as of TUESDAY. Thanks, John

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Blogger DD said...


Why try to distroy the NEW company and people? As I hold stock right now in VSTC, I look for the past to be gone and hope the new leaders turn this into something. YOUR THOUGHTS on this would be helpful.

5:22 AM  
Blogger DD said...


Why destroy the NEW company and people? As I hold stock in VSTC, I hope to see the NEW leaders make this thing into something. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

5:26 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

First... SELL, as soon as you can. Second, the reason why is THERE IS NO COMPANY. let's review...

no product
no employees
no customers, partners or prospects
no technology
and "new" leaders, the same gang that orchestrated the GTX Global scam are still in place, those that aren't already in jail (Woltz and his wife) or have fled the country (David and Annette Hagen) that is... or those that are likely to be going to jail soon.

SELL, RUN FOR THE HILLS... VSTC IS A SCAM... and by the way.. "hope" is not an effective investment strategy

7:07 AM  
Blogger DD said...

First, sorry about the double post, first time using a BLOG and this site.

You have posted some good past info on GTXC. How does anyone know that you are just a SHORT HOLDER (large or small) of this stock that has now changed to VSTC. I've read many postings about OTHER stocks at other sites that end up being someone being a SHORT SELLER, just trying to drive the stock down.

7:08 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

oh man, please tell me you're not investing your kids college accounts.

You can't short stocks under $5. It's too expensive. And, since this POS hasn't been above $5 since.. um.. ah hell, forever....

Apart from the fact that if you read ALL of the posts (starting back in March) you'll see I (and my contributors) speak only the truth.

7:16 AM  
Blogger DD said...

I'm not trading the kids college $$$. I'm using part of my trading cash used to make cash for anything over and above bills.

In Feburary and in March GTXC was above $5.00. On Scottrade, it will let you short stocks above $4.00 (which it was above in March and April). I'm sure other trading services will let you do the same.
Some big trader companies get away with shorting way under these prices. Go to BUYINS.NET and you can see this.
So GTXC could be shorted and that was when you started posting on this BLOG. No I'm not shorting, I"M LONG!

I guess the OLD management screwed you over in some way and that is why you are putting this out?

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not ex-gtx but I will say that a LOT of us here are ex-GTX/Gatelinx/etc. employees and are not interested in making/losing money off the stock.

12:05 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

look DD, I'm sure you're a bright guy. You've got money to invest. You can read and see a pretty good story when you see one. But, that's the problem. IT'S JUST A STORY.. smoke and mirrors, aesops fables, cartoon time. There's nothing there. No employees, no public info anymore ( is dead and gone), no customers, partners, prospects. NOTHING

They haven't had any sales or marketing leadership since December of 04. They haven't had any technology leadership since April/May'ish of last year.

I'm an ex-employee, all you need to know. I'm not long.. or short. I do, however, know the inside story, and know how to gather, research and analyze the stuff I don't know.

THIS IS A SCAM.. pure and simple

Want something to watch for? Every day, the stock opens with a sale of 250 shares. Like clockwork. Check it out.. watch the classic signs of stock manipulation.

Go back over the info on how the "pump" was orchestrated. "900% gains," "analysts say $45".. all that BS. And, ALL of it ILLEGAL. Blatantly Illegal.

Who do you think these "big trading companies" making money on the shorts were? THEY WERE THE INSIDE GUYS MANIPULATING THE STOCK. PUMP..get guys like you to buy... then DUMP at the inflated price and sell short on the way back down.


Want a real investors advice group? join the intelligent investor group at msn

Best I can tell you DD.. chalk up VSTC investing to just one of the many who bought into the scam and are making it nice and cozy in the Bahamas for David and Annette Hagen, David's girlgriend Keri Kenan... and the Hagen's kids who have money squirreled away as well.

2:02 PM  

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