Sunday, September 17, 2006

VSTC.. er GTX Global Is this the end?

The death toll's ringing.. or is that just the sound of the GTX Global.. er the repurposed Gatelinx web site(s) going deaf to a "ping" to the site?

Maybe they didn't pay this bill (to Ivan Ivanov and his merry band of bulgarians) either. This means that the legacy of whatever the technology was is now truly dead and gone. is still "coming soon" and the "repurposing" of the Gatelinx info is apparently beyond the technical capacity of Ed Ovsenik and Mark Brecher. Ivan is out, he's gotten whatever money he's going to get and is worried more about being deported then looking to take the Gatelinx site and make it

The Gatelinx site...which has now been used by GTX Global, GTXC and even ole Ed "easy" Ovsenik on his linked-in page as the "Vision Technology Predecessor .. as well is now gone. How will the investment community respond? Is this a "no info has got to be good info" kind of thing?

Plus... No sign up at the new VSTC homestead. Nothing on the SQL Minds "acquisition" paying any dividends.. and still.. no employees, no customers/partners/revenue, more lawyers than even the guys now running this scam (7 lawyers), no technology, no prospects, nothing but SCAM

VSTC, now with no public access to anything.. IS A SCAM


Anonymous carl said...

Gee, I wonder if DD got his/her investment out in time. I hope so, I'd hate to see GLX/GTX/GTXC/VSTX/ETC consume another person's life and livelihood.

If these indicators hold, I think ex-gtx would agree that this surprises exactly no-one who has been involved in this whole deal.

From the beginning, it has been Hagen holding this thing together, and ironically kept it from moving big time.

When I first met the Hagens I was struck by David's charisma. He can be, when he needs to be, quite charming.

However, as time went on, I started hearing about and seeing a much darker side of the man. In fact, at a few points, I was concerned for my physical well-being. This is why I continue to post using a semi-protected pseudonym.

I remain convinced that the failure to find reputable VC money to really finish the product was do to 2 things:
1) Hagen's previous fraud conviction
2) the dark, temperamental and controlling aspects of Hagen's personality

#1 is obvious, what serious VC concern would invest in a company where the primary mover, shaker and owner had been convicted of fraud?

#2 is probably just as big. Hagen's dark side would make it virtually impossible for any VC to have any serious input into the running of the operation. As far as Hagen was concerned it was his show, and he could do what he wanted.

In case any one has missed my previous posts: I was a developer on the "Communicator" project.

5:38 AM  
Blogger DD said...

Carl, I did not get out of VSTC. Not ready because of present loss.

People with the past like Hagens usually does not change. Been taken before by scum people in my life time. I just wonder if Hagen is still involved?

What is anyone thoughts on the share swap last month with MINDS. What's the behind deal with that?

7:24 AM  
Anonymous carl said...

I just wonder if Hagen is still involved?

I'd be very surprised if here weren't pulling at least some strings behind the scenes.

However, even if he isn't what does it matter? The current admin hasn't changed significantly, and joined the "team" long after the scam accusations were out in public. Those started with GTXC's announcement of an "AI Engine" about a year ago... And then ex-gtx started his/her research earlier this year.

So, they were either:

1) aware of the accusations and decided to go along with it because
a) they were fully aware of the scam
b) they were lied to and fell for it
2) were ignorant of serious allegations of misconduct about their own employer

Do either of those sound like people you'd want to bet your money on?

What is anyone thoughts on the share swap last month with MINDS. What's the behind deal with that?

I have no solid information, as all of my inside information is about 2 years old. But it sounds fishy to me... much like that Canadian company they licensed the Communicator to... you know the one that may or may not actually exist. I wouldn't be surprised if this were another company part-owned by Hagen (or his associates) or one that was quickly thrown together simply to have some good news for the investors.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick note regarding David’s “dark side”…

Towards the end, David had gone over the top on his steroid usage to the point that his family became concerned. I’m sure I saw classic signs of “roid-rage” on more than one occasion (lots of scientific basis and study on the syndrome). He’s basically a walking preservative after all his quests for eternal youth and I believe this, at the very least, contributed to his consistent lack of judgment in the end. There was definitely an increase in completely irrational behavior and that coupled with desperation of course is a recipe for pure bizarreness.

1:26 AM  

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