Thursday, November 09, 2006

SQL Minds is up and running.. sorta

SQL Minds, the "Stratgeic Acquisition" by VSTC (documented here Tuesday, August 22, 2006 VSTC "Strategic Acquisition"), finally has a public face.

First, some obvious stuff...

Nowhere does VSTC acknowledge or document the relationship with SQLMinds, ( YET. documented it (earlier today, but has since been removed) as SQL Minds, a subsidiary of Vision Technology Inc.

Notwithstanding that (apparently) no one wants to acknowledge any relaltionship (but it's plain to see), look who's who in the company. Plamen Slavov, realtor to the stars, is the product manager. And Ivan Ivanov is not only the CTO of VSTC, CEO/owner of Data Consulting Group, but he's also the Investor Relations contact for SQLMinds. WOW, that is a man of many talents.

The "Testimonials" page (plural, but they only have one testimonial) does not attribute the testimonial to a company. Kinda hard to judge the veracity of it, when you can't tell who or what they are. AND, the testimonial (such as it is) begins with the line... "Data Consulting Group is a mid-sized company that provides dedicated managed server solutions as well as shared server hosting services. The company has a dedicated SQL Cluster for a large number of web site hosting accounts."

So, either the testimonial is about DCC, not SQLMinds.... OR, it's a "testimonial" FROM DCC to SQLMinds.

Data Consulting Group is the "beta" customer" ? DCC is owned by the CTO of VSTC, founder of SQLMinds (and still major shareholder) and the IR contact for SQLMinds? (documented here Tuesday, October 10, 2006 Where in the world is Ivan Ivanov?)

How can they be both the owner and beta customer, and write a testimonial? How many conflicts of interest are there? It's so many it's like looking at a "Where's Waldo" game. "Where's Ivan?"... he's there, and here, and there and there and ooops, over there too.

Dive deeper into select sections.. like.. hmm.. "support forums" and you'll find the stirring Q/A/board discussion of "how to .....? (which received one star) and includes responses like "I don't know" and "yeah right" (

Or the support forum for "I found bug..." ( with the obviously bulgarian response of "marry cristmas"

Or, my favorite.. support forum for "warning" started by Plamen himself ( with the posting of VISIT Now that's appropriate use of a support forum by the product manager. Oh wait, they don't have a customer yet so there is really no support needed now, right?

And the contact info for the "team" (Ivan and Plamen) is strangely (I say this sarcastically) unavilable for info.

Plamen's phone number comes back with this info... "(704) 719-9460 is a land line based in Charlotte, NCThe registered service provider is Time Warner Communications**.Detailed listing information is not available. " (

BUT WAIT, didn't Plamen respond via e-mail with a phone number based in sarasota florida? Yes, thats right. As detailed here (Sunday, November 05, 2006 Vision Technology Corp, The Bulgarian connection grows ) SQLMinds is run out of the Charlotte "home office" of Ivan, has a Carson City "mail drop" address, has the "product manager" (who is a realtor) with a Sarasota Florida phone number, but their web site lists a Charlotte, NC land-line of dubious and unverifiable identity.

Ivan's phone number (704) 737-5633) comes back with no info. (

There's more... but theses are the obvious issues. VSTC IS A SCAM... and so is SQL Minds.


Blogger DD said...

When reading fron the Testimonials, it said DCC was referred to SQL MINDS.

Maybe Ivans' wife told him at dinner that he should use his new compamy, SQL to solve DCC's problems. Ivan jumps up from the dinner table happy as can be that his NEW company has just got its first customer. The next day, history was written.


10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

11.12.2006 Version 1.1 Released

When I read something that starts with "The latest version of software..." that implies that there is a previous version. Don't you have to actually release a product before you can release an updated/new version?

That beta with Data COnsulting Group (nice job exgtx ferrting out all those inter-relationships) must be going great to release a "new" version.

Either that, or they are trying to build it while they pump up the stock scam about this SQL Minds thing.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you gotta quit documenting some of this stuff. Maybe you can just hint at where to look.

The Plamen and team support bulletin board is now password protected. Click on your link to the threads and you get

Man, I believe you. You've been right on the money so far. Too bad these guys keep trying to cover their tracks.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh Dude, this is the funniest thing ever. Can't these guys even pay to have someone write copy in friggin english? Check out this from the banners that are rotating on the dql minds home page...

"To Jim's surprise, he only new about 40of the things that are wrong" NEW? He NEW something? Maybe he wil be axing questions next. IT'S KNEW YOU BULGARIAN MORON

and this one...

"im hardly ever goes to the server room to work on the database server. Using the companion, he can not only connect through Terminal Services directly from the Companion, but he can also review All of the events logs (system and sql logs) in one interface,"

Is it "Companion" as a trade marked product name... or "companion" as in a noun meaning "one that accompanies another"? And, I remember like 3rd grade that a capitalized word begins a sentence, not inserted in the middle. "All" versus "all"

The web site barely reads above a ransom note. Bullets that are "letters" (e.g. a, b, c) which, given the laundry list and "ginsu knives" kind of marketing is confusing.

And then, with the classically bad "Why are we unique" (no question mark, so it should be the declaritive "Why we are unique" instead....the bullets are now numbered...

consitency is not a hallmark of the bulgarians I see.

Morons. Learn marketing and grammar 101.

7:55 AM  

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