Thursday, October 01, 2009


145 months. TWELEVE YEARS!!!!

Here's the 5K sentencing guidelines. Brecher cooperates and gets his sentence reduced.
brecher 5k

Next up, Brecher's actual sentencing agreement.
Brecher Judgment

Kos, the big fish, cooperates and gets a recommendation of his sentence to be reduced., but the plea and sentencing are still sealed. Strange. Perhaps more roll-ups? Ed Ovsenik? Curtis Garth? Ivan Ivanov?
Kos 5k1 Downward Departure

More to come. What do you think ole David is gonna get? David Hagen's sentencing is set for 11/2/2009 09:00 AM Outside of District at U.S. Courthouse, Courtroom #2, Raleigh, NC before Senior Judge W. Earl Britt. The over/under is 20 years or 240 months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bryan Kos is a real weasel. He s turning evidence against everyone to save his sorry ass. Once a rat always a rat!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AND.....................Here's Richard. I will be there!!. Guess what? The mighty mouse emailed me! Ya, Stephen Stephens AKA is till puffing as he said he would see me at sentencing. Doubt it. As I offered a photo so that he would surely know it IS "yours truly" i chalenged him to reciprocate. Doubt it also. Unless he scabs a photo from his favorite "weiner wager" as in his jock lover, his real self is probable a cross between the Elephant man and Ardi.
Sincerely, from All of us who have been in the trenches with you--EXGTC--our best to you and yours!!

Richard Bennett MD PhD


Wanna puff, Stephen?

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DICK, you loser little dicked asshole. BIG money. BIG man. who the fuck cares if you're going or not.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So. Have you been a' peeking at me or does your fantasy include penis sizes?Hmmmm, a haganite for sure. Well, I CARE, and as I am definately NOT givin' a shit about YOU, that's all that matters. YET, I am sure many care as we represent an ethic. And we can be trusted. Something you will probably be chasing all of your puny existance. This is about standing tall when the chips are down. Just as EX-GTX and Carl and the many others who are about "Ethics" and fair play and not quitters nor losers. In their worst day they so far above your sick ass that you will only see their "asses". But you just might like that part. Crawl back into your hole or get help with your lack of self esteem. Unless you write for Hagen, that is. But when he heads for "stardom" in the arms of his soon to be jailhouse cellmate(s) for the next 14 plus years, was it worth it? And as he will probably be in protective custody for a decade or more, you will be sooooo lonely knowing that he will be a she and won't find you as attractive anymore!! Yes, I am a big man. And lots of hard earned money. But it was NOT at the expense of ANY person. And when I start another round at some ER room, I will think that the world NEEDS people like you so that we find more value in honesty and integrity that exists in those who lost/lose to scabs like Hagan et al, and we try harder to value-add their lives. AND by the way, the victims JUST might have a relative in the slammer that will be home to your hero(s) Hagen, Brecher and soon to be Ole Ed and his potpourri of scammers who will end up in SLAMMERS.
Again, thanks EX-GTX. A new round will begin soon as the Hagen drama unwinds as they snitch each other off more and more.

Richard Bennett

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Richard loves to hear himslef talk doesn't he? What are you getting out this R? Surely you can't just be in for the justice-an egotistical ass like yourself surely wants more than that. Are you getting a refund from all the money you invested? Probably not, you just like showing that you have the time to write some snappy comebacks......can't wait to read what you write about this entry....NOT!

4:15 AM  

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