Wednesday, April 01, 2009

HAGEN FIRES ATTORNEY, remains in Jail.

In an utterly predictable effort, David Hagen, facing 20+ years in federal prison and having already served an unbelievable 545+ days in Mecklenberg County Jail, has fired his attorney.

In a 17 page, handwritten brief to the court, David claims

1. His first attorney was incompetent and he fired him (WRONG fat fuck, as detailed in this blog and in publicly filed documents, Shanahan fired you for being stupid)
2. His second attorney has ignored him, failed to take legal advice from David (that's shocking) and has not pursued legal means to force either a speedy trial or a dismissal of the indictments. (WRONG again, as detailed here you're legal wranglings which you tried before and they didn't work and didn't work this time are the source of the delays)
3. His wife liquidated all the assets and skipped out on him leaving him indigent (and heartbroken so he fell into the arms of bubba) after his arrest created an opportunity, I mean hardship for her. 
4. He's faced intolerable conditions with the "denizens" who reside in the county jail leaving him sleeping on a hard floor for 2 hours a night and fearing for his life. (David is a card carrying racist, so it's particularly amusing to know he's in a facility that is 90+% black)
5. Wants to be a samurai and fall on his own sword (Didn't fat schmoo Derek get the sword collection?)

Hagen fires attorney and whines to judge

Here's the most amazing fact. DAVID CAN STILL CUT A DEAL. Bryan Kos is a big fish and is still out there. There is the whole Chicago contingent from the Yadio fraud attempt (messr's Green, et al). There is the remaining Ed Ovsenik, Curtis Garth, Ivan Ivanov, Annette Louise Brown DeFusco Hagen group, and others too. There are the "advisors" and CFO's (the parade of co-conspirators) and more. 

David could have probably gotten a deal for 3 years and just rolled over on these other criminals. But, his ego and his lack of any real intelligence have made that unlikely. The US Attorney's office hates Hagen and are gonna see him put in jail for a long long time. Plus, we have the still sealed Mark Brecher plea agreement that is probably going to eat into David's marketability with regards his plea opportunities. 

David Hagen continues to be an enigma. Those of us here in this blog that knew him shake our collective heads in wonder. 

Meanwhile, his family lives with the shame and legacy that only time and (as in the case of Derek) a few donuts will cure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhhahhhhaaa! you kill me exgtx. fucking hagen. I hope you rot in that county jail and are getting fist fucked up the ass while you write those notes to the judge.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone else think this "Richard Bennett" is actually Rick Stefanik's alter ego?

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe we should start calling david hagen, David Unabomber? What a big load of horseshit. But his penmanship was spectactular.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhahahahhaaa, Unabomber. Maybe David will use "Kacsinsky" as another new alias. Oh wait, he would have to get out of jail to do that, which isn't going to happen. Ya fucking loser.

1:40 AM  

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