Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Government Wins Round 1 in Hagen Motions

David Hagen had, as documented in the previous posts from 9/25, 10/16 and 10/19, been trying to get his plea agreement (also posted here in this blog) suppressed. Well, the government has won round 1.

The foreign affidavits and submissions are admissible in the US Government v Bryan Kos and David Hagen case. This means that all the affidavits that are used to corroborate the wiretap information, the statements made by Mark Brecher and the still unidentified "CW" (confidential witness) are admissible and likely to add many nails to the coffin.

Order on Records Supression Motion 11252008
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More to come. this order is not clear on whether or not David's own admissions and statements in his negotiated, signed and now attempted to renege plea agreement will be admitted. 

This is what the pacer filing says:


ORDER granting 13 Motion in Limine as to Bryan S. Kos (1), David A. Hagen (2); denying 27 Motion to Adopt Motions of Co-Defendants as to Bryan S. Kos (1); denying 25 Motion to Suppress as to David A. Hagen (2); denying 26 Motion to Suppress as to David A. Hagen (2) Signed by Senior Judge W. Earl Britt on 11/25/2008. (bsw) (Entered: 11/25/2008

Even if David's own statements are suppressed, Mark Brecher's (still sealed) own plea agreement is likely to provide a wealth of information, facts and corroboration. Also, the kinds of documents covered under this order are significant and (as you have seen and reviewed within this blog) clearly help document the scope of David Hagen's (et al) crimes. 


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