Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not the first time that the Hagen's have tried to weasel out of a plea agreement

In 1989, 1990 and 1991, when the Hagens were working their way through the federal justice system for mail fraud and bankruptcy fraud, the Hagen's (and their various aliases, DeFusco, Brown) tried the same scam now David (and his crack legal team of Steven T. Meier) are trying. 

"honey, I'll sign it but you don't. That way we can argue it's not a valid plea agreement. No one will catch on"
Don't believe me? Check out the following links

My favorite part of that last link is the final point. David tried to blame his lawyer. Maybe that's why his first attorney for this latest felony indictment bailed and fired David as a client after David negoitated and signed this latest plea agreement, he knew David would eventually claim a "do over" and try to sully the attorney's reputation. 

Well it worked so good that time, Annette served 3 years and David 9.

And just like David's pleas are going to fail, the courts dismissed Annette's attempts with haste

And, just like every attempt last time got summarily dismissed, some even without testimony in front of the appeals court, David Allen Hagen/DeFusco's cases are now being cited as precedent in other cases. What a moron. Tried last time and it didn't work, you think the court is going to use your own past efforts against you?

At the bottom of the above post... "Without such a full record before us, "it is impossible to make a reasoned judgment as to whether or not representation was ineffectual." United States v. DeFusco..."

Some folks never learn. And Annette is not going to learn much from her new boy-toy Jeff Neubauer. Son is in the O'Neil school, ole Jeffrey pays for nothing, left his wife with the family business, broke and bankrupt. Perhaps he learning about life with his toes in the air?

Wonder how much of all that cash Annette is still throwing around is going to be seized by the government. Some documents are still sealed. Notice you haven't seen or read an analysis of the Mark Brecher case. He's plead out GUILTY, just like Judge Currin, Howel and Vernice Woltz and soon David Hagen. 

Wonder what's new in those sealed documents? Do they outline how Annette and Curtis Garth, with the help of Ed Ovsenik and the dope of all Bulgarians Ivan Ivanov and Real Estate mogul/project manager Plamen Slavov were paid, compensated, and what their exact roles were? We all know, and have proven through this blog that whatever they said it was always  bullshit. But bullshit only gets you the audience with the feds. Its the stuff they find out (bank records, transfer dates, false statements to the SEC, etc) that get's time in the big house. 

It's just a matter of time. And the same old tired plays from 18 years ago wont work. Didn't then, won't now. And all the rest of you crooks (Ed Ovsenik, Curtis Garth, Ivan Ivanov and the rest of em) are going to jail. 

Ivan Ivanov. scion of the Ivanov empire in Charlotte. with a couple of homes, SQL MINDS, Data Consulting Group and his Internet squatting business appears to be changing his line of work.

From the Manta post

Name correct, details on DCG correct. Address and phone number correct, but check out the URL for "his company"

I guess all that moving stuff in and out of various data closets and centers as a result of the lawsuits, bankruptcy filings,... maybe even when he helped Keri spirit away most of the SMS facilities stuff to the Bahamas... well that would mean a reasonable change in business, no? But I was going for LEGAL and hi tech (coming from ILLEGAL and hi tech) not just legal. Hand trucks and dolly's? OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN.


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Dude, you do good work. There are so many cases cited (I did a simple google search for "david allen hagen") where his case is used against someone else. Is this the definition of famous or infamous? I get those two confused. hehehehe

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