Saturday, September 06, 2008

What of the other co-conspirators?

With David Hagen, that fat dishonest fuck, rotting in jail in Charlotte, NC trying to figure out how to get out of his previously negotiated and agreed to plea bargain. And with Howell Woltz already in jail. Judge Sam Currin already in jail. The question now is, how much longer till the other fucks get rung up and tossed in jail too?

Car dealer "manager" Curtis Garth, tatted up trollop Annette Defusco/Hagen, Yoga babe Keri Keenan Hagen, Ivan Ivanov (he of the SQL Minds "empire" who has already had to pay back $50,000 to the Vision Technology Corp bankruptcy trustee because of the fraud he participated in). Hagen spawn Andrea and Derrek who gleefully took cash and money and TV's and cars (even the hummer from young Derek that Annette crashed in her DUI case from June of last year) and apartments too. And what of Edward C. Ovsenik?

Ed Ovsenik, who as President knowingly allowed false and misleading statements to be made to the SEC and which statements are part of the governments case against David Hagen. Read the indictment and just see how many times Ed had to sign off on postings, statements and submissions.

He announced the "new finance team" (see the posts from Augist 21 and 24, 2006 here in this blog) where VSTC was going to become "fully reporting". Another overt act of stock fraud.

Ed Ovsenik, who was such a thought leader he did that first bullshit interview with the Wall Street Reporter (identified and skewered here... see the post from January 26, 2007 "VSTC Making a Push). He stated new product ideas, forward looking comments and more. Another overt act in the furtherance of the fraud.

Ed Ovsenik, who acting as a true dolt, posted a question on linkedin asking... "Do you use Viedo /Voice services over IP. If not, why not, what keeps you from utilizing these services? If yes, what do you look for in your services -- cost, security, video quality, ease of use? Would you use Video / Voice over IP with LinkeIn to better communicate with your network?

He can't even spell VIDEO correctly. Not an overt act, but he should be put away for being so stupid.

Ed, who hired the noted and esteemed (coughing from the bullshit) K A Parker and Associates. Fellow model railroader and absolute tool (see the post from August 17, 2006) but Ed offered up a linkedin "recommendation for ole Kim Parker.

“Vision Technology Corporation retained Kim to provide an independent review of its technology, and to provide ongoing support to the development of that technology and new technologiers being considered by the company. Kim has brought his extensive knowledge of the networking and communications fields to this consulting role and has provided exvellent analysis and value-adding services to the company's technology.” October 16, 2006

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Ed Ovsenik hired Kim as a IT Consultant in 2006

Again, was ed drinking when said it was "exvellent" analysis of the "technologiers"? No. He was just a dolt who can't type.

Ed Ovsenik who communicated with Investors" who in turn posted their recollections and comments here in his blog. Further cementing his role in the fraudulent stock manipulation centered around the non-existent technology.

Ed's has a default judgment against him. (see previous post here in this blog), can't find a job despite being on every lawyer job board and is just waiting for the US Attorney to come scoop him up. Has his wife left him yet? Has his model railroading buddies thrown his big fat ass out of the club?

Ed's history from Michigan is interesting. Check out his "love" of this music.. from MARY KAY "NSD" National Sales Director no less. Ed, do you use the products or just make sure your wife can whore them out?

"Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us at the recent NSD Debut of Sherril Steinman in Detroit. The CD is terrific! Can't wait for the next one... I haven't taken the cd out of my car since we got back! In fact, I have 2 - one in the car, one in my office! Thanks again for the great job you did - please let us know when your next cd is available!"

Nancy & Ed
Ovsenik, Midland, MI

EDWARD C OVSENIK is GOING TO JAIL. It's just a matter of time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What exactly did Kim A Parker do for Ed and VSTC? What was the actual work product that made Ed give Kim such a glowing and badly spelled recommendation? And, since they announced this as a public company, don't they have to say?

11:11 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

No, they do not have to disclose what Kim Parker did for VSTC.

But since they went under shortly after that, had their computers seized in the Rick Stefanik lawsuit and never did anything Ed or Ivan said (publiclly) they were going to do, you can bet that the consulting report said, "This is all bullshit so figure out now how to get the most money from this scam and hope David Hagen doesn't get caught because he will give you up for an extra jello cup in jail."

OOOOPS! Looks like they did part 1, but forgot about part 2 :-)

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cup of jello? Oh man, that's funny. He'll probably be using it to toss someones salad. I bet Derek the wonder schmoo is so proud of his dad now.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hagen is celebrating his one year anniversary in jail this week. FBI documents posted earlier in this blog show he was arrested in New York on September 27, 2007.

7:44 AM  

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