Monday, March 12, 2007


Vision Technology Corp. (A Nevada Corporation)
Case type: bk Chapter: 7
Asset: No
Vol: v Judge: A. Thomas Small
Date filed: 03/07/2007 Date of last filing: 03/10/2007

LOTS MORE INFO TO COME. Hard to go through a 54 (fifty four) page filing. But here are some tidbits (I'll add to this posting as I get more)

1. 17 Attorney's are listed as the creditors. SEVENTEEN.
2. They don't know who they owe what too, because.. and I quote from the filing (page 4)....

"Debtors Explanation Regarding Schedules"

"On or about January 31, 2007, the Debtor's computers and server were seized by the Wake County Sheriff pursuant to an Order of Attachment in the litigation with Rick Stefanik. As a result of this seizure, the Debtor has been unable to supply complete addresses for many creditors and other information on the schedules may be incomplete. The Debtor has endeavored to provide the best information based upon individual recollections and the information available"

I'm sorry... I have to breathe now. This is just too damn funny. Stefanik, fired and disgraced CTO who won a lawsuit against David Hagen (right before Hagen ran off to the Bahamas with his yoga instructor girlfriend, now wife, Keri Keenan) and is STILL OWED $550K. And Edward "easy" Ovsenik, attorney himself... and his battery of SEVENTEEN other attorney's can't stop a seizure of the company computers.

There is a Creditors Meeting on April 4, 2007 At the USBA Creditors Meeting Room, Two Hannover Square, Room 610, 434 Fayetteville Street Mall, Raleight, NC 27601. I might have to drop by.... If you do go, use this info...

Vision Technology Corp. (A Nevada Corporation) dba VSTC Corporation, fka Gatelinx Global Corporation, fka GTX Global Corp., fka Auto Lease, Inc.
8024 Glenwood Ave.
Suite 205
Raleigh, NC 27612

Case Number: 07−00467−5−ATS

Taxpayer ID/Employer ID/Other Nos.: 65−0989898

Attorney for Debtor(s) (name and address):
William P Janvier
Everett Gaskins Hancock & Stevens, LLP
PO Box 911
Raleigh, NC 27602
Telephone number: 919 755−0025

LOTS MORE TO COME.. LOTS. There are some real gems in the filing. STAY TUNED.

WE GOT 'EM. 3 IN JAIL. Ed Ovsenik, Ivan Ivanov, Curtis Garth, Mark Brecher and David Hagen are next.