Thursday, December 28, 2006

SQL Minds SCAM, When in doubt, call it version number 1

That's an old adage in the software game. If you don't know you're market, don't know what you're gonna do and/or don't have the money to actually develop, market and sell legitimately... then, call it version number 1.

Let's just review, quickly SQL Minds release schedule...

First, VSTC/Vision Technology Corp, who owns 49% of SQL Minds, and (as is documented here) is intertwined in both management and staff, announced the acquisition of SQL Minds on August 22, 2006. Then the "beta" test of the SQL Minds software (since debunked as the "beta" was none other than Data Consulting Group one of Ivan's other companies) on October 16.

SQL Minds files with the state of North Carolina all the papers in July. So, from July to less than one month after the "beta test" announcement made by VSTC (not by SQL Minds... remember this... first announcements are from and only from VSTC)... Version 1.1. comes out. 11.12.2006 Version 1.1 Released - Sunday, November 12, 2006

YAY! Release the hounds! Signal the trumpeters. Raise the flags. Hmmm.. checking VSTC's web site and the financial web sites... Nope, just as I remember...No announcement from VSTC. No confirmation of anything about the "beta" test or the release of this product. (I told you.. remember. The first announcements were only from VSTC.. now? nothing)

But then, quickly after that comes Version 1.2 Released - Monday, November 20, 2006. WOW, 8 days after 1.1 is released, a new version is out, tested and ready. Notice this? (from sql minds own web site) "The latest release, 1.2 adds, 7 new reports, which brings the total report count to 50" (remember that... add 7, total now 50)

Then, 11 days later (man, this Ivan is a coding and developer machine!) 1.2a Released - Friday, December 01, 2006 Wait a minute. Wasn't "version 1.2" released earlier? Wouldn't this, if they were adhereing to accepted naming conventions be 1.2.2 or 1.2b?

Well, I'm not surprised... but check out this gem... again, from their own announcements... "The new 1.2a release adds 8 new reports to a new total of 53 reports." OK... lets see "ver 1.2" added 7 to get to 50. FIFTY/50 total. Version 1.2a adds 8 to get to 53. Did they subtract 5 reports? Or, did the new math from the 60's and 70's not make it to Bulgaria.

PLUS, since clearly there is no opportunity here... they had to add "A 3 months price promotion is in effect until end of Feb, 2007. Check out our pricing under Purchase on the main menu." to make any headway. They (SQL Minds) just like VSTC, have no discernible sales or marketing, no employees and no prospects for success.

And Plamen, no amount of posting on the SQL community blogs, web sites, forums and bbs's will help you.

But, even with the 3 new versions of the SQL Minds Companion.... there have been no announcements from VSTC. And, you'd think with them owning 49% they'd want to cross-promote and help ensure the success fo SQL Minds. Apart from the 49% they (VSTC/Vision Technology Corporation) own, there is the little matter that the President of VSTC is also on the board of SQL Minds, and the President of SQL Minds i the CTO of (and on the board of) VSTC.

Nevertheless, Ivan Ivanov continues to bang code like a fiend. THEN, a fourth release, Version 1.3 which fixes the bugs in 1.1,1.2 and 12a is released. Of course (and everyone who understands SDLC protocols) knows that bug fixes (which are usualy a patch or an extension to a version, not a new version) and the addition of "Support Forums added to the web site" require a new version. Version 1.3 is released on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 a mere 11 days after the previous versions.

Then, on 12/22/2006 (another 11 days) Version 1.4 is released. Two more reports added, small bug fixes. Ivan is a Machine I tell ya!

5 versions of a released product (in a short and astounding 40 days) comes from SQL Minds without a comment or report on the beta "customer" from SQL Minds, or any comment, announcement or story from VSTC on this resounding success.

HEY IVAN... what do you do for VSTC? Seems like a heckuva lot of coding on SQL Minds products and not so much on VSTC's. What's up with that? Don't you have a fiduciary responsibility (read this carefully Ivan) to ensure that VSTC is adequately, effectively and accurately communicating the status and performance of the company?

SQL MINDS IS A SCAM, VSTC is a dead horse SCAM about now. And, Ivan Ivanov, Ed Ovsenik, Curtis Garth, David Hagen, Annette Hagen (hopefully their kids too... Derek and Andrea), Mark Brecher and others will join Howell Woltz, Sam Currin, David Brady and Jeremey Jaynes in Jail.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


A recent filing for SQL Minds with the secretary of state for North Carolina ( has a new address for the office of SQL Minds.

9333 Forsyth Park Drive, Suite I Charlotte NC 28273

The registered mailing, office and principal mailing address is still Ivan's compound for Data Consulting Group and SQL Minds... 12918 Winget RoadCharlotte NC 28278

None of this is surprising. Ivan Ivanov, the "Seargeant Schultz" (I know NOTHING about VSTC) of VSTC/DCG/SQL Minds and more has a compound in Charlotte. 2 houses, lots of businesses, his bugarian buddies. Maybe even Plamen Slavov (purported "product manager" but really a realtor in Florida) lives there now too.

BUT what is REALLY surprising is the latest filing for SQL Minds

(If the link doesn't work, click on "View Document Filings" and then view the pdf of the recently filed (12/12/06) "Application for Certificate of Authority"

Ivan Ivanov, President. Check, we knew that
Melissa Ivanova, his wife, treasurer. Check again.

BUT WAIT. LO AND BEHOLD.. who is the "secretary" of SQL MINDS? WELL it's none other than EDWARD OVSENIK. Edward C Ovsenik, he of the former general counsel to Gatelinx, Gatelinx Global, GTX Global/GTXC and now President of Vision Technology Corporation.

Hmmmm.. I don't remember any filings with or announcements from VSTC on this? There weren't any about the obvious conflict of interest with Ivan and VSTC (documented here and confirmed by Ivan himself) but now, EDWARD OVSENIK is the SECRETARY for SQL Minds? Smells like Enron stuff to me.. probably smells that way to the feds too.

CONFIRMATION.. SQL MINDS IS PART OF THE SCAM. The remaining part apparently. VSTC is the cash cow (only through the sales of their worthless stock, they are not producing any revenue on their own of course) and they (Ovsenik, Brecher, Ivanov) think SQL Minds is the last and best hope for legitimacy.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Who is the real Ivan Ivanov? And what does he do for VSTC and/or SQL Minds.

We've already uncovered where Ivan is (Tuesday, October 10, 2006 "Where in the world is Ivan Ivanov?") and documented where Ivan is in the scam and where he isn't in the on-going federal investigations and testimony provided by two of his cohorts (Ed Ovsenik and Curtis Garth) to a federal grand jury.

Plus, in previous posts (Sunday, November 26, 2006 "VSTC down? and SQL lives?" and others) we've documented what Ivan says is his role in VSTC (previously known as Gatelinx, GTXC GTX Global, Gatelinx Global, etc) and his curious responses.

Here's what VSTC says is his role. (,%20CTO,%20Parker,%20Isom%207-7-06.pdf) Ivan was a consultant to GTX Global with significant knowledge of "the company's software and hardware requirements" who has ascended to CTO.

Then in the PR about the beta test of SQL Companion ( ... since debunked as a beta test of their own software by his own company... Ivan is now on the board as a director and officer of VSTC/Vision Technology Corporation.

Here's what we on the inside know to be the truth. Ivan was a hosting company in Charlotte that Gatelinx turned too after Hagen failed to pay the bills on the other hosting companies being used, after Rick Stefanik was fired, and after everyone else (developers, sales, marketing, support) were gone to "forklift" move the servers and to assist in "unraveling" the knot of Rick Stefanik's failed and overdone architecture. Since then, questions have arisen (asked and sometimes answered in this blog) about what the heck is Ivan actually doing.

DD and Richard Bennet, contributors to the blog and pissed off investors both, have tried to get answers, were promised beta versions of the VSTC software (previously known as the Gatelinx Communicator, Vizual Corp.'s VizTalk, etc.. and all documented here) and have asked questions about Ivan.

In this blog, we've tried to document what we know, what we find and what we can document. But, let's go to the proverbial horses mouth....

What does Ivan Ivanov say is his role in Vision Technology Corporation/VSTC, Data Consulting Group and SQL Minds?

In the blog post of 11/26 (Sunday, November 26, 2006 "VSTC down? and SQL lives?") Ivan confirms.. in his own words in e-mails to me...

".... a partner in Data Consulting Group and have been successfully running this company for over 10 years.I had a prior relationship with Gatelinx Corporation, supporting their network and data storage requirements for two years. When Gatelinx Global purchased the assets of Gatelinx Corporation they asked me to continue to support these requirements. When Gatelinx Global Corporation merged in to GTX Global I was brought on as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of GTX Global. GTX Global changed its name to Vision Technology and I continue to serve as CTO overseeing the re-development of their software product and their IT requirements.SQL Minds is a privately held company that I run as CEO. "

Pretty much what we know.. and what we've previously documented. He's a consultant who got a position in the company he was "consulting" too, is the owner of DCG and CEO of SQL Minds. Notwithstanding the obvious conflicts of interest, and the "investment" that VSTC has made in SQL Minds ( ... there's still lots of questions... and now, VERY different answers.

In reports from phone conversations with DD, Ivan says he is "a Tech support person for the present company" Hmmm.... consultant, owner of DCG, CTO of VSTC/GTXC, CEO of SQL Minds, but he is now (just) "tech support". CTO/Director/Office rof a publically traded company who is tech support. (not suprising given they.. VSTC... has no employees, no product, no system, no technology, etc.. but still, comeon.

And, when pressed for information he repsonded that he is "unwilling to talk about anything with VSTC, he is just CTO and didn't want any inside info coming out"

WOW, a CTO/Director/Office rof a publically traded company unwilling to talk about his company. Red Flags anyone? Ivan is distancing himself from VSTC. It won't work. Ivan, you're part of this scam and the fed's know it. You can only hope to run back to Bulgaria.

So we don't really know what Ivan is doing now for VSTC, despite being the CTO and a Director/Officer of the company. We still don't know what SQL Minds is actually doing for VSTC, despite the announcement of services for VSTC and despite Ivan's own confirmation that SQL Minds and VSTC have nothing to do with each other.

We know what Ivan say's he's doing. We know what the press releases say he's doing. And we know, from the inside, what he was actually doing before the scam took hold.

So questions, questions, questions. I'll get the answers, I always do. Next up.. product, offers, market size/opportunity.. and more conflicting answers from Ivan.
Ivan offers to respond to anyone, although his curious responses and wanting people to call him bring pause to the offer. Take him up on it. Send e-mails, call.. drop by his house. Ask questions. Don't expect any answers, but ask them anyway. The fed's will ask tougher questions.

Ivan, feel free.. or Ed even, to e-mail me. You have the e-mail. You know how to contact me, or various people who are contributing to this blog too. Answer some questions.

  • WHAT DO YOU DO FOR VSTC? You're the friggin CTO. You should know.
We'll uncover your BS about SQL Minds, you know we will. We only really care about VSTC and this stock scam you got going.
Look at the current state of the company... pinksheets delisted.. no technology, no products. Already named in a federal indictment. 3 co-conspirators behind bars, Ex-CEO/ex-Felon running to the Bahamas with his girlfriend/ ex-marketing VP of GTXC, and ex-wife/ex-felon left without anything running around southern pines trying to pick up the pieces.