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A recent filing for SQL Minds with the secretary of state for North Carolina ( has a new address for the office of SQL Minds.

9333 Forsyth Park Drive, Suite I Charlotte NC 28273

The registered mailing, office and principal mailing address is still Ivan's compound for Data Consulting Group and SQL Minds... 12918 Winget RoadCharlotte NC 28278

None of this is surprising. Ivan Ivanov, the "Seargeant Schultz" (I know NOTHING about VSTC) of VSTC/DCG/SQL Minds and more has a compound in Charlotte. 2 houses, lots of businesses, his bugarian buddies. Maybe even Plamen Slavov (purported "product manager" but really a realtor in Florida) lives there now too.

BUT what is REALLY surprising is the latest filing for SQL Minds

(If the link doesn't work, click on "View Document Filings" and then view the pdf of the recently filed (12/12/06) "Application for Certificate of Authority"

Ivan Ivanov, President. Check, we knew that
Melissa Ivanova, his wife, treasurer. Check again.

BUT WAIT. LO AND BEHOLD.. who is the "secretary" of SQL MINDS? WELL it's none other than EDWARD OVSENIK. Edward C Ovsenik, he of the former general counsel to Gatelinx, Gatelinx Global, GTX Global/GTXC and now President of Vision Technology Corporation.

Hmmmm.. I don't remember any filings with or announcements from VSTC on this? There weren't any about the obvious conflict of interest with Ivan and VSTC (documented here and confirmed by Ivan himself) but now, EDWARD OVSENIK is the SECRETARY for SQL Minds? Smells like Enron stuff to me.. probably smells that way to the feds too.

CONFIRMATION.. SQL MINDS IS PART OF THE SCAM. The remaining part apparently. VSTC is the cash cow (only through the sales of their worthless stock, they are not producing any revenue on their own of course) and they (Ovsenik, Brecher, Ivanov) think SQL Minds is the last and best hope for legitimacy.



Blogger DD said...

FINE, if these people want to start a new company, go for it. I just want to know how they are getting away with screwing the SHAREHOLDERS of VSTC.
WHAT will it take for the FEDS and the SEC to come down on these people for MIS-LEADING SHAREHOLDERS and screwing them out of there MONEY???????

Richard, still waiting for the emails about the letters!!


10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's on!! Be patient. Service and subpeona on the way!! Good bye Ivan!! ANd Ed. The old saying about"enough rope to hang themselves" just meant more after the latest SQL finding.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You missed another one. Check out Ed's Linkedin profile and you'll find a recomendation he did for his train buddy and co-conspirator Kim A Parker.

Go back to Browse Connections

Edward Ovsenik
Pragmatic Corporate Executive

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area
3 of your trusted connections can introduce you to this person.
Know this person? Add them as a connection

Edward Recommends
Show: All (19) | Colleagues (8) | Service Providers (8) | Business Partners (3)

Kim Parker
IT Consultant
Vision Technology Corporation retained Kim to provide an independent review of its technology, and to provide ongoing support to the development of that technology and new technologiers being considered by the company. Kim has brought his extensive knowledge of the networking and communications fields to this consulting role and has provided exvellent analysis and value-adding services to the company's technology. October 16, 2006

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Edward Ovsenik hired Kim in 2006.

Check out Kim A Parkers Linkedin Profile

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, what's the deal?

You're a "source" here now? This whole thing smells funny. Postings here, postings there, postings at

12:48 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

I am not a source, contributor or owner of the aforementioned site. I have, as you can read throughout my blog, posted links to and have found that site to be remarkalably thorough and detailed.

I suspect that they have found my research and analysis equally thorough and have simply copied and pasted. I have no issue with that. I did not find (but should have) all of the new information on Howell/Vernice Woltz.

Remember, Howell was a "deal maker" with Lou Borsellino, David Hagen, Mark Brecher, and others, including Bryan Kos. His involvement in the Gatelinx/GTXC/VSTC and now SQL Minds saga is clearly more than tagential and, through's work and this blog, well documented.

I'm not sure what the question, either stated or implied, is. But will answer one if you have one.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stand up and be counted, anonymous mouse. Another challenge to EXGTX?
READ the postings, jerkoff. AND if you have a question, POST IT! OR DID MY telephone number and name get lost? It's going down!! Probably no thanks to you!!
EXGTX, please, will you ignore these closet complainers?

Richard Bennett

PS Hello dd, just back to USA. Email on the way

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the postings? Ivan's especially.


10:41 AM  

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