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Who is the real Ivan Ivanov? And what does he do for VSTC and/or SQL Minds.

We've already uncovered where Ivan is (Tuesday, October 10, 2006 "Where in the world is Ivan Ivanov?") and documented where Ivan is in the scam and where he isn't in the on-going federal investigations and testimony provided by two of his cohorts (Ed Ovsenik and Curtis Garth) to a federal grand jury.

Plus, in previous posts (Sunday, November 26, 2006 "VSTC down? and SQL lives?" and others) we've documented what Ivan says is his role in VSTC (previously known as Gatelinx, GTXC GTX Global, Gatelinx Global, etc) and his curious responses.

Here's what VSTC says is his role. (,%20CTO,%20Parker,%20Isom%207-7-06.pdf) Ivan was a consultant to GTX Global with significant knowledge of "the company's software and hardware requirements" who has ascended to CTO.

Then in the PR about the beta test of SQL Companion ( ... since debunked as a beta test of their own software by his own company... Ivan is now on the board as a director and officer of VSTC/Vision Technology Corporation.

Here's what we on the inside know to be the truth. Ivan was a hosting company in Charlotte that Gatelinx turned too after Hagen failed to pay the bills on the other hosting companies being used, after Rick Stefanik was fired, and after everyone else (developers, sales, marketing, support) were gone to "forklift" move the servers and to assist in "unraveling" the knot of Rick Stefanik's failed and overdone architecture. Since then, questions have arisen (asked and sometimes answered in this blog) about what the heck is Ivan actually doing.

DD and Richard Bennet, contributors to the blog and pissed off investors both, have tried to get answers, were promised beta versions of the VSTC software (previously known as the Gatelinx Communicator, Vizual Corp.'s VizTalk, etc.. and all documented here) and have asked questions about Ivan.

In this blog, we've tried to document what we know, what we find and what we can document. But, let's go to the proverbial horses mouth....

What does Ivan Ivanov say is his role in Vision Technology Corporation/VSTC, Data Consulting Group and SQL Minds?

In the blog post of 11/26 (Sunday, November 26, 2006 "VSTC down? and SQL lives?") Ivan confirms.. in his own words in e-mails to me...

".... a partner in Data Consulting Group and have been successfully running this company for over 10 years.I had a prior relationship with Gatelinx Corporation, supporting their network and data storage requirements for two years. When Gatelinx Global purchased the assets of Gatelinx Corporation they asked me to continue to support these requirements. When Gatelinx Global Corporation merged in to GTX Global I was brought on as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of GTX Global. GTX Global changed its name to Vision Technology and I continue to serve as CTO overseeing the re-development of their software product and their IT requirements.SQL Minds is a privately held company that I run as CEO. "

Pretty much what we know.. and what we've previously documented. He's a consultant who got a position in the company he was "consulting" too, is the owner of DCG and CEO of SQL Minds. Notwithstanding the obvious conflicts of interest, and the "investment" that VSTC has made in SQL Minds ( ... there's still lots of questions... and now, VERY different answers.

In reports from phone conversations with DD, Ivan says he is "a Tech support person for the present company" Hmmm.... consultant, owner of DCG, CTO of VSTC/GTXC, CEO of SQL Minds, but he is now (just) "tech support". CTO/Director/Office rof a publically traded company who is tech support. (not suprising given they.. VSTC... has no employees, no product, no system, no technology, etc.. but still, comeon.

And, when pressed for information he repsonded that he is "unwilling to talk about anything with VSTC, he is just CTO and didn't want any inside info coming out"

WOW, a CTO/Director/Office rof a publically traded company unwilling to talk about his company. Red Flags anyone? Ivan is distancing himself from VSTC. It won't work. Ivan, you're part of this scam and the fed's know it. You can only hope to run back to Bulgaria.

So we don't really know what Ivan is doing now for VSTC, despite being the CTO and a Director/Officer of the company. We still don't know what SQL Minds is actually doing for VSTC, despite the announcement of services for VSTC and despite Ivan's own confirmation that SQL Minds and VSTC have nothing to do with each other.

We know what Ivan say's he's doing. We know what the press releases say he's doing. And we know, from the inside, what he was actually doing before the scam took hold.

So questions, questions, questions. I'll get the answers, I always do. Next up.. product, offers, market size/opportunity.. and more conflicting answers from Ivan.
Ivan offers to respond to anyone, although his curious responses and wanting people to call him bring pause to the offer. Take him up on it. Send e-mails, call.. drop by his house. Ask questions. Don't expect any answers, but ask them anyway. The fed's will ask tougher questions.

Ivan, feel free.. or Ed even, to e-mail me. You have the e-mail. You know how to contact me, or various people who are contributing to this blog too. Answer some questions.

  • WHAT DO YOU DO FOR VSTC? You're the friggin CTO. You should know.
We'll uncover your BS about SQL Minds, you know we will. We only really care about VSTC and this stock scam you got going.
Look at the current state of the company... pinksheets delisted.. no technology, no products. Already named in a federal indictment. 3 co-conspirators behind bars, Ex-CEO/ex-Felon running to the Bahamas with his girlfriend/ ex-marketing VP of GTXC, and ex-wife/ex-felon left without anything running around southern pines trying to pick up the pieces.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dude, you're still missing stuff. working too hard?

Check out the whois search for sqlminds

Website Title: Companion for MSSQL Server 2005 > Home
Record Type: Domain Name
Meta Description: SMSPrayer online SMS sending services
Meta Keywords: SMS Prayer, SMSPrayer, SMS, sending sms, sms messages

SMS Prayer stuff? You mean Ivan was in this scam too?

Plus, and I think someone else pointed this out a few posts back on the hosting issue (multiple sites hosted with VSTC), but SQLMinds is on a dedicated server

"Dedicated Hosting: is hosted on dedicated server."

At least they're trying to be legitimate. Still part of Ivan's empire though.

Ivan Ivanov
12918 Winget Rd
Charlotte, NC 28278-7268


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Ivan Ivanov
12918 Winget Rd
Charlotte, NC 28278-7268
704-504-0338 [fax]

Domain created on 07-Jul-2006
Domain expires on 07-Jul-2007
Last updated on 27-Jul-2006

Domain servers in listed order:


8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hey Ivan!! I'm baaack you cheating prick!! I still don't get it though, EX-GTX. Up $ ,today!!! Why is this shit stock still at Pinksheet?? GET ON PINK SHEETS NOW!!!!Every time this rip-off sells, someone is getting robbed through Pinksheets and the assholes (traders)who sell it!!!


9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ExGtx, you are really missing the point. It looks like you don't really have anything new to report, nothing that you can be proud of, lost your touch on the company and finally start getting off-subject attacking sqlminds and Ivan.

I don’t see anything new, you are going in circles with same information about slqminds and Ivan, and you are really not concentrating on GTX. Are you done? Is there nothing new you can post? Yes, we heard you on all of your speculations about sqlminds, but we thought that your post is about GTX. Are you getting off course, and forgot what you were doing?

10:52 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

yep "dude" sorry. There is just so much here to talk about and research. VSTC, SQL Minds, SMS Prayer... all of them are so inter-related. Anyway, just doing the best I can. Thanks for the continued help.

11:59 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Not missing any points. Just following the information and relaltionships where they lead me/us. Can't you see?

DCG helped Gatelinx, which became GTXC and the beginning of the scam, which Ivan is more than a little involved in. DCG hosts, creates the web sites... VSTC then (with Ivan as the CTO and board member) "acquires" 49% of Ivan's company (new, even though by his own admissions he was working on this for 2+ years) for 2,050,000 shares of this worthless POS.

Then, SQL Minds/VSTC tout not only the synergies for the two (since debunked by me and Ivan himself) and this beta test (validating.. supposedly... the product, but in reality they beta tested their own stuff with DCG)... and then, SQL Minds goes "live" but VSTC goes dark... because...

1: there aint nothing there (VSTC), never was, never will be and

2: because the CTO is off doing another business (of dubious propriety) while there are nor filings or announcements of same.

Get it now?

Ivan, SQL Minds, VSTC, Ed Ovsenik, etc., are all intermingled. I go after what I can get, verify and document. SQL Minds is as big a part of this whole Gatelinx scam as anything else.

Pay attention.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, if I didn't know better I'd a thunk that ole Ivan was trying to get you to get off his back, ex-gtx. STAY ON THESE MOTHER F'ERS, ALL OF EM. David used to try this crap early on with you, it didn't work then, don't let it work now.

1:47 PM  
Blogger DD said...

After sitting back and thinking about the information I have been given the last few weeks, I see the light, a RED one.

What I can see is that SQL Minds has a product, but no CASH. They use VSTC as a cash backer ( The SHAREHOLDERS MONEY) so they can sell a product from a compamy that has NO, I MEAN NO!!!!! rules to follow by the SEC. SQL MINDS is a private company, they can do WHAT THEY WANT. "JUSY MY THOUGHTS"

Ivan was up front with me about SQL, but when it comes to Vision Technology, no insight. WHERE IS THE HOPE. No foreward insights mean: Shareholders SCREWED.

As far as the stock price goes, I would guess that there are still shares shorted and some of the buying is covering of those shorts. My level II does not show what the trades are for VSTC, I'm just guessing that people are locking in there shorts gains for " END OF YEAR". People selling are locking in losses to go against gains made elsewhere in the market this year. EVERYONE might as well sell, nothing THERE to EVEN justifly present price.

I still feel that with no new product under VSTC, or NO progress on the oringle product said to have, the stock will be drifting to under 10cents, maybe 01cent.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The short ratios are pretty well static. My guess is that they are using the float to finance SQL Minds. Sell a few shares here, a few shares there. Pay bills.

Exgtx, and you, are probably right. SQL Minds is the extension of the scam that started with Gatelinx. But still a scam nontheless.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And whoever you are, anonymous who talks about EXGTX going in circles. YOU DO THE FUCKING JOB! AND "Anonymous" who wrote last and who knows that the whole thing is a Scam...Hell ya'.

EXGTX, you know who I am. And my Attorney. Don't EVER apologize for standing up!! Especiallly here. Just shut these fuckers off. You'd be better off. And those who post and who are worth a shit... CALL ME!!

Richard Bennett

5:02 PM  
Blogger DD said...

Hey Richard, why do people posting need to call you?
I can guess 2 things why. One good, one bad.


4:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call me and find out,dd. Or I will gladly call any of you. Why don't we just all have a conference call or march our asses down to the SEC together. Or face to face with the "Gang". WE are..even if at odds with certain things, or have a bit different agenda(s)...the ONLY ones willing to go at these Assholes with EXGTX. I am not a rat NOR a snitch. But dd, I do have a Jet; Will buy the DOM; and will roast marshmallows in a "Trailer Park" with anyone who will stand tall. Name the Airport and I will pick you up!!


5:18 AM  
Blogger DD said...

Okay MR. Richard, I'll give you a buzz. Standing knee deep in this WET mess, might as well turn on the electric and fry.

Trying to put all ducks in a row today, heading out again for a 6 day trip. Will try on the road today, if not reached, will call Monday when I get back.


7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Sorry if this is old news, just browsing around and found some names I hadn’t heard before in all this)

“ Inc”

“Shannon Oehmke, the wife of a stock promoter named Donald Oehmke, was a secretary and director of the corporate shell that merged with GTX Global earlier this year”

“Shannon Oehmke, who also uses the name Shannon Payne”

“An amendment to Gatelinx' articles of incorporation filed with the state of Florida in March 2005 shows that Hagen was appointed president and CEO of in December 2004. According to that document, changed its name to Gatelinx Global in January 2005”

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, pretty old but good work. Let them know you are still squeezing them. But you can get only so much into a can and the Bigger ones may be fewer yet riper.

6:19 AM  
Blogger DD said...

I'm back!!!!

Aftering signing back into the REAL world this Monday afternoon, I can't believe VSTC is still trading and no name changes to the company last week.

So Richard, email me away, love to see those letters. Have Marshmallows, just add jet. KUM BA YA!


9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...




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Blogger ex-GTX said...


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