Thursday, December 28, 2006

SQL Minds SCAM, When in doubt, call it version number 1

That's an old adage in the software game. If you don't know you're market, don't know what you're gonna do and/or don't have the money to actually develop, market and sell legitimately... then, call it version number 1.

Let's just review, quickly SQL Minds release schedule...

First, VSTC/Vision Technology Corp, who owns 49% of SQL Minds, and (as is documented here) is intertwined in both management and staff, announced the acquisition of SQL Minds on August 22, 2006. Then the "beta" test of the SQL Minds software (since debunked as the "beta" was none other than Data Consulting Group one of Ivan's other companies) on October 16.

SQL Minds files with the state of North Carolina all the papers in July. So, from July to less than one month after the "beta test" announcement made by VSTC (not by SQL Minds... remember this... first announcements are from and only from VSTC)... Version 1.1. comes out. 11.12.2006 Version 1.1 Released - Sunday, November 12, 2006

YAY! Release the hounds! Signal the trumpeters. Raise the flags. Hmmm.. checking VSTC's web site and the financial web sites... Nope, just as I remember...No announcement from VSTC. No confirmation of anything about the "beta" test or the release of this product. (I told you.. remember. The first announcements were only from VSTC.. now? nothing)

But then, quickly after that comes Version 1.2 Released - Monday, November 20, 2006. WOW, 8 days after 1.1 is released, a new version is out, tested and ready. Notice this? (from sql minds own web site) "The latest release, 1.2 adds, 7 new reports, which brings the total report count to 50" (remember that... add 7, total now 50)

Then, 11 days later (man, this Ivan is a coding and developer machine!) 1.2a Released - Friday, December 01, 2006 Wait a minute. Wasn't "version 1.2" released earlier? Wouldn't this, if they were adhereing to accepted naming conventions be 1.2.2 or 1.2b?

Well, I'm not surprised... but check out this gem... again, from their own announcements... "The new 1.2a release adds 8 new reports to a new total of 53 reports." OK... lets see "ver 1.2" added 7 to get to 50. FIFTY/50 total. Version 1.2a adds 8 to get to 53. Did they subtract 5 reports? Or, did the new math from the 60's and 70's not make it to Bulgaria.

PLUS, since clearly there is no opportunity here... they had to add "A 3 months price promotion is in effect until end of Feb, 2007. Check out our pricing under Purchase on the main menu." to make any headway. They (SQL Minds) just like VSTC, have no discernible sales or marketing, no employees and no prospects for success.

And Plamen, no amount of posting on the SQL community blogs, web sites, forums and bbs's will help you.

But, even with the 3 new versions of the SQL Minds Companion.... there have been no announcements from VSTC. And, you'd think with them owning 49% they'd want to cross-promote and help ensure the success fo SQL Minds. Apart from the 49% they (VSTC/Vision Technology Corporation) own, there is the little matter that the President of VSTC is also on the board of SQL Minds, and the President of SQL Minds i the CTO of (and on the board of) VSTC.

Nevertheless, Ivan Ivanov continues to bang code like a fiend. THEN, a fourth release, Version 1.3 which fixes the bugs in 1.1,1.2 and 12a is released. Of course (and everyone who understands SDLC protocols) knows that bug fixes (which are usualy a patch or an extension to a version, not a new version) and the addition of "Support Forums added to the web site" require a new version. Version 1.3 is released on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 a mere 11 days after the previous versions.

Then, on 12/22/2006 (another 11 days) Version 1.4 is released. Two more reports added, small bug fixes. Ivan is a Machine I tell ya!

5 versions of a released product (in a short and astounding 40 days) comes from SQL Minds without a comment or report on the beta "customer" from SQL Minds, or any comment, announcement or story from VSTC on this resounding success.

HEY IVAN... what do you do for VSTC? Seems like a heckuva lot of coding on SQL Minds products and not so much on VSTC's. What's up with that? Don't you have a fiduciary responsibility (read this carefully Ivan) to ensure that VSTC is adequately, effectively and accurately communicating the status and performance of the company?

SQL MINDS IS A SCAM, VSTC is a dead horse SCAM about now. And, Ivan Ivanov, Ed Ovsenik, Curtis Garth, David Hagen, Annette Hagen (hopefully their kids too... Derek and Andrea), Mark Brecher and others will join Howell Woltz, Sam Currin, David Brady and Jeremey Jaynes in Jail.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, it isn't just math that is a challenge for these immigrant fools. It's english too. Check out Plamen's attempts in the SQL blogs he's posting in. (I kid you not, this is really what's he posting)

"Look in to this product ,it mai help ,just reed the FAQs .Hire is the web adress"

MAY HERE READ spell check spell check spell check

"We have new product to help our company with sql 2005 server."

How about some indefinite articles. It's A new product

"You might want to take a look at this product for sql query analizing"

You might want to use spell check too. It's ANALYZING

"I have an idea for you .there is a tool cal Companion made by there are 32 reports available, may be of your help."

I can't even decipher this last one with my magic SQL decoder ring. I'm guessing at "called" (instead of cal)but the rest is just plain poor english.

Not even us fellow developers are this english challenged. Not even the ones named ramad, prasuth or even gunther.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Ivan Ivanov said...

Can you please review the following ads and banners, and post
or email me back at with any feedback - both good and bad?

Thank you for all of your diligent work reviewing our web site. It has really helped
us improve our product and web site.

4:44 PM  
Blogger DD said...


Glad to see that you took my suggestion, made a username and post your comments.

I'm totally out of Vision Technology right now. Sold the remaining shares a few weeks ago. BIG LOSS!!!

As an investor, I saw little if no hope for VSTC. SQL MINDS connection with Vision has too many DARK HOLES in it and I do not see it helping VSTC and its SHAREHOLDERS.

If you are really a HONEST person and have a true product with SQL Minds, you my have put a NAIL in "your and SQL" COFFIN by joining forces with GTXC/VSTC.

DD OUT!!!!!

4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few comments for you Ivan:

I love the long dark clouds sweeping in: Fantastic symbology.

It won't be long now until you are praying that it is only a thermometer.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH MAN. Ivan, do you really think reworking your product version/naming conventions (after exgtx pointed out how f'd up you and the version naming is) will make a difference? You're a tool. Your product sucks. And you're going to jail.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Ivan Ivanov said...

I don't give up easy. I have worked long nights trying to help GTX, VSTC, etc.., and I still believe that I can help them out. I will reply to ex-gtx’s questions about what I do for VSTC in mid January.

Our advertising starts on Jan 1st with SQL Magazine and March 1st with Microsoft's Technet. We are also advertising in 5 major SQL related web sites. Time will show if we have a good product.

I am sorry that you lost money on GTX. I had nothing to do with this. Actually, everyone can thank ex-gtx for trying to hurt SQL Minds. This will definitely bring the stock up, right?

To everyone that posts on this site, I want to thank you for pointing out the mistakes we have made. We are not perfect. And to anonymous above, Yes, I do believe that correcting our mistakes will make a difference. Come work with us 16 to 18 hours a day and tell me how much you will care that the versioning does not follow the 1.x.x standard, but rather 1.x standard?! You are so blind you are stuck on a little bush and don’t see the forest. …

I really don’t understand the entire going to jail thing. You people do not know me, don’t even have any slight idea of who I am, what I do, but yet, you have the huge brains to come up with statements like “you are going to jail”. Why don’t you get to know me first, understand what my position is in this entire situation, and then make assumptions or make announcements? Remember eg-gtx’s blog – I was called in when things went pretty bad with the previous CTO, and even though every one thought that I would not be able to move servers to a new collo center overnight and set them up and ready for Monday, I did manage to pull it through? This is who I am. I get things done and working. I HELP companies and people. Ask any one that knows me!

An average smart person would know first to check and think, then to open his mount and speak. !?

Actually, I would like to express my gratitude to ex-gtx. Even though he only cares about hurting and making up false accusations, he managed to give us credit for working really hard (and continue to “bang code like a fiend”). It is true. We do work really hard on our product. Actually, we are currently finishing its internationalization, and we will shortly have the entire software translated in different languages. It is not easy, there are database entries, performance counters, over 55 reports, custom modules, grids, and more to translate. It takes long hours, hard work. But wait, ex-gtx would not be able to accept this. Is this possible? Actually someone works really hard and succeeds?

As I have said before, let me know what you think, email me directly at I will try to answer any questions related to SQL Minds and give you a better understanding of our product.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ivan, you scammer. Let me try and answer (hopefully before exgtx does his "nice nice" answer thing).

YOU WORK FOR VSTC AS THE CTO. You're on the board of VSTC. WE DON'T CARE HOW HARD YOU'RE WORKING ON SQL MINDS. How about working on VSTC's (supposed) technology for "16 - 18 hours a day" instead of taking investors money to start something else.

You're going ot jail because VSTC's stock is funding your SQL Minds enterprise without any of the REQUIRED SEC filings. AND, because as an office of the company (moron) you have a LEGAL responsibility to provide and make available TRUTHFUL information about the company. YOU KNEW and KNOW about this scam. You've profited from the FALSE claims and ILLEGAL stock manipulation.


ADVERTISE ALL YOU WANT. When the SEC and FBI start to audit your books and find that ALL of your money to start this POS has come from the ILLEGAL stock sale of VSTC stock, try and call Hagen, or Garth or Ovsenik. Like they're gonna help you.


11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DITTO. IVAN you will probably be the one that revives the old TV show " America's Dummest Crooks". You have just publicly announced your scam participation!! Add to that, you don't know whether to kill EXGTX or KISS him. IDIOT!! And for pointing out the "mistakes"? YOU BONE-HEAD.
AND ED also. Boy what a classic re-run of "Dumb and Dumber". You think EXGTX was complimenting you? AND the rest of you scammers who think you've been forgotton just because Ivan is on the hot seat?

Go away, Ivan. You're are doing more to hurt the integrity of Bulgaria and Bulgarian people than anyone I know of in this decade.

Richard Bennett

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Ivan Ivanov said...

Thank you anonymous.
I will review your feedback with my lawyer. In my defense, I don’t know why you are under the impression that I am or was involved in any way with any of the VSTC history (other then providing computer technical support), but I assure you, I am not. If VSTC has to file any required SEC filings, this is not my responsibility and I can’t be held accountable for this, but I will bring this up to their attention. I do provide truthful information about the company. I did not know or knew about any scam related to GTX, and I am really surprised that all of you just blindly accept anything that you hear. I have not profited from any false claims or illegal stock manipulations.

Obviously someone cares about SQL Minds, since the entire focus of this forum has shifted towards SQL Minds. Maybe you should all let ex-gtx know that he is way off track here. Let him do what he does best, spit poison against VSTC. I really don’t appreciate his statements against SQL Minds. However, due to the fact that all of his accusations are without any grounds, I really don’t care about them either.

I have nothing to hide and I am not worried about FBI or SEC reviewing my books at SQL Minds. I really would like for all of you people to open your eyes a little bit. Someone mentions my name (since I have done so much for Gatelinx and GTX Global, and now VSTC), then ex-gtx picks my name (since there is nothing else to report) and start making accusations and you ALL blindly accept his words and start attacking me. Did you ever thing for a second that he is wrong and you (all that attack me) look really stupid?

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Ivan Ivanov said...

And how exactly did I just "You have just publicly announced your scam participation!".
You have the same problem expressing yourself as ex-gtx does. You just blow out words without any grounds...

2:33 PM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...


I guess this qualifies as my "nice nice" answer thing (whatever that means)

I do not presume to give you legal advice, but, here's my 2 cents.

RUN, do not walk to the US Attorney. VSTC IS A SCAM, and, as an officer of the company you are guilty both by association and as a co-conspirator.

SQL Minds, if it really is something you think has at least a modicum of potential, then you should be trying to protect it. Let's review

You're the CTO and a board member/director/.officer of a publically traded company. Go and look up "sarbannes oxley"

You've taken stock, and sold it to finance your other company. Can you say co-mingling funds? And, where is your vaunted advice on becominng "fully reporting" as Ed has stated?

The stock is a FRAUD. you've admitted as such in e-mails which I, and the SEC now, have. Therefore, by taking proceeds from that stock and the sale of such, you are complicit in the fraud.

Hagen ran to the bahamas with what? $10 million? $12 million? How much has Brecher taken out? How about Curtis Garth? You think that cockamamie SMS Prayer thing (which you also helped to set up) got funded "legitimately"? Ed Ovsenik is not your partner, buddy or legal counsel. You've got him as an officer in your company so it's clear your acting in concert with each other.

You're a dolt. Go call the US Attorney and cut a deal. They're already investigating you guys (Curtis and Ed have testified to the grand jury) so it's just a matter of time.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you really believe what this guy comes up with? Ivan, Ivan, shut up!!SQL IS A SCAM!!
And Ivan, who IS your Lawyer. ED?

Regardless, the following is only a few of the credentials of the person--NOT EXGTX--who believes as we all do. And who checked you out real closely and reaches the same conclusion:

Java Certified Programmer,
IBMXML Certified Developer,
Microsoft Certified Trainer,
Microsoft Certified Software Engineer,
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator,
MicrosoftSolutions Framework Instructor,
Microsoft Certified Applications Developer .NET, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.NET

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Ivan Ivanov said...

Thank you for the advice. I will setup a meeting with my lawyer to go over all of your advises.
I don’t know what emails you are talking about. If you have any emails, please forward them to me, or even post them here, so I can see what are you talking about. If you don’t have anything, then stop making such statements, since you are misleading and accusing me of things that don’t exist.
I have not sold stock of VSTC.
You are wrong on so many points, that there is no point of starting a conversation of me proving you wrong, etc…

What I care about is SQL Minds. So far, you have made enough false accusations that people that don’t know us, don’t know what to think of us. Is there a way that you can stop with your accusations for 3 months, so we can have a fair chance to go to market, without your false accusations, etc..?

I understand that you got hurt pretty bad with Gatelinx, but now you are hurting other people that don’t deserve to be hurt. Don’t you agree with me? Look at your blogs. You were all about GTX, now all you talk about is SQL Minds. Did you get off track?

I do believe in SQL Minds and our product and I believe that we have a good thing going on. Give us a chance to go to market properly, and do all VSTC investors a favor, and stop with your false accusations.

Thank you.

2:59 PM  
Blogger DD said...


I can't speak for anyone else, though I can give you my thoughts on why SQL is being put to questions.

Vision Technology, once Gatelinx, has told the investing WORLD ALOT of statements with no backing to them. Now VSTC has given, over 2 million shares of stock to SQL MINDS " A Private Company".

You are paid by VSTC to be the CTO, "VSTC owned by shareholders" You are also employed by SQL Minds,"Private Company". Yes you are spending many hours for the private Company SQL, but what about the PRODUCTS for VSTC. You are getting paid with the SHAREHOLDERS money to bring the WOIP promise to THE MARKET through Vision Technology.

SO IVAN, can you answer this:

1) AS an investor, why would I buy VSTC stock when the CTO is getting paid with Shareholders money, but is working 12 to 18 hrs daily to work for a PRIVATE Company SQL MINDS?

2)Why is this new product being developed and brought to market under a private company, but using a public company CTO, which also happens to be working for both companies?

Looking foreward to your answers!
Thanks DD


7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much of SQL minds does Hagen or someone or something related to Hagen own? If Hagen is in any way a partner in this deal (and whether or not you choose to admit it he probably is) your going to jail unless you run, don't walk, to the US Attorney's office. Hurry now...they won't wait long.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way Ivan when was the last time you or Big Ed talked to Hagen? Think that call might have bee recorded? Call Gretchen. Call her now.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Euromole said...


I found this link in my "old" favourites,I didnt think this discussion/topic/whatever would still be going on.I think you are all beating a dead dog here and if you have any intelligence you should try and focus ALL this energy that you are wasting hating and all this time researching this crap and use it making a future for yourselves!How long is this going to go on?Will you ever give up?What happens if the Hagens and everyone else DOES go to jail?You guys are gonna be really bored aint ya?LOL

Well,I really hope 2007 is a year for NEW and positive things for you guys.Not being mean but....DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! Move on!
Happy new year
Love Euro mole!

P.S Water under the bridge!

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EUROMOLE!! What a name. Mr. & Mrs. EUROMOLE! Well, go crawl back into your EUROHOLE!!Try losing thousands to scammers and walk away? "Water under the bridge"? You piece of work. Hopefully they all go to jail, and you with them. Understand this, if we DIDN"T keep on these SOB's to the end, they will continue on scamming and ripping off. Maybe even someone you know. But then a Mole with money...LOL.
Your philosopy gives "Water under the bridge" to O.J and Saddam. Well "EURODUNCE", if you haven't been ripped off by these jerks, stay the fuck off the blog.

Me. I am Richard Bennett


(Hugh, as it is written, please)

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Ivan Ivanov said...

I will answer your questions as soon as I hear back from exgtx. I have asked him to stop stocking SQL Minds with his posts (here and after any of our posts on other web sites) and I am waiting to hear back from him. If he agrees to stop, I will continue to add to this blog and answer questions. If he does not, I will permanently stop.

Just a quick thing, why are you under the impression that I only develop for SQL Minds? I am working very hard (actually, not just me, but rather 5 people - developers and designers) on the VSTC communicator. As I have said earlier, we will be letting every one know what we have in mid to late January. Due to VSTC history of announcing things first, and then catching up to their promises, I would rather get the work done first and then show it and brag about it.

I assure you, we are working very hard on the communicator as well. You will see in January.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Ivan Ivanov said...


I feel exactly like you do, however the problem is that exgtx is attacking SQL Minds and is making false accusations against me personally. I do not mind discussing issues at this blog (which keeps the blog going), but I am at the point where if exgtx does not stop with his false SQL Minds accusations, I will stop contributing to this blog.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all who have the heart and the moxey to stand up and be counted when scum who operate GTX and Gatelinx and VSTC and SQLMINDS etc raise up with a sole intent to take away the assets some worked a life time for. Whether it be hundreds or thousands, it is still ours.WE earned it. It is not a loss if we choose to speculate and perhaps gamble and should it go south, it is a chance we take. But when we are taken and scammed by those we rely upon, when the integrity of those we choose to invest in and support is worthless, it is a different ball game. NEVER let it go. Run IVAN out of his homes; send ED packing; and for Hagen and the rest..............Screw You. At least this person has the time and the resources to chase you.......FOREVER!!!!! Get the picture EuroRodent!!

Thanks EXGTX. We need guts like yours.

Richard Bennett MD PhD

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

waaa waaa I'm Ivan. Please exgtx stop saying bad things about me. waaaa. SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE YOU LYING THEIVING SCAMMER

12:38 PM  
Blogger DD said...

Okay Ivan:

I'll keep checking for the answers of my questions mid-January.


I Just keep track of the ongoing dealings that trail "Gatelinx, Vision, Sql". Never know what could happen. The Sec or Feds MAY crack down hard on these people, OR Ivan "who seems to be the ONLY backbone of these companies" MAY do a HAT TRICK and pull something out.
No hours and hours being spent by me:"My first mistake made before buying GTXC/VSTC stock". Only Ex-Gtx has seemed to put MANY MANY hours into this. Look at you, a return to see what is going on, explain that!!!


Still waiting for those Emails. Will help with my present thoughts of what to do right now. Or better yet, warm up your JET and fly over for a drink and chat. Got "Wine in a box" and plastic goblets for Christmas, need a reason to open the spout. KUM BA YA!!

DD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:59 AM  
Blogger ex-GTX said...

Out on the west coast on business this week, and noticed that a new version 1.4 is released. More "new" reports" and support for more languages. Jail/convicted felon speak is not among them.

Also, anyone go to tbe forums? Notice that every post, every one of them, is initiated by SQL Minds. AND, every response, every one of them, is posted by SQL Minds.

Kinda like someone in the psyche ward having a deep and meaningful conversation with yourself. NO ONE IS LISTENING. NO ONE CARES. You are going to jail Ivan, Plamen, Ed, Brecher, Hagen, Keenan, Garth.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Ivan Ivanov said...

Do you have anything important to say, or is it just your bullshit, over and over. It is obvious that you don’t have anything new to say or report. Look at yourself. “A poor looser”!

Yes. There is a new version 1.4. The software is translated in 4 languages, and you can login to a terminal server session and check it out. Yes, there are new reports. Total is 60 now. You can also check them out as well. Is it killing you inside that we are moving forward and you are stuck in the past?

Yes. The forums are all initiated by us, which is a normal thing. We are a new company. We are just starting to advertise. What is so unusual about us not having any forum readers?! Is this your greatest news? Your blog is very boring. It is the same old… GREAT NEWS, I HAVE SOMETHING GREAT TO REPORT, and then when you read it, there isn’t really anything.

For all readers of this blog, if you would like to login to one of our presentation terminal servers and check out the software for yourself, register at the web site and email me. I will email you back a user name and password so you can log in and find out for yourself that SQL Minds is not a scam, that it is a real product, and that ex-gtx is simply out of any stories, and is only repeating his stupid remarks.

As of this point, I really don’t see any reason to continue my posts on this blog. It is obvious that ex-gtx has realized that he is done with Gatelinx/GTX. Ex-gtx, stocking SQL Minds will not do you any good, nor will it hurt our image. I am sorry for what happened to you. However, now you are just the same as the people that hurt you. You try to hurt SQL Minds with your lies. This makes you the same as the people that hurt you. Go ahead and put all of the crap that your imagination can come up with. NO ONE CARES, but the 3 or 4 readers on this blog, and they will really soon realize what kind of a looser you are.

Good bye to all.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Gatelinx started out as a real product too. But turned into a scam nonetheless because of inept, greedy, unfocused management at the top.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IVAN, I know you will read this you piece of crap on Vulgarian legs. I emphasize the "V". I re-post the post when I showed the credentials of the person I hired to "really" check you out.
AND GET THIS: Get lost. NOBODY gives a shit what you post. This Blog have you practically testifying against yourself. That's all your worth, you stupid fuck. You are nothing more than entertainment. Lousy at that!!
And if you think you aren't goin down, I have a Bridge for sale.
This following is again accurate, just another day!!

Can you really believe what this guy comes up with? Ivan, Ivan, shut up!!SQL IS A SCAM!!
And Ivan, who IS your Lawyer. ED?

Regardless, the following is only a few of the credentials of the person--NOT EXGTX--who believes as we all do. And who checked you out real closely and reaches the same conclusion:

Java Certified Programmer,
IBMXML Certified Developer,
Microsoft Certified Trainer,
Microsoft Certified Software Engineer,
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator,
MicrosoftSolutions Framework Instructor,
Microsoft Certified Applications Developer .NET, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.NET

Richard Bennett

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll say this, in what little contact I've had with Ivan I've only known him to be a hard worker who's earned the respect of everyone he's come across. I don't believe he's part of any scam, but unfortunately is intertwined now for various reasons. I seem to recall a rumor that GTX/Gatelinx was very far behind in paying him, but he still continued to provide support to the company (through hosting, etc.). If that's true, and I have no reason to believe it isn't since the company was always behind on payments to every company they dealt with, then I believe that's why there have been dealings for stock and such (more as a payment than anything).

I could be wrong, and I don't pretend to know the whole truth (does anyone really?), but I just don't think that Ivan deserves to be thrown in with the rest of the lot. In my opinion, he's never given false promises and has always worked hard to complete tasks in an acceptable fashion.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who wrote the last entry? You IVAN? Or ED or one of the "OTHER" liars?
Ivan is a "LIAR". Cohorts with "LIARS" works with "LIARS" is on a fucking squad of liars. Got paid by "LIARS AND SCAMMERS AND THIEVES" So I guess he is a VERY. VERY, I say VERY hard working LIAR! AND lets hear who you are, Ivan groupie. Or are you his REALTOR who sells him his homes that is purchased with tainted money. But reads like ED to me. Kinda like a few references given by ED before. Regardless, those who know, really know. It's also called deduction. Thae all of the blog(s) and re-read a couple of times. Stevie Wonder can see through the "Gang".

Richard Bennett

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No I'm not Ivan, Ed, or anyone still related to the company. Like many here, I worked with the company a while back and as such am speaking from experience and observation, not blind accusations. If no one here wants to take my observation into account then that's fine.

I believe in taking all facts into account (including Ivan's ability, etc.), but maybe that's just me. Mind you, I'm not talking about other "shady" aspects of the company. I'll save that for everyone else here.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You morons, and especially you EXGTX. Who cares whether or not Ivan is as big a crook as you say or as he appears to be (personally I think the mother fucker is a slimeball). The real issue is the stock of VSTC and the fraud and stock manipulation perpetrated upon the investors. Why don't you do something to document that?

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What cave have you been in, asshole. CALL ME YOU FUCKING MORON. Afraid to come out of your miserable rock shop? Read ALL OF THEBLOG(s)There's stacks of documents, complaints and other reports all the way to the SEC AND Pinksheets. AND WHERE ARE YOU anonymous mouth? Sucking on your thumb? Or is it in your ass with your head? Have you read the links provided or can your feeble brain figure out that to click on a link you have to at least take you head out of your ass. If you had half the moxey that EXGTX and others have you would be contributing. NOT WHINING!!

Richard Bennett

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I missing something or hasn't the VSTC scam been very well documented?

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I missing something or hasn't the VSTC scam been very well documented?

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey IVAN, Remember this? The ONLY testimonial that SQL MINDS has. DUH? This is you dopey>

".... a partner in Data Consulting Group and have been successfully running this company for over 10 years.I had a prior relationship with Gatelinx Corporation, supporting their network and data storage requirements for two years. When Gatelinx Global purchased the assets of Gatelinx Corporation they asked me to continue to support these requirements. When Gatelinx Global Corporation merged in to GTX Global I was brought on as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of GTX Global. GTX Global changed its name to Vision Technology and I continue to serve as CTO overseeing the re-development of their software product and their IT requirements.SQL Minds is a privately held company that I run as CEO. "

Pretty much what we know.. and what we've previously documented. He's a consultant who got a position in the company he was "consulting" too, is the owner of DCG and CEO of SQL Minds. Notwithstanding the obvious conflicts of interest, and the "investment" that VSTC has made in SQL Minds

Would you like a "file" in you jail package, DUMBGARIAN?


4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ivan, cocksucker. 2 trades today of 500 shares each? At 11:30. What? Already got enough cash? Lying cheating sack of shit. Couldn't wake up early enough to continue the trading scam of VSTC from all your hard work?

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Mr B said...

Unfortunately I am one of those investors with a now $5000.00 Loss. Is there any way to recover any if it?

4:08 AM  

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