Monday, July 31, 2006

GTXC.. VSTC.. a name change wont help

'GTXC.PK' is no longer valid. It has changed to VSTC.PK.

don't worry folks.. I'm on top of this. A name change wont keep these guys out of jail.

Monday, July 24, 2006

GTXC GTX Global Dead Cat Bounce?

Volume up? Volume down? LOTS of activity and sell off last week and the week before...Turns out, the NASD changed the rules regarding mandatory closing out of short positiions on 7/11. (See NASD Rule 3210)
Before, GTXC wasn't reported as a threshold security, but on July 11 the rules changed, so 1) it becamse public that GTXC was heavily shorted and 2) the shorts had to close out their positions under the mandatory close-out provisions of 3210. (Another example of how these guys have been manipulating the stock and their positions)
So, the short squeeze pushed the shares up and may continue to do so until the stock is removed from the threshold list.

NASD Rule 3210
INVESTORS BEWARE: GTXC is a SCAM and the FBI and SEC are closing in!

Friday, July 07, 2006

GTXC "Focusing on the Future"

Recent announcement from GTXC ( .. or rather, from the remains of GTXC says their moving their offices to Raleigh.

"This move will allow us to be closer to our developers, consultants, and customers as we work to bring new capabilities to our software, new technologies to the company, and establish a broader customer base for the company's products," stated Edward Ovsenik, President of the company.

First, ole Ed "easy" Ovsenik has had quite the run.. VP, General Counsel, Interim President and now President. I guess since he's be intimately involved in the scam, it's only logical that he's now speaking for the company.. ESPECIALLY, since ...

Mr. Brad Isom tendered his resignation, effective June 15, 2006, to attend to family matters back in Utah. The Board has accepted the resignation and is searching for a new CEO who will focus the company on building for the future with new officers and directors. Mr. Ovsenik will continue to manage daily activities of the company.

Got to be shortest, and quietest, tenure ever.. ( Apointed effective May 15, and resigns on June 15. Why? Nothing there to manage? Nothing there technology wise? Nothing left of the proceeds of the scam?

OR... is the move to Raleigh, the resignation of Bradford "ghost" Isom. and Ed running the "daily activities" because David Hagen has taken anything of any value out of the SS Gatelinx, there is no more left in the POS scam and the fed's are closing in? It certianly isn't to get closer to the developers (there aren't any).. or customers.. (there aren't any) or consultants (there aren't any and they can't pay for them anyway) More laywers still than employees.

According to the filings, Ed (supposedly) does not own any of the stock.. working for a paycheck, week to week is good enough for him eh? Will be interesting to see if there are any 8K filings on this one.. Ed's "promotion" and Bradford's departure. They got the hired gun SEC lawyer Lysiak don't they? Should be all on the "up and up" now, right?

Ivan Ivanov now "confirmed" as the CTO.. despite being listed as the CTO from March/April on.. in their own documents and in the filings they have made. Can't they keep who's on first straight these guys?

Meanwhile.. David Hagen, founder, convicted felon, titular head of the company and leader of the off in the Bahamas.. his new house, his new boat (and I mean a BOAT.. we'll get pictures and the name soon).. and his old girlfriend apparently made it out of the states just ahead of the SEC and FBI.

Last.. Since, they now claim some outside help on the technology...

GTX Global has also retained the services of Mr. Kim A Parker, of K A Parker and Associates, to assist the company with future development of its technology by assisting with forward development of the current technology while leading development of new technology. The company is already reviewing the technical aspects of video signal compression technologies to determine more efficient means of delivering video through Internet Protocol (IP) methods.

It's time to review the "real" story behind the technology. WAIT.. I just read.. they're "reviewing the technical aspects".. and trying to "determine more efficient ways of delivering video through IP methods." HMMMM.. wasn't that always the "claims"? They already had the "winning" technology, no? (LOL)

Maybe Chuck is done bopping Annette long enough to finish the work on the MUST transport. We all know nothing is left of whatever promise the technology held. Watch for announcements (as the stock continues to tank and get pounded down) that says they're restructuring, or that the technology is not viable and theya re ceasing operations.

By the way.. no listings on any search engine for Kim A Parker, K.A. Parker, K A Parker and Associates.. not that this is surprising. I mean, if you're looking for technology leadership for "cutting edge" technologies, why would there be any track record, presence, paper trail, cites, papers, published articles, interviews or stories on someone? That's not important, and certainly not important for a viable concern like GTX Global.

More later.. GTXC (whats left of it) is STILL A SCAM.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I know I said that I would only do 5 more posts. Substantive analysis and recaps of various parts of this scam. But recent developments, confirmed this morning, preclude me...

DAVID HAGEN HAS MOVED TO THE BAHAMAS. That's right, the trucks last week, or so, at the ole Gatelinx homestead moving things out, were, in fact, moving out David's "treasures" and belongings. He's run, as the SEC and FBI close in... as the government agencies interview him and anyone associated with GTXC and his new "SMS Prayer Service" as well.. and as his "partners" (Woltz, et al.) are now rumored to be cutting their own deals.

David Hagen's girlfriend.. yoga instructor and former "VP of Marketing" for GTX Global... Keri Keenan is back in the states getting the last of their belongings.... before she heads out tomorrow from Charlotte to the Bahamas.

Apparently she was more than just a plaything and was intimately involved and aware of the scam. Now, she too... runs for the hills.

You heard it here back in March, that David and Annette had established residency in the Bahamas, and despite Howell Woltz's attempt to block David from entering the country (Woltz was connected through his Sterling Group to the prime minister and through the failed Vizual Corp effort and Dr. Giblert Morris to the government as well)... and despite Annette getting the Bahama house in the divorce settlement... David has run to the Bahamas, where there is no extradiction for financial crimes and David has stated, "I'll never return to the states..."

Should be an interesting reunion, someday, when Keri, David and Annette Hagen/DeFusco (David's now ex-wife) run into each other in the Bahamas.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

GTXC GTX Global, Digging Deeper gets Interesting

This begins a final series of 5 posts. Why? well, because these last 5 detail the final parts of the scam. With thanks to collaborators, and old cached server files... plus, it's amazing what you can find on discarded/returned PC's... I think my job will be done here.

First, lets chronicle all the inter-relationships of the Gatelinx/GTX Global team. You've already seen (Blog post here on June 13, GTX Global, GTXC... The smoking Gun) how Hagen is aligned with Howell Woltz. The Bahamian connection who now sits in jail awaiting trial on federal charges. (see May 25th posting on the co-conspirator updates and the April 20th posting here on the unsealed indictments).

And you have the May 26 posting asking "How are they moving to Fully Reporting" where the "team" gets caught in their own PR. And, finally the "dig deeper and it still smels like a scam" posting from June 6 which identifies Trent Green as a consultant, employee, director.. and now.. a BIG PART OF THE SCAM is unearthed.

If you want more on Len Green, that is easy. Mr. Green is a close friend of Yadio's CEO, Trent Martin. Mr. Martin runs a data collection service named Real Source Data ( ). Mr. Martin's address and Real Source Data's address are one in the same:

  • 8 N. 980 Dittman RoadElgin, IL 60123(also Mr. Martin's home residence)
  • 847-464-1049 Telephone
  • 847-464-1062 Fax

Mr. Green's address is correct and he was a consultant prior to signing on with Yadio. He was sent to GTXC's North Carolina HQ for many weeks in Dec. '05 through February where he was responsible for trying to determine David Hagen's role in GTX and unravel their books.

At the time David Hagen was to be a "silent" advisor being paid as a consultant from profits according to Martin. (More on this in the next couple of posts, this is a pattern of David's to try and hide assets and income) Also according to Martin, David Hagen was also at the time before the failed Yadio merger making loans to family members for $100K and buying expensive autos.

In addition, Hagen, according to Martin was also depleting the North Carolina HQ of all assets that could have value, including highly valued art as well as electronic equipment. (Remember, Hagen was already selling off leased assets, bouncing checks since 2004 and generally "survivng", so as the money started to roll in, why change his personal tactics?) Len Green's role was to "justify" the books to help the merger go through.

The management team that was posted in the press release dated Jan. 25th ( lists a number of officers for the new merger. There was supposedly several million dollars in escrow to be distributed once David Hagen was moved off the active GTX roster. Not exactly sure where Mr. Martin was getting this info (possibly Garth), but he had several employees signed on as a result of promises made that the money would flow to the new management team.

It is also interesting that the team lists the following names:

  • Trent Martin President, CEO and Director
  • Len Green CFO, Treasurer and Director
  • Karolyn Tincher Secretary and Director
Karolyn Tincher is Trent Martin's daughter and also runs his operation at Real Source Data. In addition, Mr. Martin owns a controlling interest in Yadio for which he paid $60K for in a fire sale as Yadio was tanking thanks to the two founders (Adam Silva and Howard Minsky) bumbled online marketing ventures. One of which includes http:/ (which has the following whois data:

  • Investor News Alerts
  • 8 N. 980 Dittman Road Elgin, IL 60123
  • US Phone: 888-241-4090

HMMMM.... that seems to be the same as Mr. Martin's Real Source Data address...what a coincidence. And the fact that is a pink sheet traders rag, who's real owner is Adam Silva (a known spammer: may lead some investigators to look into their promotional practices

On the InvestorNewsAlerts site, you will also find a Greg Paige espousing investment advice. This is the same Greg Paige that railroaded Don Kirshner (of Rock Concert fame) into the dirt and sold worthless shares of Kirshner International (KSNR) to several parties in 2004 and 2005. Greg Paige also allegedly was almost indicted on securities fraud charges, this is well documented by financial sources.

The fun doesn't end there. Adam Silva's long term business partner Howard Minsky is a convicted fraudster and served time for credit card fraud in Florida. Mr. Minsky’s no stranger to underhanded Internet tactics such as spam and spyware and adware. Yadio was released with a heavy dose of both elements and continues to distribute a product that has unremovable stub components some experts allege leaves computers completely open to their control through the download of the "Yadio Player".

This is documented here:
and here:
and here:
and here:
or just Google "yadio spyware" and see what comes up.

I did some casual searching of the Yadio "subscribers" and came up with a few inconsistencies regarding name, e-mail, web site and such. One person was listed as being in Boca Raton, click the web site and it's a "singer" looking for connections (a'la MySpace)... but the web site lists an AOL e-mail. Which, if you search the AOL screen name, you find that person is actually a school teacher in Oakland, Ca.

These two also own as well as Theadstop has a history of sending spam. They may possibly be using's list to do this with, some of the entries when you google " spam" it makes you wonder where they get their lists from.

Regardless of all the past history Martin has with Green, their efforts to run up GTX failed when their merger fell through, which was due to a series of outstanding debts that David Hagen had run up and had not disclosed. The run up "peeked" at ~$10, where the first sell off occured, and since then it's been pump-and-dump, but without the "big" dollars they envisioned in the beginning.

It was always chronicled here the press releases and the timing/inconsistencies. The timing of the press releases leading up to the merger were designed by Martin to increase the stocks value so that the insiders could cash in. The new management team was to be issued stock immediately and that stock was immediately convertible, which the new management team was instructed to sell shortly after the merger had taken place.

Martin is really the "wizard" in this picture and has worked behind the scenes to try and game the system to further his own wealth which includes; two horse farms and an Australian breeding operation which he maintains for his daughters obsession with competitive equestrian events. He is well known in the horse community and maintains a large and rare collection of sports memorabilia.

We always wondered who was the real "leader" here.. was it Woltz? Or Kos? Oemke? (Hagen could never be the one) or someone else.. well, it's someone else. If you are looking for the person behind the scenes who is the real puppet master, it is Trent Martin.

Next up, details of the time during the "sale" of Gatelinx and the players during that time... watch for it.

Investors Beware.. GTXC is a SCAM.