Saturday, October 10, 2009

Derek Hagen married

And to a woman (I think), and not to a donut!

The big question is, was David Hagen there? Oh wait, no, he's in jail on multiple counts of fraud, money laundering, securities fraud and generally being an asshole.

The amazing thing is that Annette was there. Inked up, ridiculous fake boobs and whatever new boy toy she's got banging that tired body apparently didn't exclude her.

In typical Hagen "style", Julia Karcher and Derek Hagen's wedding on Saturday September 19, 2009 at The Castle McCulloch in Jamestown, NC. The ceremony was held at 11am alongside the lake next to the castle.

The Bridal party came into U2's "Beautiful Day" and the ring bearer came into the Star Wars Dark Vader Theme while holding onto a lightsaver. Julia and Derek walked into Counting Crows "Accidentally in Love" followed by their first dance by Marc Cohn "True Companion". Julia danced with her father, Robert, to Jessica Simpson's "You don't have to let go" while Derek danced with his mother, Annette, to Bette Midler's "Wind beneath my wings". Julia's Papa, Robert, gave the blessing before the luncheon buffet was served with all the sweat tea one could ever imagine.

The Maid of honor, Jackie Karcher, and bestman, Leland Parker, gave toasts that had everyone cracking up. Even Julia's father, Robert, gave a hilarious thank you toast that started off by saying "When I first met Derek, I thought he was the school janitor". The cake cutting was cut to Pat Benetar's "Hit me with your best shot".

Take a look at the cake topper on their wedding cake. It was AWESOME! The girls came out to Cyndi Lauper "Girls just want to have fun" while Derek took off the garter to "Mission Impossible" and threw it to the guys while Queen's "Another one bites the dust".

Thursday, October 01, 2009


145 months. TWELEVE YEARS!!!!

Here's the 5K sentencing guidelines. Brecher cooperates and gets his sentence reduced.
brecher 5k

Next up, Brecher's actual sentencing agreement.
Brecher Judgment

Kos, the big fish, cooperates and gets a recommendation of his sentence to be reduced., but the plea and sentencing are still sealed. Strange. Perhaps more roll-ups? Ed Ovsenik? Curtis Garth? Ivan Ivanov?
Kos 5k1 Downward Departure

More to come. What do you think ole David is gonna get? David Hagen's sentencing is set for 11/2/2009 09:00 AM Outside of District at U.S. Courthouse, Courtroom #2, Raleigh, NC before Senior Judge W. Earl Britt. The over/under is 20 years or 240 months.