Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And what of the 2 (two) "EX" Mrs. Hagens?

Not one, truly, to engage in gossip that I can't positively confirm, but these 2 tidbits are just too good to ignore.

What has happened to the most recent ex-Mrs David Hagen (Ex VSTC/Gatelinx/GTX Global VP of Marketing and SMS President Keri Keenan)? And, why did David come back to the US on a public flight?

Well, it seems that Keri Keenan Hagen, is also now Keri Keenan Hagen JUDAS. SHE SET HIM UP... AND, has run off with all the money. AhhahahhahhAhhahhahha

And, filed under the "oh how the mighty have fallen" The first ex-Mrs David Hagen, Annette DeFusco is back home with Mom in Southern Pines, AND.. LOOKING FOR A JOB. AhhhahhhahhAhhhahhha

Imagine what Annette's resume looks like.
  • Ex felon
  • Ex wife of an Ex (and future) felon
  • Friend to several convicted felons
  • No real discernible skills, besides fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud and investment fraud
  • Misdemeanor conviction for DUI
  • LOTS of new ink, since hooking up with Chuck Manning, to go with the ridiculous fake boobs.
More info to come on the real story (David singing and blaming Brecher, in public documents, for the whole thing) as the roundup of the VSTC/Vision Technology Corp/Gatelinx/GTX Global "gang" continues. Ed and Ivan are next. Curtis soon too. And if they ever find Keri Keenan and all of David's money, she'll be rolled up too.