Saturday, November 21, 2009

HAGEN GETS 540 Months

Hagen's verdict and appeal were unsealed. A couple of interesting facts

1. TOTAL is 540 months. 60 months on one count, plus 2 (two) 240 month sentences on the other counts RUN CONSECUTIVELY. Told you. Dumb fat roid'ed out jail house butt boy pissed the US Attorney's off.
2. Recommended to go to the US prison near San Diego. That way darling Andrea can come visit, or Grandpa Roy can roll down from La Jolla, or his fucking brother (who is bankrupt, and might be homeless) can visit too.
3. he's got to pay back (forfeit) $27.6Million. good luck. yoga babe Keri is off in Europe spending that money and fucking Sven the ski instructor. ("oh sven, I had to suck this little fat fucks dick to get this money. he's not hung like a real man.")
4. He's got a judgement on top of that for additional penalties of $22,500+. They are bleeding him of every last penny

But the big note is this... "Court gives notice that this case may involve other defendants who may be held jointly and severally liable for payment of all or part of the restitution ordered here in and may order such payment in the future. "

Who could that be? Ed Ovsenik? Ivan Ivanov? (who seems to be restarting his empire.. more to come including pictures, maps, real-estate records and more on ole Ivan the Terrible, his son Constantin and other family members) Curtis Garth? Lots more heads to roll....
Judgment Hagen

Of course, Hagen filed another unabomber appeal. Denied.


Another interesting fact is that Herr Hagen (should we just call him "bubba's bitch" now?) has to pay back, at the rate of $50 per month the following folks

Mr. Michael Foran $4,735.98

Troy Richard Elmer $424.40

George Maloy $10,000.00

John Czech $7,000.00

540 Months. FORTY FIVE YEARS (45) PLUS, 3 years of supervised probation should he ever get out. David Hagen is going to die in Jail.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

KOS Sentencing document

Interesting that Brian Kos (the real kingpin who played David like a banjo in Deliverance) only got 45 months. He actually got two (2) 45 month sentences but running them concurrently means straight 45.

But wait…he also got recommended for the drug treatment program so if he completes that program he’ll get about 12 months off. Short of it—he does 85% of 45 months and gets 12 off for rehab if he does the rehab so could be as little as 26-27 for him

We know David was sentenced, but the documents and the pleadings are still under seal. We know the number, but until we can post the corroborating document, nothing will go up. It has been the general policy of this blog to deal in facts proven by circumstantial, investigative and corroborative evidence.
Kos Judgment