Monday, October 16, 2006

Vision Technology Announces a Beta test...

Not of their core (and much touted yet to date un-realized potential) VVoIP software... Nooooooo. Depite claims of partnerships and licenses to (as documented here) Govalin, Heelstrike and Yadio. Despite the repeated claims in their press releases... ( among many) And despite the initial and recent claims (VSTC claims) of having 2 (two) servers commercially available for this VizTalk/Communicator, etc. The beta test is of an SQL product.
And the beta test is not of their much ballyhooed "True" Artificial Intelligence.. Noooooooo. ( Despite all these claims nothing ever happend and, as documented here, they were trying to sell this for $500K just months before the whole scam started.
No. What they announce in "beta" is some SQL database front end. Wow. I must contain my enthusiasm. Who's beta testing this? What prospects, positioning, messaging, offering, branding, technology overview, expectations, details, etc., are they providing on this momentus announcement? Oh yeah, like everything else NOTHING. They tell the world NOTHING. Comeon' Ed, tell us something. Show us you're not the big lard butt dolt you appear to be. First "Train Buddies" now "SQL Companion" hmmmm, interesting.
Did anyone notice in this PR ( that..
1. SQL is now admitted publicly for the first time (despite being documented here already) that SQL was owned by Ivan Ivanov. Hmmmm. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasnt Ivan the CTO of a publicly traded company, then sold a company that he owned to the publicly traded comapny for which he received compensation in stock from the original company? That sure seems like a real conflict of interest. And, I don't remember seeing any filings, disclosures or the like.
2. Ed, Ivan and Brecher all now get stock. Wow, thats a relief to know these guys who have been scamming everyone have a publicly documented chance to cash in more.
3. K.A. "trainbuddy" Parker now gets stock. He's a consultant, of dubious input. Any announcements, disclosures or postings as to what he's produced, done, recommended, consulted on or anything else? Of course not.
4. Who is this Mr. Hensley a "major outside consultant"? I don't remember any filings, announcements or disclosures there either.
5. Notice the vaunted finance and reporting team of McKittrick, Williams and Lysiak are nowhere to be found.
VSTC, whatever the "product" is a SCAM. And, their web site still lists no products or technology.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where in the world is Ivan Ivanov?

A couple of comments posted to the blog on "VSTC/GTX Global.. caught in the scam again" (Saturday, September 30, 2006) about who is Ivan Ivanov, CTO of VSTC.. er Gatelinx.. um. GTX Global... and some details about his involvement prompted some picture taking.

First, some history. Back in late 2004, as "Gatelinx" was trying to recover itself from Vype and (now federally indicted) David Brady... the local Southern Pines and Raleigh hosting companies had enough of the Gatelinx (now, through several name changes VSTC/Vision Technology Corp) company and David Hagen bouncing checks. The company did a "forklift upgrade" and moved to Ivan's hosting facility in Charlotte.

That address is/was... Data Consulting Group, LLC. 12918 Winget Road Charlotte, NC 28278 US 704-737-5633. He was listed as the resigtrar for, and is listed as the registrar for

Both Stefanik and Brady touted this as "insane" and "it'll never work". Well, when Monday came and the old Gatelinx "beta" servers were back up and running, they were stunned. Ivan, for the next few months did a good job "reverse engineering" the architecture mess that Stefanik had engineered and in keeping the site/servers up and running. This was no easy feat. The stuff crashed hourly and was never stable enough for anything close to a deployment.

So, DCG, LLC.. Ivan's company was first a hosting company of last refuge. Then, he became a consultant (and his merry band of bulgarians... hence the original GTXC claims of a Bulgarian location/subsidiary) at $3K a month. Then, he ascended to CTO (after no one else was left and Kelly Sparks finally left) with all the pomp and circumstance.

Then, he's laid low.. cashing checks. AND NOW, apparently takes 2,000,000 shares of VSTC for his new company SQL Minds. Hmmmm... what has been doing with all that money?

The Data Consulting Group address, and Ivan's personal address (12918 Winget Rd, Charlotte, NC 28278) are the same. Only the phone numbers are different (704-737-5633 and (704) 583-1555 respectively). Nice pool Ivan. Nice residential neighborhood to run your business out off.

But wait, what about his other address.. newly listed as 13726 Sledge Rd, Charlotte, NC 28278 , with the phone number of (704) 504-9890. Well folks, since that home is apprently either newly constructed or still under construction, that's probably where some of the VSTC/SQL Minds/GTX Global/Gatelinx scammed investors money is going or has gone. IT'S RIGHT ACROSS THE LOT FROM IVAN'S OTHER HOME/BUSINESS ADDRESS!

We know old Edward Ovsenik is still polishing this pig, but Ivan apparently is smart enough to engineer his own exit strategy and cash out a bit.